Mo Fun!

by CountryThreads on August 29, 2016

Oh my, but puppies are sure fun!  And just like grandparents, we could just play with Mo and leave the training, discipline and teaching to her parents for the most part.  We didn’t let her misbehave but we thought her antics were hilarious and entertaining.

See that strip of hair down her nose like a Mohawk?  Thus her name.

On Sunday morning I wanted Rick to try to get my picture with Mo – a nice picture – but then Ernie Joe Mauer had to get involved and as you can see the pictures turned into action shots.  Common around here.

Every time I looked at Mo I wanted to call her Abby.  Maybe you remember Pam who worked at Country Threads.  She had a black golden doodle puppy about 9 years ago named Abby and Mo looked just like her so I called Pam who brought Abby to meet Mo.  Mo loved Abby instantly!

Oh but play biting is such fun!  Her owners said they have never heard Mo snore before last night.  I know she was exhausted from all that playing – she could hardly keep her eyes open before she left.

One more picture of Mo and Emma.  Even Emma played with Mo, putting her head down and stomping her foot which caused Mo to run in delighted circles around the old goat who could just stand in one spot and continue the game.  Then they  both needed a drink.

Ah, what a fun but exhausting weekend for all of us.


Meet Mo

by CountryThreads on August 27, 2016

My newest boarder, MoEllen, a 5 month golden doodle puppy!   And Telly loves her.  She has not played with any dog like she has with Mo in years which makes us happy.  Telly and Mo wrestle on the ground and chase each other round and round, giving us hope that the old Telly is still inside.

Mo discovered the swimming pool pretty much right away and a ping pong ball that she played with endlessly.

Notice that Roxie got a haircut yesterday.  Today her name is Rat Dog.

Last Saturday I gave Sam the quilt for the baby – we had a small party on the porch knowing it would be our last one for the summer.  The baby, Owen Charles Lund, was born yesterday and weighed 6 lbs. 3 oz..  Sam and Owen are both doing well.

I am feeling lots better – thanks everybody!


Silence of the Blogger

by CountryThreads on August 25, 2016

I’m still here – just under the weather.  Last weekend I felt that nasty cough coming on and prayed it would hold off until after my fun day at Connie’s lake home.  By Mondy night the handwriting was on the wall so to speak and Tuesday morning I had to call Connie and tell her I was too sick to come.  Oh but I was disappointed!  Went to the clinic but was told I probably had allergies.  Really?  So now I’m just hoping I can get well on my own.

Someone asked which Bernina we bought – here it is – a 740 and it stitches beautifully.  See the wide throat area for machine quilting?  It also has a scissors.  It does so much that I will want to take the class this fall at Calico Hutch in Hayward where we bought them.  One of our customers, Kathy from Rochester teaches the class – can’t wait!  This machine is so solid I can’t explain it – it’s quiet – like a Lexus compared to a Chevy.  Ha!

Just talking about it makes me want to go visit it.


Ben’s Birthday

by CountryThreads on August 19, 2016

By Connie

Ben is turning 4 on Saturday the 20th!!!

First let me thank each of you who has kept Ben in your prayers over the past 5 months.  I truly believe it has helped both him and his family.  On the whole he has been such a trooper through his chemo treatments — he is currently in the hardest 2 months of the 3 year leukemia protocol.  The worst (in my mind) is the strongest dose of steroids that he has just completed.  Aside from being hungry all the time it messes with his energy and mood.  Nina said he will get a monthly “boost” of steroids but it shouldn’t have this dramatic effect on Ben.

I want to give Nina loads of credit for keeping Ben healthy and fever free.  Lots of hand sanitizer, a clean house, and being very mindful about outings!  We were talking about how difficult it would be for those parents who have to work full time…and the challenges of finding daycare on top of all the clinic visits, etc.  Not easy!!!

I made a “race car” quilt for Ben’s birthday (that was the theme) along with toys and clothes.  I followed the pattern with the exception of adding side borders.  I wanted it to be more square than rectangular.  The pattern called for a charm pack but I have loads of fabric so once I had those collected,it was off to the races.  I even quilted it on my new Bernina with straight lines.  The coolest fabric is found on the back.  This Happy Birthday fabric came from a quilt shop in Ames, Iowa.  I love the fact that it could be used as a tablecloth – or whatever.

It is raining today so no work in the garden area!  It is also Roy and my 44th wedding anniversary.  We were babies when we said “I do”!  Tonight we celebrate with his sisters and husbands.  Enjoy your weekend and keep prayers coming Ben’s way.



Iowa State Fair

August 18, 2016

Our big day at the fair started with a big mistake – we left home too late and we just happened to go on Senior Day!  We waited in traffic 1 hour and 50 minutes to enter the fairgrounds!  We were having State Fair Rage!  Car after car zoomed around us and crowded into our […]

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Who the heck is Jill Fisher?

August 18, 2016

This is my first post from the fair yesterday.  Becky and I picked out every single quilt entry by Jill Fisher because we loved every  one of them and we began to “recognize” her work.  Jill, if you’re reading this, congratulations!  If anyone knows Jill, please refer her to this blog.  Her quilts look like […]

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Tuesday on the Farm

August 16, 2016

I have three boarders today. Jackson is here while his parents are in Guatemala on a mission trip. Bentley is here while his parents go to the State Fair to watch granddaughters show cattle. And Ginger came at the last minute this morning just for the day.  She’s a little pistol – I love terriers! […]

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Connie’s Garden

August 15, 2016

I know it’s time for an update on Connie’s garden project.  The lot was hydro seeded and within a few days we had several hard rains which was really tough on that new seeding.  Parts of the grass grew beautifully but right down the middle it seemed as if the rain literally washed the seeding […]

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Now I Can Relax

August 14, 2016

Mom had 2 brothers and 5 sisters so I have lots of cousins and  I guess I have taken on the responsibility of keeping us connected.  Yesterday was our reunion and we all enjoyed seeing each other.  Two years ago we had 75 people here but this year we were only about 40  – several […]

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Suggestions for JoAnne?

August 11, 2016

JoAnne Konkel sent this picture of the cover quilt from our book The Blue and the Gray and expressed her thanks for the book which we appreciate.  Since she enjoys hand quilting she is hoping you readers will have some suggestions for her on how it should be quilted.  Please add your suggestion in the […]

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