by CountryThreads on December 6, 2016

Colton is home from the vet – with a shaved forehead and antibiotics.  I think he’s going to be happy to stay in the house tonight because it’s so cold outside.  He is sleeping in the chair and I think he is feeling lots better.  The pressure has been relieved and I’m quite sure his headache is much better.  He looks pretty rough in these pictures but believe me, he looks lots better than 24 hours ago!


Here’s What We’re Working On

by CountryThreads on December 6, 2016

Readers have sent pictures of their Split Squares projects – thanks to all who sewed along!  It’s very rewarding to me when readers enjoy the Sew Along enough to start their project and after finishing they actually send me a picture!

From Rose M.

From Marsha V.

From Debi G.

From Sharon P.

From Sue S.

From Karen G.

From Kathy H.

And this sweet picture comes from Peggy S. – remind you of anybody?

I used to have a hen who looked just like this – her name was Jessica.

I hope I got everyone’s quilt project pictured and identified correctly.  After I finished my Split Squares, I decided I wanted to finish Wildflower.  Here are some pictures “in progress”.  The finished quilt will be revealed soon.

A quick note about Colton – he came in the house last nite yowling in pain – the entire left side of his head was swollen huge with an abscess.  I was able to soak it with warm water until it started draining and then I poured peroxide into the wound.  Today he is at the vet’s office for major treatment.  I’ll let you know.  Looks like he picked on somebody he shouldn’t have.


Farm News

by CountryThreads on December 3, 2016

I have promised to write a Chicklet update and here it is.  Becky and Jenny helped me in the barn last week – I chased Chicklet down – had to use a net – and here is my first close look at my little Chicklet!

Honestly  Chicklet is not very attractive at this stage – there may not ever be a handsome/beautiful stage with this poor chick.  Remember that Bad Hair Day Rooster named Daddio is his dad.  He got half a Mohawk!  Hilarious!

Look at all that bare area around his/her eye –  where did that come from?

And remember that I told you Chicklet still wants to sleep under Mommy and Mommy literally had to stand up all night?  Well, Chicklet has learned to crouch down while roosting but look at this picture of his/her tail sticking out in front of Mommy.  Hilarious!

You think maybe Chicklet is getting too big to sleep under Mommy?  Ha!  I do!

Here are the 3 Amigoes in their very own pen in the barn – by themselves because the herd of goats barely touches them and they fall over in a faint.  (They are fainting goats obviously.)  So they are going to have to live by themselves this winter.

Miscellaneous – here is Becky’s gorgeous Christmas tree – outstanding!  I think I’m using a 2′ table tree this year.  It’s just so much work to get all those decorations out – 

Thanks to you readers who have sent pictures of your Split Squares projects – next week I will post them.  Until then I need to catch up in my house so I won’t blog for a few days.  Dont worry – I’ll be back.


Split Squares and More 

by CountryThreads on December 2, 2016

My cupboard runner is quilted and bound and I love it!  I have a new Christmas quilt without spending too much time on it and that is the purpose of this book.  Whether you have a charm pack, yardage or scraps, almost every project in the book is small and do-able without making a huge time commitment to a project.  Connie is using the Split Square to make couch covers for her daughter – in – law’s new couch.  She’ll just be making lots more blocks.

Here is my runner layered and ready for quilting.  (I’ve been asked to talk about the importance of pressing and will do that in a new future post.). And here is a close-up of the straight line quilting.  As you can see my lines are not perfectly straight – I don’t want that look – as if it’s computer quilted.  I want to see some wavy lines and unequal distances between my quilting lines so I can see that it was done “by hand” on machine but with imperfections.  Now that’s just me – you can mark each and every line if you want to – I don’t.

And here is the runner on the cupboard – immediately with Millie laying claim to it!

And without  Millie.

When your quilt is finished, send me a photo at and I will post it here.  We will take a break from the book in December but I’ll be ready for a new sew-along in January – won’t you?  If you haven’t ordered the book yet and would like to join me in this new sew-along, ask for the book for Christmas or go online to Martingale to order.  Mandy at Farm Chick Quilts also has the book ready for shipping.  Here is her shop phone number 641-430-6341.  Call her, order your book and be ready to start sewing in January.

On December 10 Connie and I will be at Farm Chick Quilts for a show and tell program of all the quilts in the new book.  We will be there from noon until two.  If you’d like to see the original quilts and listen to a short “talk” about the book “process”, as well as have your book signed, come to Garner and Farm Chick Quilts on December 10 at noon.  Bring your book or buy a book that day from Mandy so you can include some notes as we talk.

And now some miscellaneous — I have more 4 patches sewn than I actually need for Bonnie Hunter’s mystery.  To all of those doing this mystery, are you ready for Step#2?

And I must show you my orchids- both of these are older plants and they are both blooming again after spending the summer outside.  The light colored one has been repotted even and I was sure it would never bloom again but –look at these blooms!  And there are more budded stems growing – I can’t believe it.  They must love this south window and I hardly water them at all.  If any readers have experience with orchids, do you fertilize your plants and if so, when do you do it?

And yesterday was a fun day with Sam and the kids in her kitchen – she helped me make Scandinavian krum kake.  Each tablespoon of batter is cooked in this special iron that sits on the stove over a burner.

As you can see, my iron has been used for many years – it is well seasoned.  I cooked and Sam rolled each one.

I think we made over 10 dozen of these.  I got to spend time with Lucy and Owen – guess I was too busy to take kid pictures but I will next time.  Owen is growing like a weed, as they say.

So – I am talked out!  My farm post is coming – you will laugh!


Split Squares Sewn Together

December 1, 2016

I told you my little quilt was going to be small because I wanted to put it on top of a  cupboard.  Here it is before border and unquilted.  It’s 3 blocks across by 7 in length. I added a 1-1/2″ strip border all the way around and have it layered and ready to quilt. […]

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Meet Us At Martingale

November 30, 2016

Today we are participating in the Martingale blog Maybe you have some questions about our new book Sew Charming – feel free to put your questions in the comments and I will answer them in another post.  Read through our questions and answers on the Martingale blog – maybe we’ve already answered them. I am […]

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Split Squares Sew Along

November 29, 2016

Today I will chain piece my strips and rectangles.   Here are some of my light blocks.  Measure your blocks. If you’ve sewn with a perfect 1/4″ seam your blocks will not be square so trim them all to measure 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″. Are you following along in your book?  Please note this step about […]

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The Christmas Sew Along

November 28, 2016

It’s time to start our Split Square Sew Along and it does not have to be Christmas.  I am going to make mine red and white.  I think most of you have received your book by now but if yours is still being sent, follow Along as I take you through the steps.  Then when […]

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November 25, 2016

After yesterday I can see that holidays are a lot more fun when there’s a baby in attendance.  We went to Becky’s  house and I brought food to add to the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy that she fixed.  Here are a few pictures – ha! Eric and Nikki and Camber have spent the […]

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Rainy Morning

November 22, 2016

It’s 32 degrees and raining – a recipe for possible disaster if you ask me.  If the temperature drops and it keeps raining, the roads will get icy.  I had to bring Rox to the vet at 8 am for ear cleaning, shots, eye cleaning, teeth exam and I will wait in town rather than […]

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