No, I Can’t Read A Diagram

by CountryThreads on September 28, 2016

Honestly, you’re gonna think I did this on purpose just to entertain you guys!  I’ve been sewing “improv” quilts for too long and I obviously got accustomed to sewing without following a pattern.  After my first big mistake in not reversing half the chevron block I felt sure I could throw these four blocks together.  Ha! 

First of all the block was not all that easy because of all the points that needed matching so I basted each seam before stitching it.  See?

 I got all 3 rows pieced and laid out and then decided to look at the diagram.  Good grief!  Only one row was pointed in the right direction!  And remember, each square had two rows of stitching to take out.

How disheartening.  Rather than ripping this first one apart right away, I sewed another block together – I think I just had to prove to myself that I could actually sew a block together correctly.  By this time I was beginning to wonder if I had forgotten everything I had learned in the past 40 years.  Ha!  The second block turned out great.

So I tell you this, not to make you laugh or to entertain you really, but to point out that it can happen to anyone.  I consider myself experienced but evidently I need to practice concentration.  Rick says I can’t watch TV and sew and expect miracles.  Ha!  Doing two things at once takes practice and I’m out of practice, I guess.  Maybe that’s what retirement does to a person.  It makes you let down your guard because you know you’ve got time and you don’t have to multi task all the time.  Whatever the reason, I will be more careful on my next project.  I’ll likely make it without telling you every step I take just so I don’t make a fool of myself.  Smile.

On a very sweet note, meet Owen Lund, one month old.

Isn’t he just the best?


Can’t I Read A Pattern???

by CountryThreads on September 26, 2016

I thought my project would be finished so I would be showing you but I also thought I could read a pattern.  I was so busy watching TV that I forgot to reverse half of the chevron rectangles!  Hmmmm…I am not a beginner but you’d think so.  That mistake required 16 additional squares from 4 different fabrics – nope – not enough fabric.  But did I panic?  No.  I remembered what Gwen Marston said about what she learned from antique quilts.  There was never one made without some odd pieces thrown in so some of my chevrons don’t exactly match.  It’s called artistic license.  Project coming soon, unless I make another mistake.

On our day out last week Connie and I stopped at a thrift store so I could look for shirts and I found this treasure for $4.99.  It is 100% wool and measures 5′ x 7′.  It’s even light colored to match Telly’s hair so when it gets too dirty to clean, I will simply burn it out in the grove.  How could I possible go wrong for $5?  Plus I think I’m beginning to make a believer out of Connie, who generally likes to pay full retail – ha!!  Just teasing,  Connie!

And this is the book I’m reading and enjoying very much – “Driftless” by David Rhodes, about a community in Wisconsin.

When my girlfriends come to sew again, guess what I’ll be sending home with them?

I have just a few more eggs than I can use.


My Next Project

by CountryThreads on September 25, 2016

I forgot to show you what I bought at Hen and Chicks on Friday – several things but this is what I’m going to start this afternoon.

Aren’t those pretty solids?  This little quilt is 27″ square and is called a Mini Barn Quilt.  After so much “improv piecing”, I’m ready to make some structured blocks.

Doesn’t this look fun?  And it was quilted with straight lines 1/2″ apart with light colored thread.  I am going to do the very same thing, of course.  If this looks fun to you, here’s Heidi’s contact information.  I’m sure you could call the shop and order this bundle of solids and then there will be some scraps leftover to play with.  What should we do with them?

Here’s where I’m at with the shirt quilt – in progress.

But why finish that when I could start something new?  Ha!  Connie says she thinks she starts a new quilt every day.  It’s possible.


Our Fun Day In Conrad

by CountryThreads on September 24, 2016

You probably recognize this magazine cover of “Where Women Create” and have heard of Jo Packham the creator and editor.

And you might recognize the name Heidi Kaisand as being the past editor of American Patchwork and Quilting and Quilt Sampler.  (Why didn’t I take their picture?).   Heidi has a shop in Conrad, Iowa and to celebrate having that shop for 5 years, she hosted a Creative Harvest Festival with Jo.  Here’s the ad we noticed.

Connie and I ran into several friends from our beginning quilt days and caught up with them during the luncheon.  We listened to Jo’s publishing “story” which was remarkable and then we of course had to shop.  Heidi’s shop is called Hen and Chicks and she has a full retreat area upstairs with beds, bathrooms, kitchen and washer/dryer.  Think what fun could be had up there!

Another great day trip!

Remember the day before when I stopped at church to teach straight line quilting?  Here’s part of the Zion Sewing group who make 100 or more charity quilts every year.  You ladies rock!


Rain Report

September 22, 2016

I have heard from many of you who are concerned about the flooding in North Iowa.  Garner is just west of I-35 which runs north and south through the middle of the state.  The hardest hit area yesterday was east of I-35 — they got 10″ last night and another 2″ this morning.  Jo’s Country […]

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Lots of Answers

September 21, 2016

Well, for cryin’ out loud!  How many people did I tell that Rivertown was in our book Civil War Remembered?  Connie told me it was and I thought it was but we both stand corrected.  It is NOT in either book but IF there is a third book, we will include it.  Until then, if […]

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Class Day

September 20, 2016

On Monday Connie and I went to Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN to take the Basic Bernina class.  Our teacher, Kathy, was a former customer of ours and she was a great instructor!  Oh my, what we did not know about our new “computers” that sew!  And this was just Class I – there’s Class […]

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Here is Rivertown

September 18, 2016

I found the Rivertown quilt and snapped a picture of it but I’d really like to see the version you’re all raving about. Here are my weekend boarders, Libby and Tasha. Rox, Telly and Tasha get together outside. Rox’s haircut is growing out and she doesn’t look so “ratty” anymore. Quick post – more tomorrow.

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Rivertown and More

September 16, 2016

Evidently someone posted our quilt Rivertown on FB and now I’ve gotten some inquiries.  I think we probably still own is quilt but I will have to find it and take a picture.  It is a log cabin variation.  We sent a pickup load of patterns to a large garage sale in Des Moines for […]

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A Work Day

September 15, 2016

I started on the plants today.  Each plant that comes back into the house needs to be cleaned of all debris and sprayed with an insecticide. If I do a few each day I won’t think it’s such a huge job, right?  Plus it’s raining again – big time, an inch already this evening, and […]

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