Here’s Hazel!

by CountryThreads on May 27, 2017

And Telly

And Rox

Reed came this afternoon and as we were doing chores he found a newly laid goose egg.  He wondered how it would taste – why didn’t I take a picture of him with that big goose egg.  I offered to fry it for him so we went to the house and that goose egg completely filled my small fry pan.  He wanted it over easy but with a yolk that size I couldn’t quite get it flipped.  He said it was delicious – with a piece of toast and jam.  Again – why didn’t I take a picture?

When I took Reed home I got to see his new coop and his growing chickens – I will definitely take pictures – it’s the sweetest little chicken coop I’ve ever seen.  I want one!

 Another busy but really fun day on the farm!


Good Morning

by CountryThreads on May 27, 2017

And it is a good morning!  Yesterday was just “one of those days”.   Here’s the kitties’ new digs.

And here’s how I found them this morning – what a pile of sweetness!

And then there’s Mama.


And here is Emma this morning – eating leaves as if nothing happened yesterday.

What a shady picture!

So today I’m looking forward to catching up.  My other neighbor boy has also offered his help and I’m going to accept – probably next week sometime.  Wow – aren’t neighbors great?

Didn’t mean to whine so much last night – that will teach me not to write a blog post when I’m tired.  I don’t want any sympathy – all my “work” is self dictated – ha!


Too Busy

by CountryThreads on May 26, 2017

I know when you don’t hear from me you begin to wonder what’s up.  There is just too much to do around here and I’m not getting any younger.  This morning when I got to the barn, the kittens had found a tiny hole they could squeeze through so that meant securing the next adjoining pen for them.  It had to be cleaned, the chicken roost and feeders moved out and the rest of the fencing had to be double fenced so the kittens could not get out.  I’m hoping to get Mama to the vet next week to be spayed.  And I was almost out of kitty litter so that meant a shopping trip tonight.  All the kitties are using the litter box – I clean it about 4-6 times a day.  No, Mama is no friendlier yet.

It’s a good thing I was in the barn because I heard a disturbance on the landing of the haymow and I had to rescue Emma from going through the hole in the railing.  She has seizures sometimes and when she had one up on the landing, she couldn’t walk, she foamed at the mouth and I don’t think she could see.  I held her as tightly as I could so she didn’t fall down the steps.  When she regained her balance I put her in the haymow to recover.  Poor Emma – this has happened to her many times through the years – before she ever came to live here.

I went to the garden only  to find something has eaten most of my pumpkin vines that were just getting started.  Ugh!  I hate gardening sometimes.

We have had electricians here several days this week putting in a new breaker box in the barn and burying the overhead lines.  They turned off the power without warning me and it burned up my router.  Had to have someone come to figure that out.  We also have carpenters here siding Rick’s shop and laying rocks.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a lively puppy out of the way of workers in the yard?  Here’s a picture of their progress.

Goodness knows I had lots of rocks left from our house project 4 years ago to use for this project.

The weekend is ahead – cleaning house tomorrow and finish putting on the screens and then Reed is coming to help me start cleaning the barn.  It never ends.  And I am tired and my back hurts.


Obedience Class

by CountryThreads on May 22, 2017

Here is Hazel with the Petco trainer, Amanda.  We are the only student in class so we got her undivided attention.  

Hazel knew “sit” but we worked on it as well as “come”, “down”, “stand” and “wait”.  We do not do “down” well at all and I’m not sure I can convince her.  Oh my but she is sassy!  And wants to be in complete control of everything!  Amanda had so many hints for me dealing with her stubbornness and bossiness!  I have much to accomplish but I am determined to do it because she could be uncontrollable if left to her own devices.  Ha!  Those of you who have had terriers know what I mean.

Here she is laying in the sun on a piece of plywood.  We have carpenters here siding Rick’s shop building.

Connie’s Wildflower quilt is finished so we’ll be taking those pictures as soon as the weather cooperates.  I could barely make a lap size and she made hers queen size!

Stay tuned.


Monday and Sunny – Finally!

May 22, 2017

After 5 days of rain and storms, the sun is finally out this morning but more rain is forecast for later today.  We escaped the tornadoes but this is what I found over the road to the garden this morning. Three trees down over the road and mud up to my ankles – yikes!  The […]

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Requested Pattern Names

May 17, 2017

The flower quilt shown behind Becky and Hazel is called Tessie by Under the Garden Moon. My tired old brain had to rely on Connie for this info.  We made this quilt together several years ago and now it hangs behind the quilting machine because neither of us has a place to hang it in […]

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The Purse Quilt

May 17, 2017

Diane M. was the lucky buyer of this purse quilt and she sent this picture. She added a sleeve and displays the quilt with her mom’s old purses.  Such a cute idea! This morning all the kittens were asleep inside the carrier and Mom was sleeping outside on her own. It’s a rainy day in […]

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It’s all good news tonight!

May 16, 2017

Becky stopped today to see the kittens and we were able to hold 3 of them.  They are so tiny and so cute!  I think Connie is going to take these little Gray Gray girls. Mama was out of the box and I lifted the 3 remaining kitties out of the box where they’ve been […]

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Progress – Finally!

May 15, 2017

I went to the barn about 9 pm with a can of food for Mama Kitty and I was surprised to see her out of the box and 3 kitties with her.  She ran back to the box which gave me the chance to pick up the black kitten who didn’t hiss at me or […]

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May 13, 2017

It was a busy day on the farm.  I wanted to move the plants outside but before I could put them in the plant area south of the house, the windows should be washed otherwise I can’t get a ladder close to the windows.  Before the windows are washed the gutters above all the windows […]

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