Dogs, Cats and Geraniums

by CountryThreads on February 28, 2015

Can you find Marty in this picture taken in the kitchen?  Sort of like “finding Waldo”.  Sam and Marty are such good friends and I am enjoying this pair very, very much.

I am keeping Connie’s kittens while she is in Florida.  They are staying in the new dog kennel and were very afraid the first day but have warmed up to me now and even let me pet them.  They climbed up on the sunny ledge and Ruthie tried to hide in an upright position behind the post!  The gray tabby is called Gray-Gray and the tabby/white is Ruthie.

I am delighted to show you my geraniums from last summer.  It’s such fun to see them blooming against the white snow outside the window.  They love their home in the piano room.

It’s Saturday – college basketball!


Meet Sam and Marty Hansen

by CountryThreads on February 27, 2015

Here are my current boarders, Sam and Marty.  Sam is a blue heeler mix, I think, and Marty is a miniature golden doodle puppy who has lots of energy.  Their parents went on a cruise but I think maybe the dogs are having a better time than Mom and Dad – ha!  They both use the dog doors which makes my life easy and even though their Mom wanted them to sleep in the kennel at night, last night as I was quickly opening the shop door to leave, Sam snuck out fast as can be and headed for the house.  Marty vocalized his disappointment being locked in the kennel so maybe this plan isn’t going to work.  Mom thought neither would get any rest if not separated in a kennel but I can assure her, that is not the case.  They all play so hard and then simply collapse for a rest period like an agreed -on naptime.

I finally got the king size log cabin quilt bound – I cheated and sewed it on the machine – I just could not do all that hand binding!  I am looking at new carpet for our upstairs and then I’ll start using the quilt, too.  Ina did a nice job on it – Connie and I pleaded with her to come back and do some quilting for us and she agreed.  Someday we’ll both learn to run that machine.

Wind chill this morning was minus 34 and it isn’t going to improve much for a couple days.  Brrrr!  Someone asked how we keep the mice out of the quilts in the haymow.  Rick built us a box measuring 4’x8’x4′ and lined it with tin.  Nothing gets in that box but us so we know the quilts are safe.  Next spring we’ll begin marking them, too.  Connie left for Florida this cold morning – lucky girl to escape this cold.


Hundreds of Quilts

by CountryThreads on February 24, 2015

We finished putting tags on all the quilts in the classroom.  We still have quilts in the haymow to mark in the spring as well as all the show props and tubs in the trailer but we made great progress today.  Our sale is June 4-5-6, 2015.  We are hoping for a big crowd!


Answers to Your Questions

by CountryThreads on February 24, 2015

This is the quilt on the table behind the dogs that several of you inquired about. Itis a split 4 patch and directions can be found on many sites online.
Freezing eggs: grease the muffin tin and crack a raw egg into each cup. Bake 10-15 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Cool and tip out cooked eggs. Freeze.
Sue Davis — my sympathy
Bernadette – quilt you asked about is not log cabin but lady of the lake.
Yes, our new Civil War book will be available in April/May.

Just when I had learned to insert photos, they have changed my blog software!!  I just can’t win.  We are sorting and marking again today.  Connie leaves on Friday for a month in Florida.


Signs of Spring

February 21, 2015

Have a look at Charlene – see how her coat is beginning to shed? This is surely a sign of spring. And I’m getting an occasional egg from my few old hens – it’s always a good day to find a blue egg and look at the white egg. Strange, huh?

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Flowers in the bitter cold

February 19, 2015

Wind chill was about 30 below this morning but I was encouraged by the geraniums blooming in my sunroom. What a treat! I know it’s cold everywhere but soon it will be March and then we’ll be really close to spring. Gipper and Lexie have been with me for over 2 weeks – almost 3 […]

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February 16, 2015

Today I am thankful for many reasons and many of them are you readers. You sent your hugs, your condolences, your thoughts and your encouragement to me last week when I was heartbroken and I thank you. You know how the day went – disbelief, crying, sobbing, wailing, kicking the floor in denial and the […]

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February 11, 2015

Susannah survived the surgery this morning only to pass away an hour later. I am heartbroken.

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Susannah’s Special Quilt

February 10, 2015

In 2006 a customer by the name of Luanne Lindeman asked my permission to use the signature photo of Susannah for her class with Ruth McDowell and of course, I said yes. In 2011 she gifted the pieced top to me and I have been waiting to start quilting it and today is the day. […]

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Tammy Is Home!

February 9, 2015

Tammy tested negative for feline leukemia and her fever is gone and she is eating again so she got to come home. I am so relieved and its a good thing I took her picture in the carrier because the minute I opened the door, she shot upstairs! One worry gone – now it’s just […]

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