New Succulents

We are having a rainy day today and the lawns and gardens say Thank You! My new plants have been outside getting a drink of rain water.

Lefse plant. Actual name is Pilea peperomiodes. I had one of these plants years ago and it died due, I’m sure, to overwatering. Last winter when Reed and I were in Minneapolis at Bachmans, I found a small plant but the price was $49.95! I think this one was $10.

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Ficus petiokris

Euphorbia iharanae.

Agave geminiflora

Unknown – no tag. Anyone have an idea?

Pachypodium namaguanum

Euphorbia sakarahaensis

Terrestrial orchid

This is my existing plant that I photographed to ask them the name. It is a Medusa.

I’ve had this plant for at least 15 years.

I wish succulents and cacti all had common names, don’t you? This is my go-to book and not all of these new plants were listed.

It was a great trip to Des Moines. Reed bought different plants but they’re now living at his house of course and I don’t know their names.

The squirrels are at it again – ha!

Thursday Blabber

I have lots of little tidbits to catch up on – I literally have to jot them down so I remember to post. I want to talk about something in a magazine and have spent too much time searching for said magazine so I have to move on and write it in the future.

Connie and Roy left this morning for Seattle and her Tula Pink cruise to Alaska. Our good friend, Susan Henderson and her husband are also going on this cruise so Susan can sew along with Tula Pink, Stacey Day and Jenny Pedigo. This is a Stitchin Heaven cruise so we know it is well planned and this time Connie can be a sewer instead of a teacher. I’m hoping to post some pictures from her in the coming week.

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Longarm Machine Class by Connie

Last Friday I traveled to Conrad, Iowa and the Hen and Chick Studio where I took a class from the talented Marilyn Kidd. She teaches several classes on the APQS Millenium longarm machine which is the same machine that Mary and I still own. Mary mastered our longarm machine shortly after we closed the shop but sadly I felt like I had dyslexia when it came to loading the machine. Mary feels the same way about paper piecing in that you need to think backwards and upside down. Ha!

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My personal class with Marilyn was from 9 till noon.

We worked on a small panel quilt for charity starting with loading the quilt onto the bars, correct threading, oiling and caring for the machine. Finally we started the quilting process. Marilyn was so knowledgeable, patient and fun which made it a great morning.

After lunch with the shop girls it was my turn to work on my 2 Hour Couch Quilt. Let’s just say there is certainly a learning curve to using the machine. I’m slowly climbing the curve!

Here’s a bit about this charming quilt shop owned by Heidi Kaisand. She wears several hats as owner of Hen and Chicks Quilt Shop and Retreat Center, quilt and scrapbook teacher, owner and publisher of American Quilt Retailer Magazine and Mom to three active kids.

Mary and I have known Heidi for ages! Here’s a photo album of pictures taken in the quilt shop.

It was a productive day but now I need to quilt something soon with our machine before I forget what I learned.


P.S. we celebrated Ben’s 5th birthday at the lake this past weekend. He is doing well and starts kindergarten next week. Thanks for asking about him and for your continued prayers.

Fall Wallhanging Project.

This is what I’m working on but have not completed – maple leaves in 2 sizes for a small wall quilt.

When I get the setting pieced, I’ll make the pattern available for $3.00 again.

Here are a few more pictures from yesterday.

Sunny in all her glory – she is perfect and beautiful! Picture by Kathy.

Reed receiving a kiss from Apricot.

The three of us in a selfie – Reed, Mary! Kathy.

I loved all the llama stories you sent – I loved Kathy’s llamas – I even dreamed of them last night! I have many sleepless nights but not last night. I slept great and what a difference in how I feel today.

Pumpkin Report

The pumpkin patch is thick with vines.

Here’s a nice white pumpkin peeking through the leaves.

There are still thousands of blossoms which will not have time to grow into pumpkins.

It’s finally BLT season – I picked 3 tomatoes this afternoon.

One of my Goodwill purchases yesterday was this very solid wood table for $8.00!

I actually bought it for the goats but now think it could even live in my living room.

I found a bluejay feather today -something good is going to happen!

It’s Becky’s 65th Birthday today – we’re having pizza at the OP with them tonite.

Another Mary and Reed Adventure

I picked Reed up at 6 am this morning to drive to Rochester, MN. Kathy Hanson, a blog reader and frequent commenter, raises a small herd of llamas inside the city limits and I wanted to meet her and her llamas.

She’s a delightful gal and Reed and I learned so much about llamas and alpacas today. Here she is with Brownie.

I wanted to show you the size of animal that Kathy was controlling.

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