Gypsy Wife, July 6

by CountryThreads on July 6, 2015

Hope From Hartford is our block this week found on page 9 of the Gypsy Wife booklet.  I was totally uninspired whe I chose these fabrics:

And the finished block is pretty blah.  This might be a block I will make again – I am not happy with it.

Here are my first four blocks – nothing like I had in mind when we started but I will forge ahead.



Church Music

by CountryThreads on July 5, 2015


Becky and I handled all the music in church this morning, her on guitar and me on piano.  We did the old favorite “It Is No Secret” for the offertory and asked everyone to sing along.  It’s always a popular song to perform because most everyone knows it.

We always mention weather, don’t we?  I feel sorry for all of you who are suffering in the heat.  First it was floods in the south and east and now it’s heat in the Northwest and in Europe.  Hang in there, friends!

Jinx and Norman get acquainted through the fence.



Happy 4th of July!

by CountryThreads on July 4, 2015


What a beautiful 4th we are having – 75 degrees and low humidity.  We all know what temps usually are on the 4th.  Since this day was so comfortable, Rick and I went to Clear Lake to the parade and had ice cream for lunch on the way home.


My 2 boarders are Jinx, the Great Dane and Norman, the French bulldog or is he a Boston terrier?  I can’t remember. 


This afternoon I’m working on Scrap Vortex – I am running out of steam on this project so I may put it aside for awhile until I have more scraps.

Regarding a subscription that isn’t delivering the blog posts — I have no idea.  You could try deleting the current subscription and re- subscribing but other than that, I don’t know.  It’s nothing on my end.

Here is my email address if you need a personal answer to a question or comment:

Happy Fireworks tonight!



by CountryThreads on July 2, 2015

This English Golden Retriever, 4 months old, named Buddy, arrived yesterday for an overnight stay.  He is so soft and so cute!


And this is what Faye and Telly think about him and his antics.

They are annoyed to say the least but Rick will get home today and they will be thrilled.

Guess this is a non- quilting post.  Here are a few flower pictures taken in my garden.



Gypsy Wife, June 30

June 30, 2015

The third block is called “From the Heart” and measures 6″x 6″.  This block can be found on page 8 of your booklet.  I don’t exactly love hearts but this is a pretty cute little block and didn’t take long to make.  Here are my fabric choices:    I am really stepping out of the […]

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A Finished Quilt

June 30, 2015

Finally I have something finished to show you.  It’s my 16 patch blocks shown here in progress.    Pam helped me as you can see.  Here are several shots of the finished quilt made from a jellyroll called Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell, the Gypsy Wife designer from Australia (who now lives in Abu Dabbi, I […]

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You guys are the best!

June 29, 2015

Our readers are the absolute BEST!!!  You identified Connie’s mystery plant as Aralia cordata Sun King!  Here it is again:    I can’t wait to buy one!  Even the Master Gardeners on the tour didn’t know what it was but now you do.  Thanks so much to all of you who wrote in. And for […]

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Relaxing Sunday

June 28, 2015

Four dogs went home, Rick left for work, two more dogs arrived and I got a 2 hr. nap on the porch.  What a great Sunday!  I continue to think about the garden tour and am surprised that I haven’t let that gardening bug really bite me.  My front space would be such a lovely […]

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Garden Tour

June 26, 2015

The garden tour last night was simply wonderful and I was so inspired that I dreamt of gardens in my sleep.  There was one huge organic vegetable garden that looked impossible to me – who can weed that much?  I was more interested in this dog.    After I saw all those clean gardens I […]

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More Garden Photos

June 25, 2015

                      Sorry about the duplicate photo – I don’t know how to delete it.  Connie’s garden is just lovely and it didn’t get that way without many hours of work.  Someone commented yesterday that Country Garden Magazine should feature Connie’s garden and I’m sure you agree.  As you can probably see, Connie loves hostas. […]

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