The Wind

by CountryThreads on January 16, 2018

The wind finally went down and the snow quit blowing around causing so many problems even though it’s still below zero.

Everybody in the barn sends their greetings – all are passing their time inside eating hay and laying about.

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – that compares to picking up a warm egg in the barn on a frigid morning. It’s like a small miracle!

I bought this toy xylophone at the thrift store for $1. I saw a post on Pinterest that hung one of these little toys in the barn during the winter months, when the chickens are all confined, to ease boredom – ha! Now I’ll let you know if they really peck at it at not. Crazy, huh? But like I always tell people – I don’t want my animals to just exist — I want them to be HAPPY!

Yesterday I sat in my chair and read for hours and today I had to finish this great book before I did anything else. I’d recommend it as being similar to Beartown in that it’s about a small community, their kids, activities and problems and I loved it!

And today I got this in the mail from my friend Carol. Stephen Colbert’s Midnight Confessions. I know this will be hilarious.

We are still sewing – I love some of these new quilts and just wish I could post pictures of the process. Even though we are using strictly Civil War fabrics for this book, I can’t wait to remake some of them in bright colors. We are confident you’re going to like them!


Wind Chill Warning!

by CountryThreads on January 15, 2018

All schools are closed due to wind chills and visibility. We got an inch or so of snow yesterday and then the wind came up – typical Iowa. Look off into the distance in this picture – it’s looking toward the southwest and beyond the grove you can see the blowing snow.

Our grove gives us so much protection when the winds are from the northwest. If it looks bad in our yard, then just think what it must be like out in the open!

I think maybe tomorrow is going to be a carbon copy. Ugh.


The Blue Quilts

by CountryThreads on January 13, 2018

I’m going to try posting this again – I hope I can remember.

I have collected funeral flower baskets for many years – I probably have 40 or more and I decided to enjoy some of them this winter. You might remember that this is Millie’s favorite perch.

This quilt was made many years ago when we were experimenting with bleaching and overdyeing fabric. It was expertly quilted by Gladys in Baptist Fan, my all time favorite quilting pattern.

This kaleidoscope quilt was made from a bag of antique blocks purchased at a flea market.

Here’s a closeup so you can see that the blocks weren’t pieced perfectly nor did all the fabrics match but I used them all anyway – some woman painstakingly sewed these blocks and I loved them.

Here is the same area with all my thrift store blue dishes.

The dog picture in the blue frame was $1 – this is the era of vintage dog pictures I like the most!

The 4-H kids have been making shirt pillows so I made one, too, from an old denim shirt I never wear anymore.

I had more blue quilts than I thought!

Here’s another $1 thrift store find from the other day.

The quilt on the table is called Chopsticks – a project from the old quilt shop.

The bitter cold continues – the goats are anxious to get outside again but it won’t be till next week when we get a break again. Thanks to all of you who posted birthday wishes to Hazel – makes it fun for me to share her with all of you. One of you said -“all dogs should be so loved” and I couldn’t agree more!

I’m going to hit “publish” before all of this disappears again!


Hazel’s Birthday Party

by CountryThreads on January 12, 2018

Reed, Becky and Connie came to the party. Moe, the golden doodle that Hazel loves , also attended – and Telly, of course. I didn’t have time to bake so I bought a carrot cake from the bakery. We even lit the candle.

Hazel wore a Happy Birthday tiara but not willingly.

I wish I could have taken this next series as a video – use your imagination. Pretty funny!

Hazel got toys and treats but the other two dogs thought she would want to share so they ran in and out of the house via the dog door with her new toys.

All in all it was a pretty spectacular first birthday party. I suppose we’ll be celebrating in bitter cold weather every January 11.


Another Try

January 11, 2018

Oh the weather outside is frightful! I’m going to try this again but break it down into several shorter posts – in hopes I don’t lose it all. This will be some miscellaneous photos and tomorrow I’ll take pictures at Hazel’s party. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I spent the day digging around for […]

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Blog Post Disappeared!

January 11, 2018

I just have spent over an hour working on a blog post and it disappeared! I don’t think it published but I’ll keep working on finding it. In the meantime, today is Hazel’s first birthday and we’re having a blizzard so her party has been postponed.

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Warmer Temps!

January 8, 2018

Oh, thank goodness the temps are in the 20’s and low 30’s – right now it’s 33 and I’m running in and out of the house with just a sweatshirt, to the barn, the mailbox, feeding the birds, etc. It feels just wonderful! The goats are outside and even some of the bravest chickens. Hazel […]

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Another Cold Friday

January 5, 2018

This weekend marks 2 weeks of this brutally cold weather for us while you folks on the East Coast are trying to survive over a foot of snow, blizzard strength winds and now the cold will reach you. Oh what a stretch of terrible weather! On Tuesday Reed was here early and we went to […]

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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2017

Baby, it’s cold outside – right now our wind chill is 36 below. We don’t venture out many places although I did go see Gayle today after I stopped to wish Reed and Myra a Happy 10th Birthday. Here are the Birthday twins! The barn animals are surviving with a small furnace and heat bulbs. […]

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December 28, 2017

No matter where you’re reading this, it’s probably cold and you folks in Erie, PA are buried in snow! Wow! I’ve never dreamed of 63″ of snow all at once. I can’t imagine how hard it is to clear it just to get your car out. Cold weather makes everything harder to do, doesn’t it? […]

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