Another Fun Day

by CountryThreads on June 25, 2016

More sewing and more socializing.  After lunch on the porch we went to Connie’s to tour her gardens and get a look at the progress on her new landscaping.

The fence company was there putting in the posts for the new iron fence and today I believe the fence is being installed.  Several trees have been planted and the irrigation system will probably go in next week.  I will keep you posted.  

From left to right are Carol, Steph and Connie.

Here are some garden pictures – the gardens around Connie’s house are full and gorgeous.  There seems to be a black dog growing in one of the hosta gardens – that would be Hope.

Then we invited ourselves into Connie’s sewing room for a little inspiration.  Enjoy!

Last night we met Nancy and Kathy and their husbands at the local bar for a burger and a beer and again we had lots of laughs and a great time.  We were missing Ed and Cheryl but here’s the group.

Before they leave today I will take pictures of what we’ve all been working on and then it will be back to reality and mowing the yard.  What fun we’ve all had with our friends!  I’m glad I got to share it with all of you.


A Fun Day

by CountryThreads on June 24, 2016

What a fun day of sewing, talking, laughing, looking at quilts, eating and then throw  in a little music – all with friends!  That’s my kind of day!  Steph and Carol came to sew and Rose and Bill stopped on their way to Colorado.  Rose sent Connie and me identical fabric packs as hers and the 3 of us made quilts – of course with 3 different results.

And now I can’t find the picture of Rose’s quilt!

After lunch Becky arrived and had a moment with Hope on the couch.  Becky thought Hope was so sweet to lay on her lap.

And then it was time for a little music. Bill brought his guitar – what lovely jazz chords Bill played along with our country renditions of several old time hymns.  It would be such fun if he lived closer and we could do this every week and work up a program.  Bill is a much more sophisticated musician than Becky and I but he was kind enough to join us and it was great fun!

Do any of you remember Ina, our machine quilter?  I’ll bet you do.  If you’ve been watching Master Chef on Fox you might recognize the name Cassie Peterson from Clear Lake, Iowa who was one of the contestants.  Cassie is Ina’s granddaughter!  Steph, Carol and I picked Ina up last night and went for a bite to eat to catch up with Ina and hear about Cassie’s reality tv experience in LA.  Cassie was eliminated in this week’s episode but we all agreed she presented herself well and commended her on a job well done.  Congratulations, Cassie!

We will be sewing again today and I will show you what we’re all working on.  This is the best vacation!  I’m looking forward to another fun evening with friends and more sewing.

Sadly, I have no news to report about Heidi.  I dreamed last night that she was here this morning and I was so anxious to get downstairs to see if it was true but it was just a dream.  I have no idea where she can be.



by CountryThreads on June 22, 2016

Heidi is missing.

This is Wednesday evening and she is always here in the house or right outside.  On Sunday she acted very anxious, meowing as if something was wrong but I couldn’t see anything obvious.  She acted like her side maybe hurt or her tail or her back or she just didn’t feel good?  On Monday she sat on my lap several times and rubbed her head and then acted as if there were something she was afraid of.  Was she having a brain issue of some kind?  She meowed very loudly and on Monday night she was sleeping in the screened porch when I went to bed. 

She was not here on Tuesday morning and I have looked and looked for her.  I think if she were able, she would meow back at me when I call her but I hear nothing.  She could be just anywhere and I’m losing hope that she’s alive.  I wonder if we’ll ever find her body.  What a terrible feeling!  She was a special kitty given to me by a special little girl also named Heidi.


If any of you have problems with your subscription, I cannot help you.  I wish I had someone in my corner to help me but I don’t.  Someone suggested that if you think you’ve been dropped, try unsubscribing and then re- subscribe.  I cannot sign you up and won’t – I have enough trouble just posting.  I have not dropped you – something has happened on your end.  It’s all a mystery to me.  If you even receive these posts, I think it’s a miracle!



by CountryThreads on June 21, 2016

And I finally have dust control!  I also own the dubious distinction of being the last person in Hancock County to get it!  I never complain to the engineer’s office so I don’t know why my name would have such a black mark but I suppose somebody has to be last.

My friend Charlene wondered about living with all that dust and I guess we’re just used to it.  Our house sits pretty close to the gravel road and there is soooo much truck and farm equipment on our road that dust just comes with living in the country.  One of my friends has a very long lane and I’ll bet she doesn’t have road dust!

Roxie is settling in and becoming more relaxed about being outside with us.  She has learned to use the dog door both directions – yahoo!  Here she is, trying to be nice to Pammie!

I was recently at Walmart and they had a new shipment of houseplants.  I have had such good luck with Walmart succulents and house plants – I can usually find something unusual and almost always they are healthy and reasonably priced.  Here is a new  Z Z plant and a Ponytail Palm.  I’ve had both before but sold them in elaborate planters.  These two are living on the screened porch until I’m sure they’re bug free and healthy.

Another outdoor planter.


Monday on the farm

June 20, 2016

Finally the county is going to apply the dust control on the gravel road that goes right by our house — and screened porch.  The grader came by first to prepare the area which really should have been done in May. Is it any wonder my screens look like this?  As soon as they put […]

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It’s the baby’s fault!

June 19, 2016

With all the excitement of Camber’s arrival last week, I completely forgot about the next step in the rug!  So I’ve been to church this morning, Rick is in Houston, it’s about 90 degrees outside – what better time to sit in the AC and start the rug? I assume you have your frame warped […]

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Meet Camber

June 17, 2016

And here she is — Camber Mae Etherington.  She couldn’t be much sweeter! Rick left this morning for Houston and because he’ll be gone all week we both worked extra hard yesterday.  He picked 2 ice cream pails of strawberries, I mowed, we both moved manure – he with the tractor and loader, me with […]

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We have a baby!

June 16, 2016

Camber Mae Etherington was born by C section at 2:17 am on 6/16/16.  She weighed 7 lbs. 8 ounces and is 21″ long.  Now Mom and Dad are resting and Rick and I are grateful everybody is Ok!

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It’s Flag Day!

June 14, 2016

Here are just a few of the flags around the farm. Flag Day is a special day for the Etherington Family.  Today Rick and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary.  (Celebrating is used loosely as he is driving to Wisconsin – ha! – and won’t be home till tomorrow nite.). Today is also Rick’s […]

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Let’s Make Another Rug

June 13, 2016

Here’s my finished rug from the last rug – along and I saved the best to show you at the start of this rug-along — taking the finished rug off the frame.  It’s my favorite part and it will be yours, too!  Here it is on the frame with all the rows finished and the […]

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