Some Successes, Some Failures

by CountryThreads on February 13, 2016

Well, don’t ever think I can grow just anything – I have been so proud of myself with this African violet until last week when I obviously overwatered the poor thing!  Evidently both my thumbs are not green.

It’s not the end of the world — I won’t give up quite yet but I am so mad at myself.  I know better and I preach this all the time.  Plants are better off on the dry side!  Here on the other hand is a rescued begonia that is doing beautifully in an east exposure.

I may be hitting that  winter “wall”.  When I got up this morning the cats had knocked a bowl of fresh eggs off the counter and they all broke.  The cats also attacked the fur on the hood of my parka that was laid over a chair and part of it is now bald because they killed it!  Somebody has been missing the litter box and nobody wants to go outside of course because it’s too cold.  Ufta!

Getting ready to watch the Kansas/Oklahoma game.  The previous game on Monday night which lasted 3 overtimes is the best game I’ve ever watched.  Anybody agree with me?  Anybody else gonna watch this game?  I have no favorite – I just LOVE college basketball!


Keeping Busy

by CountryThreads on February 12, 2016

It is so very cold and snowy that everyone is forced to stay indoors.  Here is another of Connie’s recent projects – art supply bags for her grandkids for Valentines Day.  This might be hard to see but the front of the bag is actually see thru vinyl and the backing could not be more appropriate for an art supply bag.   When I was at Connie’s house yesterday I should have snapped more photos because she had several new projects started.  She did admit she likes to start something new every day – ha!

I found another old small quilt top that I put on the machine and quilted with straight lines.  Note the dogs in their chairs in the background.


Someone asked how I keep the lines so straight – remember I’m quilting on a longarm but even when Connie and I quilt with our home machines, quilting with straight lines is not difficult and we purposely do not want each line to be evenly spaced which makes us very good at this.  Try it yourself sometime – it’s lots easier than you probably think.

Here’s a sneak peak at a layer cake project I’m also working on.  More on this later.

And these guys are why I’m spending hours and hours each day in the shop allowing me to get all these projects finished.  Elmer, Ruby, and Lucy love it outside – even when the weather is less than perfect!

Stay warm, everybody!


Thursday Update

by CountryThreads on February 11, 2016

Connie and I met at Farm Chick Quilts this morning to see what Mandy is up to – check out her blog.  Connie bought some new Jo Morton fabric and I picked up several low volume pieces for my next scrap vortex.

When Connie was in the shop yesterday she showed me the baby quilt she made for her niece from a collection of Fig Tree fabrics. It is so soft and sweet – the dogs had to stay back just while we worked but they were very interested.

Today Becky and I are scheduled to play at Concord during the Valentines Day dinner with family and friends at 5:30.  Well, Becky just called to say she was leaving school with the stomach flu!!  You can guess what that means – I am flying solo so this will be a short post – I’m off to find “dinner music” that I can already play without serious practice time needed prior to 5:30.  Ugh!


It’s Not Too Late!

by CountryThreads on February 10, 2016

Here is Connie’s T-shirt rug.  She did say she works on it every day but I don’t know….. Which just goes to show its not too late for YOU to start your rug on the Rug Along if you’re still thinking about it.  We’re still sending out books and DVDs so if you’re still interested send $20 to Mary Etherington, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438 to receive the Rugs From Rags book and DVD by Country Threads. You’ll receive the 3rd version of the book which is in color and by far our best effort.  The DVD only is available for $8.00 and is absolutely necessary because I simply cannot explain the motions on this printed page.  The DVD cannot tell you how to build the frame nor give you all the yardage requirements.  You’ll need the book for that.  So…. You need both the latest book and DVD.

Here is Jan Hebert’s finished rug.  Doesn’t it look nice by that chest of drawers?

Here are Sylvia Havlin’s multiple projects – what an ambitious rug maker!  And they are beautiful!

I loved reading the comments about Mary Ellen Hopkins and reminiscing about those retreats I attended.  Wasn’t she one of a kind?  Honestly I think I could have learned everything I ever needed to know from her book “It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book”.  She signed my book in 1986 and 1988.  I traveled to Las Vegas twice and Connie and I went together to a retreat in Maine in the mid 90s.  What a special lady.



A Couple Finishes

February 9, 2016

These cold snowy days are long and it’s a good time to finish up those UFO’s .  Many of you probably don’t even know who Mary Ellen Hopkins was but I attended several of her retreats in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  This was one of the projects I made way back then and […]

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Blizzard – again

February 8, 2016

Surprise – another blizzard and a neighbor got stranded in our parking lot this morning at 5:30 am and tried to call me. Me , the person who says she has trouble sleeping did not wake up when the cell phone rang beside my bed!  He tried again at 6:30 and I woke up, told […]

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Jax and Snickers

February 6, 2016

   Last nite Jax did not want to eat and I was concerned.  I tried one last time at midnight and then went to bed.  I did not sleep well as you can imagine and when I got to the shop at 6:15 with 2 warm bottles, I was met with squeals and protests of […]

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Everyone Has Arrived!

February 5, 2016

First the 3 golden doodles arrived.  Elmer,  the old man of the 3, is the first dog I ever boarded for anyone several years ago and I fell in love with golden doodles.  His parents then got Ruby, a black doodle who had a litter of puppies and they kept the apricot colored puppy who […]

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Still Shoveling

February 4, 2016

      Rick is back on the road and as  you can see, he did the lion’s share of the snow removal.  Today I am trying to clean up the sidewalks, the gates, the animal pens and the driveway just to make life easier.  We had only 10″ of snow and when I think of […]

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No Jelly Rolls!

February 4, 2016

  I can’t let the notion of using jelly rolls for making rugs go on any longer!  It’s absurd!  Look at this out of date yet still beautiful jelly roll – why would I waste it in a rug?  The cost of a 40 strip jelly roll is approximately $40.  It will take more than 40 […]

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