April Fools Day

by CountryThreads on April 1, 2015



Remember this quilt I made last winter?  Today is Lavohn’s birthday and I gave it to her with 2 matching pillowcases.  When Mom was at the Care Center, she and Lavohn were friends, both having suffered the same type of stroke.   We ate lunch together and topped it off with Heath Bar cake that I made last night.  She is a sweet lady!

So windy here today, my power gate wouldn’t even close – now that’s windy!!!


Trunk Show, Anyone?

by CountryThreads on March 31, 2015


Do any of you readers live in the Marietta/Atlanta, GA area?  If so, some of the quilts from our book Civil War Remembered are on display at Little Quilts and you may want to stop by to see them in person.  For me personally, I would love to visit Little Quilts – get a little “retail therapy” as Connie says and just see what’s new in the quilt world.  I’m sure Mary Ellen has it on hand.

And here  is a sad sight at  a local thrift store – our tall snowman quilt for sale.  It’s seen its better days but it always startles me to see a rabbit doll in an antique store or a wall quilt of ours in a second hand store.  I’m showing my age, I know.   


And here are some of my “finds” from a recent junking day with Claudia. 

The tin “lunchbox” with the wooden knob on top was purchased to hold Susannah’s ashes.  Maggie’s ashes fit in it also and now they are residing together on a shelf in my living room.  Some days I’m still shocked when I go to the barn and Susannah’s isn’t there.

It’s a “beautiful day in the neighborhood” and I’m heading outside to do some yardwork.


The final day of Civil War Remembered

by CountryThreads on March 30, 2015


These little quilts are each about 16″ square and are made entirely of scraps – one quilt is Broken Dishes pattern and the other is a simple 4 patch block.  We wanted these little gems to look like doll quilts from the Civil War era so when they were finished  we aged them in a coffee bath and after drying, we used a candle to scorch and even burn holes and corners of the quilt.  I took close-ups of the scrorched areas for an up close and personal look.  Of course, be careful when burning the quilt with a candle and know that the scorching is optional.

That concludes the house/quilt tour with the exception of 2 quilts still at Martingale.  It’s been a fun activity for me, too, and I have loved hearing from you.  I am not very social on a daily basis except for “talking” to you guys so thank you.  I will continue to blog and have a terrific Colton story to tell you.  My van is going to the dealer for work – the sliding door motor went out and the door will not open or close!  This happened when we went to Mpls. on a day when the wind chill in the parking lot was about 30 below and we were stuck in a van with a door that was stuck open and that would not close.  And being in Mpls on a Sunday afternoon, nobody would help us.  Now, that’s a story in itself.


Path of Freedom from Civil War Remembered

by CountryThreads on March 29, 2015


We are almost finished with the quilts/house tour.  Two quilts remain at the Martingale offices for display at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis in May.  Today’s quilt is called “Path of Freedom” and measures 36″ x 36″ – if you recall, I love this size!  I have taught some of my students to look carefully at a quilt and break down the units that usually make up a square – here we have triangle squares and star blocks in rows of carefully placed colors that create a “barn raising” type of layout.  Nice, very nice!

Tomorrow’s the last day and I can’t thank you enough for your many kind comments about our new book.  I will be wrapping up the house tour tomorrow.


I didn’t forget you!

March 28, 2015

   I’ll bet you guys thought I forgot you yesterday, didn’t you?  Well, I didn’t but since I did not have any dogs here boarding, I took the day off and went thrift shopping.  After about a week or 10 days of just being home and taking care of everybody, I need a little day […]

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Day 13 – March 26 – Civil War Remembered

March 26, 2015

   Who remembers attending country school?  I do – I went to Kindergarten 1-1/2 miles from home and rode behind my older brother on a horse.  Ha!  My teacher’s name was Mrs. Austin and there was one other boy in my class – we ended up graduating from high school together. The schoolhouse block is […]

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March 25 – Day 12 of Civil War Remembered

March 25, 2015

   Quest For Freedom, 51″ x 57″, required some creativity in photography because I wanted to show you my kitchen cupboards, built in the 30’s with a very low countertop due to the short stature of the lady living here at the time. The quilt is a beloved 9 patch in a diagonal medallion layout. […]

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Day 11 of Civil War Remembered

March 24, 2015

     This quilt is called “Brother Fought Brother” and if you look carefully you will notice that the star block is set with an alternating snowball block.  Quilt measures 47″ x 55. I took the picture in the piano room and then decided to take it again so I could show you this tall white […]

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Day 10 of Civil War Remembered

March 23, 2015

   Here is President’s Pride, 36″ x 36″, with Millie included as part of the display.  This is my favorite size of wall quilt or table topper – not so big that I can’t quilt it myself and not so big that it takes me months to piece it!  I also love medallion quilts, old […]

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Gather the Troops – Day 9

March 21, 2015

   The featured quilt today is “Gather the Troops”, the only one in the book with just a bit of  applique in the handle.    Basket blocks are favorites with many and our version measures 40″ x 50″. This pass-through room used to be the dining room – now it’s the room between the kitchen […]

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