A Couple Finishes

by CountryThreads on February 9, 2016

These cold snowy days are long and it’s a good time to finish up those UFO’s .  Many of you probably don’t even know who Mary Ellen Hopkins was but I attended several of her retreats in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  This was one of the projects I made way back then and I just got it quilted today.    Now that’s persistence – ha!

This next project was a reject from a book manuscript that I just laid aside in that pile of projects that seemed too good to get rid of and sure enough after I quilted it, I liked it a lot.  Millie had help posing with Deano on the table with the somewhat droopy poinsettia.

This is Jackie who used to be the quilt shop cat.

And here’s the other black cat, B.C. – you might remember him as Barn Cat.



Blizzard – again

by CountryThreads on February 8, 2016

Surprise – another blizzard and a neighbor got stranded in our parking lot this morning at 5:30 am and tried to call me. Me , the person who says she has trouble sleeping did not wake up when the cell phone rang beside my bed!  He tried again at 6:30 and I woke up, told him to come in and I’d put the coffee pot on.  For 3 hours we drank  coffee and watched the morning news shows.  By 9:30 he decided to leave for home not work and he made it even though road conditions were very very bad.  I have lost all faith in the forecasters.

The goats went home yesterday so it’s just Elmer, Ruby and Lucy here with us.  They are staying in the kennel building during the night and we all spend the  days together.  They really like the snow but it’s so very hard to get a picture of them outside – it’s so white and they are all running around.  Here they are in the shop.

I tried to bind a small quilt at the table and Ruby just had to help – looks familiar to many of you, doesn’t, it?

More blizzard tomorrow probably – roads closed including interstate so school looks doubtful.  More sewing, dogs, reading napping – the good life continues!


Jax and Snickers

by CountryThreads on February 6, 2016

Last nite Jax did not want to eat and I was concerned.  I tried one last time at midnight and then went to bed.  I did not sleep well as you can imagine and when I got to the shop at 6:15 with 2 warm bottles, I was met with squeals and protests of hunger.  The kids ate like lumberjacks!  And then back to the carrier for a nap they went and I hit my recliner for a nap.  All kids are lots of work, aren’t they?  Ha!

For those who commented about there being nothing new under the sun, how true!  Scrap vortex quilts have been around forever and we act like they’re something new.  And Angie, I can just feel how heavy that quilt was – ha!  Sewing like that, with no pattern and no rules, really appeals to me.  And here’s the progress on my rug.



Everyone Has Arrived!

by CountryThreads on February 5, 2016

First the 3 golden doodles arrived.  Elmer,  the old man of the 3, is the first dog I ever boarded for anyone several years ago and I fell in love with golden doodles.  His parents then got Ruby, a black doodle who had a litter of puppies and they kept the apricot colored puppy who is Lucy.  The 2 girls are inseparable and Elmer now takes life at a slower pace.  


Next the kids arrived – you met Jax when he visited one Monday morning a couple weeks ago and he brought his little pal Snickers.  I wish you could visit these guys in person!  Their little voices and their little jumps off the chair are too precious for words – maybe I could get a video?

Look at the dogs making their acquaintance!  As if to say, these are strange puppies!

And I have finished my low volume scrap vortex.  I learned this technique from Crazy Mom Quilts and there really is no pattern. It’s just a matter of sewing scraps together, straightening the edge and combining larger sections to the desired size.  Here are a few photos of an antique quilt top I purchased many years ago of an ultimate scrap vortex quilt.  Those ladies didn’t waste a piece of fabric, no matter how small.

Here is the antique quilt top that truly is a one of a kind “use it up” masterpiece!

Check out Crazy Mom’s online tutorial for making a scrap vortex quilt.


Still Shoveling

February 4, 2016

      Rick is back on the road and as  you can see, he did the lion’s share of the snow removal.  Today I am trying to clean up the sidewalks, the gates, the animal pens and the driveway just to make life easier.  We had only 10″ of snow and when I think of […]

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No Jelly Rolls!

February 4, 2016

  I can’t let the notion of using jelly rolls for making rugs go on any longer!  It’s absurd!  Look at this out of date yet still beautiful jelly roll – why would I waste it in a rug?  The cost of a 40 strip jelly roll is approximately $40.  It will take more than 40 […]

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Digging Out

February 3, 2016

I know I said I was going to stand on that snow pile yesterday and take the same picture but this is what it looked like out the front door during a lull in the storm when I could actually see the barn.  The wind was so fierce I could not have stood up out […]

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February 1, 2016

Ok      Just look at those blue skies and all that melting snow on this almost – spring like Monday in North Iowa!  I was standing on a big pile of snow and I’ll stand there tomorrow, too, and take a picture.  I’m looking forward to watching the caucus tonight and then, like all Iowans, […]

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Rug Update Photos

January 30, 2016

Here is Liz Morgan’s progress:    Beautiful primitive country colors, I think.  And here is Rhonda’s finished rug – in place and in use.    I just love getting to see these rugs!  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!  I hope there are more rugs in your future.

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A Quiet Day on the Farm

January 29, 2016

Not much happening today but thought I’d show you how brave little Tasha is when she goes into the barn with me.  Libby, the barker, is too timid to come with me but quiet little Tasha just can’t wait to do the chores.            Emma is already beginning to lose her winter coat […]

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