Meet Harley

by CountryThreads on March 5, 2015

Harley arrived this morning for a week at “Lucky Dog Farm” – ha!  She already knows Marty and Sam because they are neighbors so I suppose she was really surprised to find them here.

Concord Care Center is lucky to have my friend, Mareen’s dog named Gracie spend every weekday there with the residents.  She follows the activity director, Marline, around all day and Mareen picks her up after work.  Mareen’s mom was at the care center last year and Gracie would visit her.  After Shirley passed away, Gracie became the “resident” therapy dog from 8-5 each day.  Other dogs visit from time to time, my own included.  I remember taking Janey to visit Mom – what a sweet memory.


A Finished Quilt!

by CountryThreads on March 4, 2015

I started this very simple 4-patch quilt a few weeks ago – it is intended to be a gift to a resident at the care center who has nothing special on her bed, just the standard issue pink quilted bedspread that is threadbare.  This lady entered the care center after Mom did and even though neither could speak well after strokes, they enjoyed each other’s  company.

Back to the sheets – wow, what a subject!  I totally understand the corner straps/garters – I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and wore hose as a teenager.  Pantyhouse were an overpriced luxury – one runner and it all got tossed in the trash.  My mom would hear none of that!  But, the sheets – it’s not the corners where I have the most trouble – it’s in the middle of the bed, about where my butt lays.  Everytime I turn over, I create another fold in the fitted sheet.  I am glad to hear that I’m not the only one exasperated with sheets!  

Connie recommended the book “The Girl on the Train” and I have been reading any spare moment – it’s very disturbing but compelling  and  I still cannot figure out what has happened.  Now that’s the description of a good book!


Another Sign of Spring and More about the Sheets

by CountryThreads on March 3, 2015

Four fresh eggs in one day – a sure sign of spring from my chickens.  Baby Moo wanted to have a look at them.  And believe it or not, the dogs knocked me down on the ice and I didn’t break a single egg!

The sheets are called Dog Parade and came from The Company Store online.    The fitted sheet is much too big as I said yesterday and I’m not sure I understand the “straps”.  Do they go under the mattress and hook on both edges of the sheets underneath?  So many of you mentioned the same solution and I just don’t quite understand.  In the survey from The Company Store, I did complain that the fitted sheet is huge.


The Great Sheet Debate

by CountryThreads on March 2, 2015

Did you realize there are no standard sizes for sheets?  Especially fitted sheets and with the newer mattresses, sheets are being constructed with deep corners to accomodate the high mattress.  We have memory foam mattresses on all our beds and they are not as thick as the newer mattresses thus making the sheet corners sloppy.  I’m not a very good sleeper and just about anything disrupts my sleep and that includes a big wad of bottom sheet in the middle of my bed.  Ugh!  Today I put new sheets on both beds upstairs and hope they will  be OK.  They have elastic all the way around the fitted sheet but I can still see that they are loose.  I also bought  100% cotton sheets so that maybe I could wash them in hot water to shrink them a bit.  These doggie sheets are pretty cute, aren’t they?  I move from one bed to the other on many nights when I don’t sleep well so I’ll be trying these out soon.

And now about the geraniums – I learned from Connie this year.  I have never been very successful keeping my geraniums over the winter but Connie says the secret is in cutting them back a couple of times which I always hate to do because about the time they should be trimmed, they’re just beginning to look good again.  But I followed Connie’s lead this winter and it’s the answer to nice geraniums in March.   They like the south exposure in the piano room and Connie also said to start feeding them about the middle of February which I did and you can see how I’ve been rewarded!   I have never been successful in pulling the plant up in the fall and hanging it in the basement.  No luck at all.

Marty has found my chair.  Isn’t he just about the cutest dog you’ve ever seen?  I think so but that curly hair won’t be so fun when he runs through the grove and gets burrs in it.  I took all 4 dogs in the van this morning to run a couple errands and everybody behaved well.  They were all bored and it was just easier to open the van door and tell them all to jump in rather than sort everybody out in a kennel.

Connie, Roy and Hope made it to Sanibel Island where it is sunny and 80 degrees.  We have a blizzard forecast for tomorrow.  Message for Launa:  I love your newsy comments and even though I don’t reply to you in “person”, please know that I love hearing about your granddogs and would like a “starter info pack” for NASCAR.  I just don’t know anything about it and after basketball, I’ll need something to watch.  Email me at

Thanks everyone who bothers to comment – Becky says I should add a “like” button.


Dogs, Cats and Geraniums

February 28, 2015

 Can you find Marty in this picture taken in the kitchen?  Sort of like “finding Waldo”.  Sam and Marty are such good friends and I am enjoying this pair very, very much.  I am keeping Connie’s kittens while she is in Florida.  They are staying in the new dog kennel and were very […]

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Meet Sam and Marty Hansen

February 27, 2015

 Here are my current boarders, Sam and Marty.  Sam is a blue heeler mix, I think, and Marty is a miniature golden doodle puppy who has lots of energy.  Their parents went on a cruise but I think maybe the dogs are having a better time than Mom and Dad – ha!  They both […]

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Hundreds of Quilts

February 24, 2015

 We finished putting tags on all the quilts in the classroom.  We still have quilts in the haymow to mark in the spring as well as all the show props and tubs in the trailer but we made great progress today.  Our sale is June 4-5-6, 2015.  We are hoping for a big crowd!

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Answers to Your Questions

February 24, 2015

 This is the quilt on the table behind the dogs that several of you inquired about. Itis a split 4 patch and directions can be found on many sites online. Freezing eggs: grease the muffin tin and crack a raw egg into each cup. Bake 10-15 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Cool and […]

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Signs of Spring

February 21, 2015

Have a look at Charlene – see how her coat is beginning to shed? This is surely a sign of spring. And I’m getting an occasional egg from my few old hens – it’s always a good day to find a blue egg and look at the white egg. Strange, huh?

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Flowers in the bitter cold

February 19, 2015

Wind chill was about 30 below this morning but I was encouraged by the geraniums blooming in my sunroom. What a treat! I know it’s cold everywhere but soon it will be March and then we’ll be really close to spring. Gipper and Lexie have been with me for over 2 weeks – almost 3 […]

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