More Christmas

by CountryThreads on December 9, 2017

You didn’t really think that was all of it, did you? Haha! Here’s some more – lots of pictures, not many words.

This white Cinderella pumpkin was Connie’s and she gave it to Reed and me for seed next year – it’s still too perfect to cut up.

I forgot to show you the two dogs I added to Millie’s nativity.

I bought this green wooden box yesterday to put greens in – years ago we would have slapped a punchneedle project on it.

Small kitchen tree with ornaments!

One tall spruce top in an olive bucket.

This pillow used to be my Christmas sweater.

A tiny tabletop tree.

A few more Christmas wall quilts.

And a few more red and white quilts still on top of the cupboard.

Emma made this Christmas ball for me about 40 years ago – I love it!

Another red and white runner.

Close ups.

Still looking for the buzz saw quilt directions.

Even the Christmas cactus is ready.

And of course, Hazel closes the program for today.


Christmas Decorating

by CountryThreads on December 7, 2017

This post will be lots of pictures and not many words. Start with the fireplace and the sparkly trees.

The tree with no ornaments – just hydrangeas and lights – because Hazel thinks everything is a toy.

Every nativity has a cat, doesn’t it?

Quilts hung over the loft railing.

This nativity is over 70 years old – I used to play with it as a kid. No stable or manger survived.

I love small nativities.

My favorite red and white Christmas quilt.

Some Christmas quilts around the house.

BC on the piano.

Rick and I were at Mayo Clinic today – he’s going to have ankle surgery in March – it’s a long story that started over 50 years ago. I’ll tell that story in a future post.


My Christmas Gift

by CountryThreads on December 5, 2017

No, it’s not a baby goat like so many of you have guessed. I sorta wish it were but I remember those days of bottle feeding and I’m just too old to go thru that again. Plus I could not give it back – it would be mine forever and if I die, who will take care of it? Reed maybe?

No, this special bag arrived in the mail from Jean S.

And here’s a closeup – it’s made from selvages! I can’t believe it – I’ve heard of selvage quilts but I’ve never seen this in person.

And here’s a peak at the lining – chickens!

What a thoughtful gift, Jean! Thank you sooo much!

See – I told you it wasn’t a baby goat. Next post – Christmas decorations.

Our weather went from 66 degrees yesterday to 20 degrees this morning with a wind chill of 5. Yikes!


Day 2 in the Big Apple

by CountryThreads on December 4, 2017

Here’s what Connie sent – written in her words.

Here we go again – church at St. Patrick’s – always inspirational. The music was great, you would have loved it and in that huge space —- anyway, the church was packed….standing room only, luckily we got a seat at one of the side alters.

Next we crossed the street to Rockefeller square and the Christmas tree. I tried to give you an idea of how crowded it was…everywhere people and their cell phones.

(Connie told me not to use this picture but I wanted to see the ice skating rink – sorry, Connie.)

Next to Gotham Quilts — I’m always surprised when we can find an actual store we were looking for!

Only modern fabrics for sale and also sewing machines. Here are the fat quarters I bought.

Dan and Serena in a coffee shop – it is still nice enough to sit outdoors.

Today Dan and Serena are off to work so Roy and I are off to Central Park, an exhibit on Michal Angelo and whatever mischief we can come up with. I sure miss Hope! Loads of dogs everywhere — along with people and cell phones – ha!

Thanks, Connie, for a glimpse into the Big Apple – looks like you’re having a great time. Hope misses you for sure – she hardly wants to eat! See you tomorrow.


New York City Trip

December 3, 2017

The picture of Roy at the farmer’s market just posted – ha! Connie and Roy are in New York visiting their son Dan and they had a fun day yesterday being tourists. Here they are on the Brooklyn Bridge. Connie said everybody was using their cell phones taking selfies. She thinks she must have walked […]

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Saturday morning in New York

December 3, 2017
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More Kid Pictures

November 30, 2017

Here’s Reed with a brown dappled baby. And here is a black dappled baby – looks like polka dots! It’s one of the prettiest little goats I’ve ever seen! More babies—– And some outside pictures. And look at this tiny baby. And I had another busy day today meeting my friend Jode’s dog named Zippy, […]

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Kids Visit Kids

November 30, 2017

Reed, Myra and I went to Betsy’s yesterday to visit the baby goats. When we arrived we had just missed the birth of twins which once again made me thankful that we just happened to be in the nursery last Sunday afternoon. When we were there yesterday there were 20 babies in the nursery. Here […]

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Christmas Greenery

November 28, 2017

Reed’s grandma Cheryl called and asked if I wanted my goats to have the branches that they were trimming from their evergreens. If you are past reader you might remember that I collect Christmas trees for my goats to chew on and play with so of course I said “yes”! Here’s the loaded trailer coming […]

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A Day To Remember

November 26, 2017

Reed and I visited Betsy’s farm this afternoon and during our tour we saw a herd of Boer goats, a variety of chickens, ducks, guineas, a pea hen, Holstein calves, cats, fallow deer and a dog named Rowdy. The Boer goats are starting to have babies and we saw a set of twins and a […]

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