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by CountryThreads on May 24, 2016

The bridal wreath is in full bloom and just beautiful!

I started moving the houseplants outside because it was going to rain and they definitely needed a wash.

And last night when I checked the barn Emma wasn’t there.  Now really, where could she be?  It had rained in the afternoon and I had seen her in the yard in the early evening but it was 10 o’clock by now.  No, really – she wouldn’t be upstairs—- would she???  Sure enough, she was sleeping in the room over the garage.  I had closed the overhead garage door and left the house door open to my sewing room which meant she could have walked all the way to our upstairs bedroom!  Imagine waking up to a big brown goat standing next to your bed.  Now I know what you’re thinking- there’s already an old goat IN the bed, right?  Ha!


Farm Photos On Friday

by CountryThreads on May 20, 2016

Remember those two golden girls I talked about this week?  Well, here are the old golden girls, 7 years old and still looking pretty spiffy.

As I was walking around outside looking for interesting photos, this is where I found Emma.  She is laying among tools, etc. when there is all kinds of empty space that would be more comfortable.

Here is the goat herd that lives on the west side of the barn – the really active group.  If I put the fainters in with these guys, the fainters would be on the ground all the time.  When the fainting goat is startled, they get stiff and fall over.  I should look up the scientific explanation for you some time.  I will.

Here they are in the barn yesterday at chore time – they chase and butt each other all the time.  There’s a real pecking order on the west side.

And right outside the door is one big goose egg nest that two goose mamas claim.

This WAS a beautiful pot of autumn joy sedum until I looked at it this morning and evidently the 3 amigos had breakfast on it.  I will have to decide.  Maybe group all the pots together and fence the pots in and the goats out?

Here is Gloria’s tablemat.

We were quoted in the current issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine.  A friend sent this to me.

More pictures from Connie’s garden.  Her black dirt is coming the first of next week so I’ll send pictures then.  Today she’s planting the vegetable garden at Roy’s office.

One  last goat picture of Betsy taken from behind — now that’s a wide load!



Today on the Farm

by CountryThreads on May 18, 2016

Remember those 2 little golden girls with the pasty butts?  Look at those 2 beauties today!  Notice the feathers on their feet.

I’m not good at selfies but here’s my “free” chick who I just knew would turn out to be a rooster.  How do I know he’s a rooster?  Because he’s learning to crow and it’s the silliest little squawk you’ve ever heard.  He’ll get the hang of it as he grows but right now he’s a pretty sorry sounding teenage rooster!

I gave the girls a small piece of alfalfa hay and they loved it – several crowded in and started scratching like all grown up chickens do.  They evidently just know these things.

While I do the chores and take pictures, this is what Telly and Faye do – hunt for mice in the feed room.

And this is why the 3 amigos and Emma  will probably not get the run of the house yard this summer.  They like to eat shrubbery, flowers, succulents, decorative grasses and most anything else I try very hard to grow!

Roxie is settling in.

Readers are finishing their snowball tablemats and I’m including Launa’s as well as Diane’s rug – she’s the one who issued the challenge to me to finish by the 13th and she was only a day behind.  Several readers admitted never machine quilting before but I say – on the table is better than perfect!  And the next one you make will be easier and better.  In fact why don’t you start thinking NOW about making a fall version and after that a Christmas version?  

And last but not least, here is Ethel just barely peeking out from under the bed.


Connie’s Big Project

by CountryThreads on May 16, 2016

I think I mentioned Connie has a huge project ahead of her and probably not for just this summer but for several summers ahead.  Connie and Roy were able buy the house next door this past spring and they tore it down – it needed to be torn down. This is the view as you stop in Connie’s driveway looking north.

Follow the curved pathway under the arch.

As you look north toward the tan house you can see the empty lot in between.  Here it is looking from the east.
This is looking from the empty lot  back to Connie’s beautiful backyard garden.

And here is the front of the house – more gardens.  Just gorgeous, don’t  you think?

I could not resist the bleeding heart in pink and white.  Connie collects plants like I collect homeless animals.  I think I’m inspired to plant some hostas in my yard after seeing hers and I can’t believe I said that.  I will keep you posted on her big project.  She is putting a fence along the far north side and they are ready to do that but can’t start until the semi loads of black dirt are hauled in.  Then she can start planting trees and shrubs.  It’s like a blank canvas and she’s ready to start painting!


News From the Farm

May 14, 2016

We have increaed our goat herd by 3 – yes, I think we are crazy!   Betsy had these 3 old girls, fainting goats, who move as one unit and were pretty much always in her husband’s way as he worked their Boer goat breeding operation.  So, in all reality, another rescue for us.  Their […]

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Binding the Snowball Tablemat

May 13, 2016

Hopefully you are at this point and if not you can return to this post when you are.  Trim the edge of your mat even with the top edge, cutting away the batting and the backing. Cut 2 strips of binding, 1-1/2″ x 44″ and join together. Lay right sides together on the top of […]

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Layering and Quilting

May 12, 2016

Have you finished your snowball blocks?  Maybe you have already sewed your blocks together into a square mat or a rectangular runner so now let’s quilt it. Cut a piece of batting and a backing a few inches bigger than your quilt top. Layer the 3 pieces for quilting.  You might be interested to know […]

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May 12, 2016

Thank goodness Kathy told me last night that the photos are appearing distorted when I post them.  They are correct on my photo stream so I made an adjustment – ha!  I checked image on one of the screens and I have no idea what that will do but here is a photo I just […]

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Rescue – once again

May 11, 2016

Ricks brother and wife, Mike and Linda, have decided to move back to Houston and because of potential health problems due to heat, humidity and parasites, they do not want to take their little dog, Roxie, with them.  Mike also had a shop cat named Ethel who needed a home. Here is 5 year old […]

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Tablerunner or Tablemat

May 10, 2016

Guess it depends on your table – mine is round so I want a table mat.  I want it square and not too big so 4 x 4 seems about right to me.  If it seems a bit small I’m going to add a border rather than make it 5 x 5. I think I’m […]

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