Rainy Tuesday

Rain to the tune of 2-1/2″ this morning! And the wind blew so there’s sticks and twigs all over – every time I bend over I try to think of it as calisthenics – haha! Betty, the puppy, loves for Connie to be outside picking up sticks. I said to teach her to pick them up and put them in a pile – now that would be a trick!

Connie is working on a quilt for the next book and I started this afternoon very unenthusiastically – I’d better change my tune.

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A Big Thank You on Monday

I’ve had a few days to enjoy all your comments and oh how I loved them! To hear what you’re doing and what’s going on in your lives is such fun – I suppose that’s how you must feel about reading this blog. I also appreciate knowing where you live – Connie said the same thing.

Here’s the view of the cornfield from my porch this warm September morning – the field corn is drying and turning into golden stalks.

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Miscellaneous Thursday Update

While so many are awaiting the hurricane, here in the middle of the country we are having beautiful weather — sunny, 80+ degrees and breezy. If you live in the path of the hurricane, please be safe and let us all know in the comments what it’s like where you are.

Here’s another bee photo from Connie – look at all that pollen on the legs! Wow!

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Who doesn’t remember where they were 17 years ago this morning? I’m watching the memorials on TV and remembering that Country Threads was beginning camp that day and our quilters that left from Logan Airport near Boston had to land in Detroit and drive to the farm. Some of those gals are reading this blog today.

I also just watched the ceremony from the field in Pennsylvania where the plane went down. One of those brave men who said “Let’s roll!” was Roy Tesene’s cousin Tom Burnett.

Think of all the families who lost a parent that day.

Stop and say a little prayer for them. Thank you.

More later on a happier note.