This is what I’m working on

by CountryThreads on April 21, 2015


This is what I’m working on – do you recognize the block?


Readers Digest Books

by CountryThreads on April 20, 2015


Terry – is this the book you wanted to know about?

Another story—- last night a retired local elementary music teacher came up to me and said “All I had to do is look at your hands when you played to know you took piano lessons from Marjorie Benzler!”   She was such an excellent teacher, very fussy about hand position, counting, dynamics, theory and musicality.  I went to my piano lesson every Saturday afternoon.  We went to town only once a week to buy groceries, visit Grandma’s house and have the piano lesson.  I walked to Grandma’s house after the lesson and cried all the way, 3 blocks, about 99% of the time.   My lesson was never good enough — never!  Of course by now I have forgiven Miss Benzler and my mom for being so hard on me.  I can see it paid off in the end and I love playing whenever I want but it felt like a long, hard road over 55 years ago.  Ah, memories.  It was 3 years ago today that Mom passed away and I have thought about her many times today – lots of times involved the piano that she was determined I would play!


Piano Practice

by CountryThreads on April 20, 2015


Last night capped off a busy week at the piano.  All the churches in Garner got together for a concert of individual choir selections and ending with this mass choir singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  It gave me goosebumps!

On Sunday morning I played for church and our choir.

On Friday morning I played for a funeral at our church.  On Friday afternoon I played for the monthly birthday party at the care center and last Wednesday I played at Prairie View senior apartments for their monthly birthday party and at night I played for choir practice. 


It’s been a busy piano week and because I’m playing so much I knew that 50 years of music needed sorting and organizing so I didn’t waste so much time looking for selections.  Here’s what I’m doing today on a chilly Monday —looking through music and sorting through it all. 


Oh, brother, what a job!  Then I stop and play some which gets me off track.  I recently picked up some old sheet music from the 30’s and 40’s which is really fun not only to play but to look at.

I have sewed very little in the last week but I have worked in the yard and played the piano.When people see my swollen, misshapen, crooked hands, they wonder how I can play but I tell them that if I didn’t play, my hands would become stiff claws.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  Ha!


Sorting the Quilts

by CountryThreads on April 14, 2015


Connie and I are sorting quilts by size today and hoping to start marking them soon.  My guess is that we’ll have quilts priced from $3.00 to $300.00.  As we open each one and look at it, so many memories come to us.  Many times we remember what was happening in our lives when we worked on that particular quilt or where we spoke about it, who was having babies, what dogs were living with us, who just had surgery, who just died – all those moments in life that create memories.

Sale is June 4-5-6 for those of you who live in North Iowa or those who are planning to travel here.  We will have many, many quilts for sale as well as equipment, office supplies, antiques, sewing room rummage, and yard art. 

And here are a few kitty pictures to enjoy.


JB fell asleep with his nose in the fabric pan.



Connie’s kitten named Gray-Gray.


 BC overflowing the basket that he just thought he would fit in.



Millie in a classic “cat” pose.



Ernie Joe Maurer takes over the couch.

It is a perfect spring day here in North Iowa – a good day to rake! 


An Early Trip to the Greenhouse

April 13, 2015

   We had such a cold, wet spring last year that I did not get to my favorite greenhouse in time to buy large geraniums so off I went today with the dogs in tow.  The geraniums are not very big and pretty yet but I bought them anyway along with some assorted bedding plants. […]

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Five Dog Saturday

April 11, 2015

         Leo came yesterday and last night he sat with his chin resting on the counter for about 5 minutes before I realized he was staring at the treat jar as if to say,”I know they’re in that jar and if I stare long enough and hard enough, Mary’s bound to notice!”  And I did. […]

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Snow on the Robins

April 10, 2015

   I thought of Connie’s mom last night who always said spring was never a sure thing until it snowed on the robins.  The snow we got is melting today and tomorrow is supposed to be a perfect spring day.  Leo is arriving soon for a couple days – he will most certainly be a […]

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April Showers

April 9, 2015

   Love this rain!  We’ve had 2-1/2″ and the grass is turning green before my eyes!  Even the windows are cleaner, the rocks are clean and my pots that wintered in the garage are  perking up nicely. I dug up my Carl Forster grass last week and divided it so now I’ve got lots of […]

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April 8, 2015

   When August rolls around, Colton will have lived here one year.  He appeared in my yard the night before the Anderson Reunion, the second weekend in August which also happens to be Hobo Day in Britt, the Anderson hometown.  Telly and Faye chased him up a tree and I was out in the grove […]

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My Easter Break

April 7, 2015

   Yes, I’ve been on Easter break – that’s why you haven’t heard from me – ha!  Dakota came to stay here on her Easter break and she went home this morning.  She is the best little dog!  The only thing we couldn’t agree on was what time to get up in the morning.  I’m […]

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