More Sad News

by CountryThreads on July 26, 2017

Laura Boehnke, former employee and quilt tester for American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, died Monday, July 24 at home of unknown causes.  Since most of you are quilters and are likely familiar with Laura’s work, I thought you’d like to know.  Her funeral is Saturday, July 29, 10:30 am at St, Johns Lutheran east of Garner.

You will be so missed by so many of us.  Our condolences to Bill and their 4 boys.


The Basic Facts and a Possible Solution

by CountryThreads on July 18, 2017

Hazel decided to bully poor timid little Roxanne.  Petco banned us from Obedience Class when I told them about the first scuffle.  I hired a Dog Whisperer who said Hazel was young and we could change her behavior.  All was going so well until there was another attack, sending Rox to the clinic once again with injuries.  Dog Whisperer says Rox has to go.  The vet says Hazel should go.  I don’t want either one to go.  I have to keep the dogs separated at all times – I juggle dogs 24/7.  It’s all I get done.

Doesn’t she look like an angel?

I love her.

Rox is timid and now terrified – of life in general.  She doesn’t deserve this!  I love her, too.  

I can’t find anyone to take Rox and I agreed to return Hazel to the friend of a friend I got her from if she didn’t work out in our home.  But I don’t want to take her back.

Concord Care Center has been looking for a small quiet dog.  Rox is afraid to let anybody pet her but with Marline’s help, Rox is spending time at the care center.  She can’t stay there overnight so I take her a little earlier every day and pick her up at 5 pm.  She comes home to spend the night and she goes back to ” work” the next day.  She spent 4 hours there today without me which is her longest stay so far.

Concord Care Center, Garner, Iowa

Marline with Rox.

I have cried for hours and days about this.  I will no longer board dogs – I couldn’t risk it.  Think of all those dogs I’ve had here at the same time – with no problems!  This was totally unexpected.

Pretty Kitty had a urinary infection last week – the vet didn’t believe me and kept her overnight.  She is 16 years old – more medicine.

In the heat today I went to Fleet Farm 35 minutes away to get clay pots for my geraniums.  When I opened the rear van door in the garage, they rolled out and shattered!

For someone who loves animals, I seem to have many problems.

Twins?  Pam and Ethel.

Rox met Oliver, a Pomeranian, at the care center as well as Nala, a golden retriever and Meatball, a bulldog puppy.  Here’s Oliver with Rox.

I know you’ ve all been worried and I’m sorry but I am so upset about this, I can’t think of anything else.



by CountryThreads on July 16, 2017

I am working hard to resolve my dog problems.  I will post the results when I think I have a solution.

The community remains devastated by the loss of crops and property from the hailstorm a week ago.

I’m not sewing because I’m too busy with dogs.  Maybe this week I can get back to it.


Home Wanted

by CountryThreads on July 11, 2017

It’s with a heavy heart that I am desperately looking for a new home for one of my dogs.  Three dogs cannot live peacefully in our home.  Rather than going into detail here, please contact me at I am too sad to talk more about it right now but please know that I love this dog and am praying for a kind person to take her in.


Hail Damage

July 10, 2017

This is what 80 mph winds combined with golf ball size hail does to 6 foot high tall corn.  Unbelievable. Many fields look like this.  There is virtually nothing left of the soybeans. More tomorrow.

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July 10, 2017

Hail stones the size of golf balls powered by high winds are extremely dangerous in Iowa in the middle of the growing season.  Power poles snapped off, corn stripped and gone!  This is what North Iowa farmers are dealing with this morning.  Broken windows, siding and dented cars as well as dead animals in the […]

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A Birthday Pillowcase

July 7, 2017

It’s Aidan’s birthday tomorrow and he requested a pillowcase in bright blue and bright green with his name on it.  Voila!  A birthday present for Aidan. I don’t sew like I used to BH – Before Hazel,  Hazel takes all my time as puppies tend to do.  We are constantly working on training and behavior […]

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The Log Cabin Quilt

July 5, 2017

I gathered all my bright and pastel mens’ cotton shirts to make this quilt.  I literally tore random width strips as you can see in this picture. I pieced traditional log cabin blocks that measured 10-12″ each.   I straightened up the edges and sewed blocks into rows 5 across. I laid the rows together […]

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Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 2017

Friends in Montana sent me this picture this morning – isn’t it wonderful?  I’m quite sure they set it up – they are great decorators – both inside and outside. Mama Kitty and the kittens go outside to play every evening. The irrigator was working yesterday – hope you can see it because I sat […]

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Kids and Kitties

July 2, 2017

Connie takes her kittens, Lily and Dot, to the lake with her every weekend and they are good little travelers.  Claire just loves cats – she wants to BE a cat so you can imagine how thrilled she was to meet Lily and Dot this weekend! Ben is doing well and enjoying the kittens but […]

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