Measurements you requested

by CountryThreads on January 25, 2015

Rose’s gray squares are cut 4-1/2″ and the colored squares are cut 1-1/2″. Rose cut triangles but I would use connector squares.

This is what I did with the triangles and squares that were leftover. I put all the triangles together into triangle squares and joined them into rows and added a few rows of sashing just for a little piece to lay on a table in the porch next summer. Then I sewed all the leftover squares together, added borders on top and bottom, quilted both front and back and made a porch pillow, too. It’s so fun to just sit and sew scraps together into small projects for my house which is something I never had time to do when we were open. Then every minute was spent sewing projects for the shop.
Happy Sunday!


Making Progress in the Shop

by CountryThreads on January 23, 2015



Here is my carpenter, Curt, working on the new dog room and now it’s finished. It’s at the south end of the building and will have the dog door open to the east of the building. I feel like maybe I’m creating a “dog park” instead of a kennel. It’s not a kennel – the dogs don’t stay in cages. Some sleep in their rooms but not all of them. Some sleep in the house. All of the little ones sleep in the house. They spend the days with me and my dogs and if I have to leave, they go into their room and yard.
I need to answer some questions. “Pending moderation” appears only the first time you comment which directs me to allow the comment or trash the comment. Once you’ve commented, all your comments seem to post automatically.
As much as I’d like to say yes, the sale items will be available online, just take a minute and think about this. We do not have a website anymore. We don’t have a shipping department nor an online credit card account. Every item would have to be photographed and downloaded, described, and priced. We would literally have to spend thousands of dollars to design a new website to post these items which is impossible! If you think about what you’re suggesting, you’ll realize it can’t be done. This is a YARD SALE, not a website sale. We’ve done that already, remember?
Bentley and Leo are both here until the weekend. Leo goes home first and then 3 more dogs arrive on Sunday. I’m going to have a busy month ahead of me!


Working in the shop

by CountryThreads on January 21, 2015


Here are Claudia and Cheryl marking antiques, etc. in the back room of the Civil War building as well as a wall of baskets for sale. Our closing business sale is June 4-5-6 and you don’t want to miss it! Next we’ll be marking 32 years of finished quilts for sale, all reasonable. We will have a “safe” area to keep your purchases so you can keep shopping and it would be helpful if you brought your own tote bags for shopping. We are hoping to have a food vendor at the farm so you can keep up your strength for shopping. And of course there will be free popcorn. Parking is available south of the barn and golf carts will give you a ride back and forth to the yard. Wow! I’m getting excited for this event already!


My Rose Tablemat

by CountryThreads on January 21, 2015


I finished quilting my tablecloth – blocks and pieces from my friend Rose. I also pieced the remaining triangles into a small piece that I will quilt and show you soon. We are working in the shop today watch for a post later.


My Latest Project

January 18, 2015

This is what I’m going to start quilting tonight. My friend Rose gave me her leftover pieces from a quilt I loved so I made this square piece for my table and will call it my “rose” tablecloth. This feral cat has lived in my barn all winter – he sleeps on top of these […]

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Attn Colton Fans!

January 16, 2015

Once again this “prewash” was not by invitation – Colton jumped into the dishwasher when my back was turned. Silly cat!

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Here’s the block

January 15, 2015

k Yes, this is actually a 9 patch, 9″x9″. Squares cut 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″. Triangles cut 3-7/8″x3-7/8″, cut once diagonally. Quilt measures 54×72. Not my original design, I have seen it many places. Used bright scraps with white background. Now to get it quilted.

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It’s a quilt top!

January 15, 2015

I sewed the 12 big blocks together last night and have a great backing picked out. A reader requested that comments include your location – good idea. Loved reading about Bernina love from my last post. More sorting this afternoon – don’t forget to save the dates June 4-5-6 for our sale!

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30 Years of stuff to sort through

January 14, 2015

Connie and I are digging through the quilt shop, sorting, boxing and pricing stuff for the sale June 4-5-6. We have not started sorting through the quilts yet – right now we’re working on patterns and office supplies. About the choice of Bernina – when Connie and I started Country Threads, I had a Singer […]

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Miscellaneous Monday Blabber

January 12, 2015

Someone mentioned my machine – it’s an old Bernina 1230 and I own 2 of them. I’ve had the original one for many years and then I bought another used one. It’s the best machine and I don’t want to “trade up”. We bought a Bernina 440 and I tried it but hated the shield […]

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