Seven Dogs Might Be Too Many

by CountryThreads on July 23, 2016

I always think it won’t be so bad – it’s only for a day or so.  Twenty extra legs coming down the stairs with me and they all want to come down at the exact same time as me, on the exact same step.  As I walk through the house I find myself hanging on to furniture or the wall for balance and when we’re outside and they start playing, I get out of the way because they could so easily knock me to the ground, breaking any number of bones.  I wish I could post a video – I’ll bet it’s pretty funny.  We are once again sitting in the porch awaiting rain and listening to the thunder.  Maybe that’s what it will take to cool us off.

Let me introduce you to the elder statesman, Jackson, a perfectly behaved black lab, who has stayed with me many times.

And here’s Tucker, a young energetic yellow lab who is actually an outdoor farm dog belonging to good friends from church.  I make Tucker an exception to my rule of no outdoor only dogs in hopes that I’ll change their minds and they will let him be a house dog, too.  He is perfectly behaved in my house but he does shed and when he drinks out of the water bucket he does slobber all over the floor.  All very normal and my house is dog friendly – theirs probably is not as it is new.  


And here’s what I’m working on while watching the convention and the dogs.  More pictures to come.  And another convention to watch next week!


Update on My Boarders

by CountryThreads on July 21, 2016

Yesterday my young friend Nataly from church visited me and brought her dog Ezra along.  You might recall that Ezra has been a boarder in the past.  Nataly wanted to visit and help me one day when I had several dogs boarding so yesterday was a good day.  From front to back here are the 4 big dogs waiting for a treat:  Moses, Telly, Ezra and Toby.  She got them all to sit beautifully before she gave them a treat.  Just look at that concentration!

Today it was very, very hot and humid but riding a lawn mower didn’t seem to make it seem any hotter so that’s what I did this afternoon.  The dogs ran around the grove and the yard and entertained themselves while I worked.  Before long Toby showed up looking like this.  He found the drainage ditch that runs through the grove and discovered how cool that mud could feel.  Remember that 2″ of rain we had a few days ago?  It made for great mud.  

I hosed him off in the swimming pool.  He stayed clean for about 30 minutes and he went back to that mud hole again!  If he continues this, he’ll have to sleep in the kennel tonight.  Poor Toby!  

Toby, Dakota and Moses arrived last Friday night and I have not left the farm even once since then.  Tomorrow Jackson and Tucker arrive so for two days I’ll have 5 big dogs and 2 little dogs here .  When it rains, it pours.  Ha!


More Rain

by CountryThreads on July 19, 2016

Yes, more rain and LOTS of thunder so I had to move into a larger room – one that’s big enough for me and 5 dogs to cluster at my feet!  If they could all be touching me they’d be happier and that’s when it’s thundering.  Just walking across the floor, Moses has to walk so close to me that he steps on my flip flop and nearly sends me to the floor as my foot stays with his 120 pound body and my body keeps going!  And that’s on a good day!  Ha!  When I sit down at the computer, Moses and Toby race to see who gets to lay underneath the desk.  And trying to get up to leave the room is pretty funny as well because the dog under the desk wants to be the first one out of the room with me which means there’s some pushing and shoving going on.  Telly waits patiently with Dakota and Roxie.

I’ve tried to take some great pictures but they’re so close to me that it’s impossible.  I’ll keep trying.

Years ago we fed Dakota a high calorie homemade food called satin balls and I fed her in the pantry so no one else would be tempted to steal it.  She has not forgotten because each time she comes to my house she goes to the pantry door, sits down and looks back at me as if to say, “I’m ready to go in and eat now!”  So now I feed her Natural Balance in a tube – in the pantry – just for old times’ sake.  I know she loves me for it.

On to another subject – a beautiful placemat – a first time project!  Ursula sent me this picture of her first placemat and I told her I thought her workmanship was wonderful.  What a great use of some multicolor strips.  She’s now going to start a rug.  Reminds me to get working on my runner.

Remember that last picture of the soybean field across the road from the porch?  Here it is today completed filled in.  What a beautiful field of beans, Tim!

And speaking of the crops – I know it must be county fair time because I can smell the corn – in the humidity and heat which the corn loves, you can actually smell the corn in the air – true Iowa living.  Just ask a farmer.


My Boarders

by CountryThreads on July 17, 2016

The Anderson dogs are here this week and they don’t let me get out of their sight, night or day.  Here is Dakota,Heidi’s beagle dog.   Dakota  must be about 11 or 12 years old now but you’d never know it.  I love this little dog!  The “girl” Heidi died at age 16 of kidney cancer – she is the special person who gave me Heidi the cat and her namesake.  Heidi Anderson loved animals and Dakota was her very special companion when she was so sick with cancer.  She was so loved and is so missed.

This is Toby, a retriever mix with tons of energy.

This is Moses, a mastiff mix who is the gentle giant.

So this week will be a “stay at home with the dogs” week.  I have several projects that need to be quilted.  I made this one from a jelly roll with some added solids.  When I get it quilted, I’ll post the directions for you.  The zip lock bag shows  what was left from the 50 strips I started with.  I can’t wait to make another one.

Remember Jackie, the quilt shop cat?  Well, she’s still curled up in any convenient basket close to wherever I’m working.


A Quilt To Show You

July 15, 2016

My friend Rose made this most ingenious quilt.  She purchased a “tufted” orange bedspread and cut large circles from wild fabrics for big yo-yos that she hand stitched at each “tuft”.   “Tuft” is not the right word but I can’t think of a better one.  The fabric was pulled together and stitched or gathered […]

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Barn Quilts

July 13, 2016

Years ago when Country Threads was still in business we developed a barn quilt in 2 sizes from a product called Dibond.  It was 2 very lightweight pieces of aluminum with foam between.  The outer piece of Dibond was printed with a quilt block that we made from actual fabric.  Our printing company actually did […]

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Telly Gets A Haircut

July 12, 2016

Long hair is really hot in the summer.  We have never had Telly groomed – her hair is coarse and wavy and doesn’t get matted or long but she does shed a lot.  We decided to have her shaved and today was her first trip to Hannah’s.  Roxie has visited Hannah at Pretty Paws in […]

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Hot Sticky Monday

July 11, 2016

It’s been a quiet week here on the farm so there hasn’t been much to tell you.  I’ve been working on the baby quilt and watching the new season of “House of Cards” which is excellent by the way.  We’ve had a couple of thunderstorms, one which produced a beautiful rainbow.   After an inch […]

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Quilting Friendships

July 7, 2016

Quilting friendships can last a lifetime. In the mid 90’s we remodeled our haymow, rewired it, moved in a frig, added tables and chairs and opened quilt camp.  Quilters came from across the United States to our farm to sew in the barn and the animals continued to live on the first floor.  It was […]

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Dog sitting a Puppy

July 5, 2016

Meet Leo, a 12 week old Lhaso puppy who has been my shadow all day.  I have tried to get a great picture but he is on the move 100% of the time. He weighs about 3 lbs. – dripping wet – ha!  And he is quick!  And I am so afraid I’m going to […]

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