A Quick Post

by CountryThreads on August 21, 2017

No eclipse in North Iowa – it’s raining steadily but I did watch on TV.

Just FYI – the quilts I showed yesterday were on display at the Expo.  They were not our quilts nor were they part of the trunk show.  That’s why I said I wish I would have asked someone to take pictures during our presentation.  Connie and I were too busy talking and showing quilts to remember to take pictures.

Reed was here last week – he loves Ernie Joe Mauer and it’s mutual!

I threw out almost every jar of hot dog relish because I would not have wanted to give it to anyone – it was just too hot!  So today I’m making another batch with SWEET peppers.

Hope you enjoyed the eclipse – that is IF you could see it!


Quilt Expo

by CountryThreads on August 20, 2017

Connie and I presented a trunk show yesterday at Quilt Expo in Blue Earth, MN where they had over 250 quilts on display.

We talked a little about how we began in 1981 and showed some of our first quilts and patterns.  Our friend, JoLynn Olson, was in the audience and we reminisced with her about a craft show in Garner where we first met her.  We bought our first rotary cutters, mats and rulers from JoLynn!  She was the inspiration to contact a distributor in Minneapolis all those years ago who gave us our start in Houston at Quilt Market by buying 24 patterns which led to our first large order of 12 dozen hand lettered patterns.  Thank you, JoLynn!

Here’s a couple shots of our audience.

It was three years ago this week that we announced our closing.  It was quite a treat to give this program again when we weren’t so busy with the shop and we didn’t have to take quilts down from the wall for the show and tell.

Here are a few quilt photos I took – so many quilts we liked –  very inspirational!

I wish I’d had someone taking pictures for me during the program.  Both Connie and I have a number of new quilts finished that I want to show you.

School is starting this week – how is that possible?  Is everybody gong to watch the eclipse tomorrow?  We have a cloudy forecast so I’ll be watching on TV.


Arlo Visits the Farm

by CountryThreads on August 15, 2017

Arlo, a nine week old English black lab puppy came to visit with his owner, my friend Ginny.

 He differs from an American Labrador in his shorter wider stature and square head.  I call him “wide load” and he is the cutest black lab puppy you’ll ever meet.

I made him a quilt with his name on it.

I think it likes it!



by CountryThreads on August 12, 2017

Reed came over yesterday and we picked some ripe tomatoes.

We also checked on the pumpkins and gourds, planted a coneflower, played with the kittens, moved several plants to a sunnier location, checked out the wool batts in the trailer ( leftover from years ago) and watched the Fab Five.  The Fab Five are those four last chicks and the lone chick that was just a bit older.  They now all hang out together and we are debating on their sex.  Honestly I’m afraid I’ve got 3 more roosters and 2 hens in the Fab Five.  Can’t say for sure yet but that’s what Reed thinks, too.  He talked about putting a harness on his hens and taking them for a walk so when I took him home I threw in a dog harness and a leash.  We tried it but the harness just didn’t fit quite right (imagine that!) so I think we’ll order a couple harnesses from Amazon and give it a proper try.  I have a feeling Myra and Vera would like to walk a hen, too.  They were all so excited!  Now who do you think is getting the most fun out of this little adventure?  That would be me, of course!

And now I’d like to introduce my “new” friends, Arlo, Zippee and Pepper.  Three of my friends have recently gotten new puppies.  Here is Arlo, an English black lab.

And Zippee, a Golden Retriever.

And here’s Pepper, the Border Collie.

None of these puppies live close to me but I am going to meet Arlo on Monday – I can’t wait!

I finished Beartown by Frederik Bachman and loved it.  The story revolves around a small town and their high school hockey team – I want another good book!


No Recipe Today

August 10, 2017

I forgot to take the final picture of the Danish Puff so will wait until the next time I make it to post the recipe.  It’s nothing but butter, flour, eggs and water –  you’ll have everything on hand.  I’m working on a gift quilt for a friend.  More on that later.

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Recipe Update!!!

August 9, 2017

See what I mean about posting recipes?  I think I have a mental block when it comes to them.  Please make this addition: Bread and Butter Pickles need 4-1/2 cups sugar! Thanks to all who caught this – I read them over each time – it’s like proofing math in a pattern – I always […]

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August 9, 2017

Hot Dog Relish Makes 5 pints. Do not double recipe. 5 c. Ground cucumber 2 c. Ground onion 2 hot red peppers, ground, 2 sweet red or green peppers, ground 3/4 c. Salt 1-1/2 qts. Water Combine all ground vegetables.  Add salt and water.  Let stand overnight. In the morning drain vegetables. Heat: 1 qt. […]

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Time to Make the Pickles

August 8, 2017

Last week I asked Rick how the cucumbers were doing and he said there were lots of blossoms but no cukes.  Hmmm, I decided I’d better check it out myself last Sunday.  Does this look like no cukes to you? The cukes are now huge!  Too big for bread and butter pickles so I had […]

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My Treaure From Our Trip

August 5, 2017

On Sunday morning we traveled from Lincoln to Omaha and stopped at Platte Valley Antique Mall.  I look for dog pictures everywhere I go and they’re getting scarcer all the time.  I thought I’d seen them all until I laid eyes on this beauty. I actually hugged it when I read the title on the […]

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Our Trip To Lincoln

August 3, 2017

Last month Connie and I went to Lincoln, NE to the International Quilt Museum combined with an event in Omaha the following day.   We also visited several quilt shops – we “needed” fabric – ha ha!  Here’s our shopping show and tell from the hotel. One of the collections on display was Bill Volckening’s […]

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