The Day Got Away From Me!

by CountryThreads on June 20, 2017

I said I was going to post those quilts yesterday but the day filled up so fast I couldn’t find the time.

I made this quilt for my friend Abby in Alaska who is having a baby in September.  She requested rainbow colors with the emphasis on purple.  How did I do?

The pattern came from the cover of this book.

Reed came to see the animals this morning.

The black kitten is his favorite.  Everybody except Mama came out to eat this morning.

Connie’s kitties are helping her sew today on her June quilt by Crazy Mom.

Hazel likes to clean out the peanut butter jar.

Reed picked out some plants to take home.

While he was checking out the mama goose

He noticed that another gosling had hatched.  That gosling joined up with another aunt and uncle who are leading him around the farm.  Here are the first three.  Hard to get closeup pictures of these guys because the goose guardians are so fierce.

And the surrogate goose mom is still on the nest of at least 6 eggs.

Here’s Hazel’s favorite cat, BC.

Last winter I made this quilt – you might remember it – but I never got a picture taken because it was so cold outside.  This scrap quilt is made entirely of men’s shirt.  I did use a polka dot on the back with shirts running down the middle but all the stripes and plaids are shirts.

I really enjoyed working on this quilt. I saved all the blue scraps for another project which I probably Will work on next winter.

This got to be a long post because I forgot yesterday and I’m likely to forget tomorrow because I’m practicing with Margaret for a funeral at our church on Thursday.

Hope you’re all having a great summer so far!


Fabric is Gone

by CountryThreads on June 19, 2017

Just a short note to tell you the green polka dot fabric is all gone.  I took pictures of some quilts yesterday and will post them later today.  It’s so cool here in North Iowa that I have a sweater on!  What a change!


I forgot!

by CountryThreads on June 17, 2017

I meant to put this picture of the June quilt on my post last night.

I just wanted to add that if anyone is looking for that same grass green polka dot, we still have some on a bolt.  Contact me at if you’re interested.

Days like today, those without a goal or a schedule of any kind, are the hardest days for me to deal with!  My choices are many and I end up debating what I should do rather than just doing something!  I think I’ll call Reed and see what he’s up to this afternoon.



by CountryThreads on June 16, 2017

Connie’s kittens are going to the lake with her this weekend – lucky girls!  Mama has brought the other three outside to play.  I really want them to be inside cats if at all possible but they might have to be outside cats for someone.  The three goslings are getting along great with the aunts and uncles – I can’t help but check on them throughout the day.  And the 4 chicks are very well cared for by their mama – what a super mama hen she is!

I’m going to use this red polka dot for my background squares on the June quilt by Crazy Mom on her sew along.  Connie is going to join me in this sew along – can I convince anyone else to join us?

Here are my strings that I have cut – I may change something during the piecing because I don’t have a clear picture of these choices just yet.  I’m still in the trial and error phase.

Hazel is helping.

Here’s my lettuce crop planted for the chickens.  One day last week I backed into the feeder and tipped it all out so it’s just now recovering.  I was distracted when I was backing out of the garage – Hazel was in the car with me.  Just let your imagination tell the rest of the story.  Ha!

Today was the birthday party at the care center.  Becky, Hazel and I provided the entertainment – music from Becky and me, hilarious puppy antics from Hazel.

Have a great weekend and Fathers Day, Everyone!


A Novel Idea

June 14, 2017

The perfect “book club” would have no officers, would meet once a month and everybody could read their own choice of books!  And we have it here in Garner at our new library!  Connie sent out about 20 invitations to gals we thought might be avid readers and we met this morning for exactly one […]

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More Babies!

June 13, 2017

You won’t believe this – I don’t believe it!  Last night there were 4 goslings that had hatched – one was dead but probably had been stepped on by an adult goose that was making all the racket.  Good grief – what’s in the water around here?  I have never had multiple goslings hatch and […]

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Gray Gray and Lily Dot 

June 12, 2017

These two little sweethearts moved to Garner this morning.  Connie always names her tabbies Gray Gray and Claire named the second kitten Lily.  So now It will be Lily (Dot) unless I slip up.  Claire is coming to the lake this weekend and Gray Gray and Lily will be waiting to meet her. Telly was […]

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June 11, 2017

This is how Hazel deals with the heat – nap in front of the fan! I pulled into Connie’s drive and took this picture of her side yard – gorgeous, isn’t it? Wish I had lots of news but alas, I do not.  Keep cool!

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Back To Square One

June 8, 2017

The kitties got out of their pen and Mama found a way out, too, so now they’re hanging out under the table where they were born.  Mama leaves and they don’t care.  Obviously she isn’t worried about them either. This little girl wanted to lay up top where she could see what’s going on! I […]

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June 4, 2017

Summer has arrived – it’s almost hot!  We wait and wait for the temps to warm up and then we turn the AC on.  It’s not on at our house yet – I’m going to enjoy this weather. Yesterday was the bridal shower for Danny and Virginia.  Remember I made them a large wedding quilt […]

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