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9 dogs to start my day

by CountryThreads on November 25, 2015

I laugh to myself many times – as I go upstairs to get dressed,  7 dogs trail behind.  Finn and Sir Charles are in the kennel because Finn can become excited with too much stimulation that easily translates to aggression.  I thought you might be interested in how I avoid food arguments.  Every dog brings their own food and I put their allotted amount in an ice cream pail.  Even Telly and Faye’s food goes in the pail and I mix it all up together.  Then I measure everyone’s amount into their own dish so that they are all eating the same food and all food arguments are solved.  I do stand watch while everyone eats and it’s not a perfect feeding plan but it’s like going to Grandmas house.  Nobody will starve, it might not be exactly the way they eat or the amount they eat at home but it’s the best I can do under the circumstances.

And here’s Big Jackson who arrived this morning.  He’s a handsome guy who is easy going and never gives me any problems. 

 And here’s Libby who barks at any little thing and sets everybody off – either running out the dog door or barking themselves.  She is very adventurous but doesn’t use the dog door and I’m not going to teach her.    The first time she discovers she can fit through the pickets, I will refuse to keep her ever again,sad to say.  I simply couldn’t stand the worry and stress of trying to keep track of her.

Had to put runners down over the light area rugs because we now have mud everywhere.  That wasn’t easy either.  You can’t imagine how many times I say “Move” or “Get out of my way” to 7 dogs.

Hmmm…what should I do today?



by CountryThreads on November 24, 2015

Millie is trying to look innocent but she’s the one who likes to lounge around on top of the pincushion display case where this plant was living and doing quite well there, too, if I do say so myself.  So I’m off to find a new pot, new soil and a new spot to live. 

And here is Section 9 of Gypsy Wife!  I am so excited to be back working on it again.

Meet Sir Charles (Charlie)

  And Finn
  Who both arrived this afternoon for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Tomorrow morning Jackson arrives and then that’s everybody.  I think I can do it.  I did have to enlist help for tomorrow night when I have to leave for choir practice.  Bentley’s mom is coming to dog sit-I think she’s the only person I could trust to handle 10 dogs at once other than me


Thanksgiving Monday

by CountryThreads on November 23, 2015

The snow is melting and the forecast for Thanksgiving Day is rain.  Last week’s storm was forecast so I was forced to cut the pampas grass – for those of you who asked.  On the other hand, the weather forecasters are so wrong so many times that I wonder why I believed them last week – ha!  I just loved all the chatter in the comments section.  It kind of felt like a neighborhood club chatting over a cup of coffee.  I did truly just love it! 

 The snow is very beautiful and I do not fail to notice that.  Of course, I don’t have to get out on the roads to go anywhere.  I can sit inside and enjoy the view.

Here is the view in my bed with Tasha and Libby who are here for 10 days.

Toby and Dakota arrived last night for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Faye and Telly are good sports about having company.

Two more dogs arrive tomorrow and one more arrives Wednesday for a full house of 9 dogs! 

And then there’s Ernie Joe Mauer!


I’ve said it before…..

November 20, 2015

What a difference a day makes!  This was yesterday when I finally made myself take on my most hated fall chore – cutting down the pampas grass.  It was sunny but very windy.         I use a shrub trimmer and it’s a hard job but the grass surrounds our entry gate so if we […]

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Another Dreary Day

November 18, 2015

It’s been raining for 3 days and now we’re under a winter storm watch.  It was a good day to go to Walmart and buy cat food and this sweet poinsettia.    When I got home I couldn’t wait to start working on Gypsy Wife only to discover my book has disappeared!  I think I […]

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Free at last, free at last……

November 16, 2015

And you know the rest.  We shipped off the last 5 quilts and their alternates today and we both felt a huge weight lifted from our shoulders.  The book won’t be out for a whole year but now Martingale will take over and they are very good at what they do so the pressure is […]

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A Book Review

November 12, 2015

   “Remembering the Past” by Julie Hendricksen, Reproduction Quilts Inspired by Antique Favorites We’ve attended many markets and shows with our friend Julie and have watched her purchase some wonderful antique quilts that would likely end up in a book at some point.  Oh, what fun to recreate them with Julie’s excellent directions!  I can […]

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Rugs From Rags

November 11, 2015

   Since there are still questions about the Rug Along which starts in January I thought I’d show you some more examples of rugs I’ve made.  These are rugs made from woven fabrics which are the same color on both sides, the very easiest kind of fabric to work with.  When I learned this technique […]

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Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch

November 7, 2015

      This is Miracle Lodge at Ironwood Springs where I went to sew today.  I was there only from 9-5 but it was great to see everybody again and I am always amazed at what everybody is working on.  Why oh why don’t I remember to take pictures while I’m there?  I’ll tell you […]

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