Birthday Party at Concord Care

by CountryThreads on April 21, 2017

We had a change of plans today.  Becky and Jenny couldn’t come and actually Bo went home early so I took Bentley along with me to the care center.  I put the leash loop under one of the piano bench legs and made sure I didn’t accidentally stand up.  He sat by the piano for over an hour while I played and the residents and their guests sang along or just listened.  I remember taking Leo with me one time, too.  I know Sam is missing her Leo.  Me, too.


It’s a Dog Day

by CountryThreads on April 21, 2017

It’s a dog day here on the farm!  Bentley, the golden retriever, Bo, the Labrador retriever and Mia, the Australian Shepherd are all here plus my three.  Nobody would stand still long enough to pose for a decent photo.

Mia is the oldest in the group but probably the most tolerant of Hazel – surprisingly.

Rox is the most unsocial so she didn’t get her picture taken.

Jenny is home from Louisville, KY for a few days and she came to meet Hazel yesterday.  She liked her as I knew she would.

Last night I looked down to see that Tammy had moved into Hazel’s little carrier.

Hazel has gotten brave enough to go upstairs and has discovered the loft which is normally Rox’s territory.

Last night about 10 pm I couldn’t find Hazel.  I looked everywhere – except upstairs.  When I did go upstairs I found her asleep in her crate!  She had put herself to bed without me! Is that a good puppy or what?

Hazel has also taken on the role of “prewash” — every dog has that duty at one time or another.

This afternoon I’m going to the Care Center to play piano for the birthday party.  Becky and Jenny are coming to keep track of all the dogs.  The sitter needs help!  Ha!

Mama Kitty has gotten fiercely protective so I haven’t gotten a look at the kittens.

Bo is going home tonite – he’s a pretty good boy but just needs more socialization and people time.  Mia and Bentley will go home tomorrow night — and I can relax.



by CountryThreads on April 20, 2017

We have not received checks for 5 quilts so this is just a reminder.  If you haven’t sent your check for us to receive it by the 25th, the quilt will be resold and you will not be able to “bid” on another one in the future.  

If you “bought” a quilt, send your check.


Farm News

by CountryThreads on April 18, 2017

So much going on at the farm that I don’t even have time to write about it!  Connie and I have sent out all but 3 of the quilts and I suppose we’ll be receiving those last 3 checks very soon.  We definitely have to make some more rules before we ever do this again.  Some readers thought they could just send their check and they’d get the quilt – NO!  So for all of those people who didn’t get the bid on the blog through the comments, we had to send their checks back with an explanation. Now really, think about it – a quilt sale could not be conducted in that manner.

Hazel helped Rick with the lawnmower.  She’s really growing tall and somewhat lanky but strong and wirey, too.  Her “piranha” habits are still evident but I’m hoping she’ll grow out of some of that biting.

Remember that cord that we hung the head of cabbage on in the barn?  Well, it makes for a great rope to pull on while I do chores and it keeps her occupied.

Bo is also staying with us this week but he’s almost more than I can handle on top of Hazel, too.  He’s a 6 month old lab and very active and is not kept as a house dog.  He lives in a kennel and needs more socialization.  He has not learned any manners and we are having a tough week but he’s so darned lovable that it’s hard to get mad at him.  Can you tell who’s chasing who?  This is definitely an action shot taken when we were working in the yard Monday afternoon.

And here’s Emma relaxing on a bench by the barn.

And here’s the most shocking news yet – Barn Kitty will now be named Mama Kitty!  Yes, I saw her laying under a table in the goat pen for several days in a row and on Easter Sunday I peaked under.  Much to my surprise there was something moving and I wondered how baby chicks got under there.  Ha!  Baby kitties instead – sweet as they can be and tiny, about 3″ long.  I haven’t seen a newborn kitten in at least 35 years.  I did try to trap Barn Kitty in a live trap because I was afraid this might happen but I couldn’t get her and I didn’t even know she was a she.  She would be here for several weeks and then I wouldn’t see her for several days.  She’d show up again and let me get within about 5 feet of her before she ran.  So now my main job is to get her tamed enough to get to those kittens when it comes time to find them a home.  Oh, please Dear God, let it be so!  This is a poor picture of her but look hard and you’ll recognize her.

I am feeding her everyday and trying to gain her trust.  Here’s another picture after I had reached in just a bit too far.

She was not happy – see that look in her eyes?

I’m working on the wedding quilt.  Since their last name will be Rose I made them a yellow rose block.

Another bit a news – with the help of a friend who has been feeding her dogs like this for 25 years, I am now feeding my dogs a raw diet.  I ordered Honest Kitchen base mix which is dehydrated fruits and vegetables that get reconstituted with water and then I add raw protein.  I bought a meat grinder and grind up raw chicken parts, bones and all and mix with the base mix.  I have never fed my dogs anything that they love more than this.  We cannot believe it!  They gobble it up and I don’t have to coax them to eat.  With boarding dogs here, I can’t leave food in bowls to be eaten when my dogs feel like it.  The food isn’t attractive – it’s sorta green and looks like ground up alfalfa – ha!  But I don’t have to call them twice for mealtime.

Here’s the meat grinder in action.

I am grinding chicken thighs in these pictures – yes, bones and all.  I have learned a lot about dog food and what is best and I’m willing to give this a try.  It is a lot of work, grinding and mixing all the time and needing to do it in advance so I have food on hand for everybody.  Did you know raw bones are good for dogs whereas cooked bones become soft and then they splinter and become dangerous.  I’ve been doing this for about a month now.  Even Hazel gets it and loves it.

This is the book I am using  — it was recommended by my friend who has been doing this for 25 years.

I realize this is not practical for everyone but I wanted to try it and I do have the time.  I am no expert at this yet however so I can’t answer all the questions you might have.  Read this book if you’re interested at all.

Everything is turning green in North Iowa – finally!  Yard work is almost fun on a beautiful spring day.  I was glad it rained today though because I believe I might have overworked yesterday.  Oh, what a stiff sore old body this morning – ha!


Leo Lund

April 15, 2017

Leo, Sam and Brian’s goldendoodle that often stayed here, died this afternoon from complications of kidney and liver failure. We will never know what caused the kidneys and liver to fail – a year ago Faye was dying of the same thing and my heart breaks for the Lund family.  My own heart is incredibly […]

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Guess what was “wrong”?

April 13, 2017

Honestly I need a constant guide for my computer, my phone and my IPad.  I’m sure this has happened to some or maybe all of you at one time or another.  A software update comes along and all of a sudden nothing is recognizable on your screen.  Well, that is what happened to me the […]

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Send questions to….

April 12, 2017

After all that activity last night, I think I melted my blog software -ha!  All kidding aside, please use my email for questions and/or concerns for the next 24 hours while I work on it. My email is Honestly, this just gets to me!  Grrrrr……..

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Quilt Sale Is Over

April 11, 2017

Everything has been spoken for – wow!  Unbelievable!  Thank you, Everyone, so much!  Remember if we don’t receive your check or money order by April 25, we will put the quilt up for sale again. We might just have to do this again sometime.   Thank You! PS – time to put the baby piranha […]

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When you send your check…..

April 11, 2017

Remember all I have for most of you is your first name.  Please tell me which quilts,  by number, you are purchasing.  This is not a perfect method but give me all the information I need when you send your check.  I have a list with the names and the quilts I said you could […]

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Here is the one problem I saw….

April 11, 2017

Many of you must be new “commenters” because your comments were held in queue for me to approve and I didn’t see any of them until I had read all of the other comments.  I’m not sure how to fix that but I will try.  I’ll call my blog “guy” and see what he says. […]

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