Remember that little bowl of snippets?

by CountryThreads on April 26, 2015


These were the corners I trimmed off the connector squares when I was making Devil’s Claw.  I took it as a challenge to see if I could use them in some way.  So I started sewing, not trimming, just sewing. 


And this is what I made with those little snippets – a little zippered bag.  I need more practice on the zipper but I’ve heard that practice makes perfect.  Ha! 

Some answers:

Yes, Laura Boehnke lives in Garner and used to work for Country Threads.  She has a husband and 4 boys and she’s a good friend.  She lives just down the street from Connie and has what many quilters think of as the perfect job.  I would answer that with one word that makes it a very hard job – deadlines!

The Civil War Cruise that Connie is teaching on is sponsored by Stitchin’ Heaven and has been advertised in quilt magazines for months.  I had every opportunity to go along but I would much rather stay home and watch Connie’s dog, Hope.  I’m not much of a traveler.

If you have asked me a question in the comments, I will always try to answer in another comment.  If you would like a private answer, please contact me through my personal email 

Tomorrow is a busy day – window washer, carpet man, and root canal in the afternoon.  Ugh!


This is what I bought

by CountryThreads on April 25, 2015


Every spring Laura Boehnke, quilt tester at American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine, has a fabric sale in Garner which I have never attended because, of course, I was working.  I got there 30 minutes after it opened and people were standing in line with armloads of fabric.  This is all I bought – if you snooze, you lose – next year I’ll be there the minute the sale opens because I’m sure I’ll need fabric by then, right?  Ha!


More Practice

by CountryThreads on April 24, 2015


More practice but this time I’m practicing on the quilting machine.  This little quilt was a reject for the Pinterest Club.  I made it again in gray and yellow and if you were a member of the Pinterest Club you probably recall getting that packet in the mail.  Most of the practice involves putting the quilt on the frame which I have decided I hate but obviously it’s a necessary evil.  I don’t hate the actual stitching part.

This afternoon it is raining steadily, so it’s either read a book or load another quilt on the machine and since I don’t need practice reading, I am going to load a quilt that I made entirely out of shirts, even the back.  The pattern is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book Leaders and Enders.  Wish me luck!


Devil’s Claw

by CountryThreads on April 23, 2015


And here is my finished Devil’s Claw quilt of only 16 blocks.  I couldn’t get 30 blocks (like the cover quilt) sewn before Connie left on the Civil War cruise this Saturday because this little quilt is “cruising”, too.  I hope all of you going on the cruise will have a super fun time in Connie’s class.  I know she is looking forward to it.

Here is a closeup and also a picture of my pots of grass — they are really growing. 


Whoops, I got an extra picture in there.

And here are all those little snippets left from trimming the connector squares.  Think I could make something with them? 

 And remember that beautiful cactus bloom from yesterday?  Here it is today – done!  I keep the pots of cactus plants in the southwest windows of the piano room and fertilize gently with a cactus fertilizer.  I’m not sure how to make them bloom – they just do now and then and it’s always exciting to me.  I wish I had a better answer for those of you who asked about them but I don’t.  The one with the pink bloom I bought a year ago at a garage sale for $1.00.  And the white bloom is on the  

 plant I called “cheerleader cactus” last summer if anyone remembers that double bloom.

Nice day here — finally—and NO WIND!!  Hallelujah!



April 22, 2015

     You all know how much I enjoy cactus blooms – these photos were taken yesterday.        And these were taken this morning.  The blooms last only 18-24 hours so I have to enjoy them quickly. Yes, the blocks shown yesterday are Devils Claw – today I am quilting it.

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This is what I’m working on

April 21, 2015

   This is what I’m working on – do you recognize the block?

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Readers Digest Books

April 20, 2015

  Terry – is this the book you wanted to know about? Another story—- last night a retired local elementary music teacher came up to me and said “All I had to do is look at your hands when you played to know you took piano lessons from Marjorie Benzler!”   She was such an […]

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Piano Practice

April 20, 2015

.   Last night capped off a busy week at the piano.  All the churches in Garner got together for a concert of individual choir selections and ending with this mass choir singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  It gave me goosebumps! On Sunday morning I played for church and our choir. On Friday morning […]

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Sorting the Quilts

April 14, 2015

   Connie and I are sorting quilts by size today and hoping to start marking them soon.  My guess is that we’ll have quilts priced from $3.00 to $300.00.  As we open each one and look at it, so many memories come to us.  Many times we remember what was happening in our lives when […]

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An Early Trip to the Greenhouse

April 13, 2015

   We had such a cold, wet spring last year that I did not get to my favorite greenhouse in time to buy large geraniums so off I went today with the dogs in tow.  The geraniums are not very big and pretty yet but I bought them anyway along with some assorted bedding plants. […]

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