Update and Answers to Questions

by CountryThreads on May 25, 2015


While the dogs were here, I worked outside and sweeping up the “helicopters”  was on my agenda.  Honestly, I have never seen so many and they become little trees in nothing flat!  I swept up tubs of them!

After Biscuit and Sassy were here for a couple of days, they finally wore down and grabbed cat naps wherever they could – even in the driveway.


Bentley loved the golf cart ride with Rick and Faye – he is a great dog and easy to have around.


Some answers to posted comments:

Yes, the hops vine can be divided – mine spreads everywhere.  There are no hops on the vine at this time of year – it’s like any other plant, the fruit appears at the end of the growing season and there are always lots of them on my vine.  Guess that’s how it spreads around the yard.

Carol:  How is LuluBelle after her week on the run?  I’ll bet I’m not the only one who would like to know.

Bernadette:  You must not be entering my email correctly because I get email every day at that address.  You could try my gmail address if you like.  maryecountrythreads@gmail.com

The SALE is approaching fast.  The hours are:

June 4, 9 – 6

June 5, 9 – 6

June 6, 9 – 4

We will be able to take credit cards but if you want to check out faster, bring cash.  We will have 2 separate checkouts to hurry things along.  If you are coming to the sale, you might want to bring your own large tote bag to put your purchases in.  We will not be able to “guard” your potential purchases but you are welcome to put them on the lawn north of the house if you want to continue shopping.  Friends could take turns watching the purchases but if honesty is the best policy, we can all relax and lay our choices aside so you can continue shopping.  Otherwise you will need to pay and deliver your items to your vehicle in the field south of the barn.  We will have a golf cart available to run you back and forth to your car.

We will have quilts for sale in the barn, in the classroom on the second story of the Civil War building and in the quilt shop, south end.  Garden junk will be in the north yard, free books and patterns will be in all locations, and restrooms will be 2 portable units by the gate.  No food will be available during this sale.  Bring your own water or preferred drink.

I will continue to answer questions and concerns regarding the sale.

Now it’s back to the garden shed to mark more yard art!


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Happy Memorial Day

by CountryThreads on May 22, 2015

I hope you’re all going to “vacation” Friday and Saturday of this holiday weekend because it looks like rain for Sunday and Monday.  Darn!  I was so hoping to work outside the entire weekend because I am boarding 5 extra dogs and everything is easier to manage outside.

Here are Libby and Tasha.

Such sweet little girls but “needy” as well always wanting to be on my lap!  Hard to get anything done while holding 2 little dogs.

And here is Bentley.

He is here for 2-1/2 weeks and fits right into our household with no extra stress.  He’s an easy going guy who loves to run with Telly.  

And Biscuit and Sassy are also here – they simply can’t sit still for a picture, no way, no how!

Every minute of my time has been spent marking things for the sale which is less than 2 weeks away.  Yesterday it was finally a nice day and Connie and I attempted to match up all the plastic tubs with matching lids.  Ugh!  We hauled them all out of the trailer and matched up as many as we could and marked them for the sale.  We have many show items still to sort and mark but we’re making progress.

I am also trying to get to the cemetery with these pots of flowers.  I will have to put all the visiting dogs in kennels so I can leave.

Today is lawn mowing day – before it starts raining.  The weeds are very healthy and I need to start cleaning flower beds.  I know all of you are in the same place I am – lots of weeds and it keeps raining.  I was hoping to plant my pumpkins this weekend – doubtful.

Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday weekend.  Not much sewing here – too busy getting ready for the sale but when I have something to show you, please be assured that I will.

Remember, small acts of kindness can change the world.


Fun in Minneapolis

by CountryThreads on May 18, 2015


We enjoyed our day in Minneapolis at Quilt Market – it’s really fun when you don’t have to try to decide what to buy whether it be fabric or books and patterns.  We signed our book “Civil War Remembered” at the United Notions’ booth and also at Martingale’s booth.  Even though we love Civil War quilts, the market is very different from a few years ago and we were enthralled with a couple of quilts that are definitely out of our comfort range.  While putting together a Civil War quilt is especially easy for Connie (not so easy for me),  we need to practice and read up about the new quilts that are very modern.  We both think it looks fun to give it a try.  I took pictures but rules are very strict about posting them on my blog without proper credit and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

We had dinner with Janet Nesbit and Mary Ellen Von Holt on Friday evening – great steaks and better company.

Back at home today, I am energized and thinking about what I should start making.  Very exciting!


Straight Line Quilting

by CountryThreads on May 14, 2015


Everyone’s interest in quilting is different.  Some like the pattern, the fabrics, and some like the quilting.  Those who specialize in machine quilting are in that last group.  For them, it’s a blank canvas to explore with a design that can either compliment the quilt or even overshadow the quilt design sometimes.  I cannot imagine the talent that emerges from a machine quilter’s hands when I see an intricately quilted piece.  It is beyond my comprehension.

For me personally, I love piecing the quilt top.  I love the fabrics, the block design, the fabric combinations and the secondary designs that begin the show up when blocks are set together.  The quilting does not interest me very much.  Please, Machine Quilters, do not be offended!  I admire and respect your talent but for me quilting straight lines is enough.  I am mostly interested in the colors of the fabrics as they all combine into one quilt.  

I have had so many questions about straight line quilting that I have decided it just might be good for the quilting industry.  The more quilts a quilter can finish, the more she can make, the more fabric she uses and the better customer she becomes to her local quilt shop.  So with all that explanation finished, I picked a very easy 4 patch quilt to put on the machine and show you how I go about straight line quilting.  I do the very same thing on my Bernina and it’s all freehand so if your longarmer says she doesn’t have a computerized machine so she can’t do it, show her this post.

Here’s the quilt I put on the machine, very simple and the 4 patch will help me quilt in a somewhat straight line.


I do not try to stitch in the ditch – too hard and I can’t do it nicely so I quilt next to the seam line.


This is the first line of stitching on this row of 4 patch blocks.


Then I skip to the bottom edge of the 4 patch block and just hold steady all the way across next to that seam line.



Then I pick the middle of the block and stitch down the middle, possibly wavering a bit, it won’t matter to me.


Then I go back to the top of the 4 patch and “split” the area between the first line and the middle line of stitching.


Then I go to the bottom part of the block and stitch between the middle line and bottom line of stitching.  If I wanted more lines I would go back and stitch in between each again with another row.  You will have to decide how many lines of quilting you want after putting in the top, bottom, and middle rows.  Sometimes I’ve even changed my mind so that the first block doesn’t match the rest of the quilt.  Oh, well.

I feel quite sheepish going to this much detail about such simple quilting.  I am not a machine quilter and I will never be a machine quilter.  Please read this tutorial with an open mind, written by someone who has made hundreds of quilts and now has a longarm machine to complete a quilt from start to finish on her own.  I have no imagination for quilting designs.  Those that do  rule the quilting world with their talent.

And one last picture of the hops vine.  I showed it to you on April 30 and I took these pictures yesterday. In a couple of weeks, look how it has grown!


My home email is marye@ncn.net if you would like to contact me personally.

The sale is approaching and we are not ready yet.  It is pouring rain today and tomorrow Connie and I are heading to Minneapolis to Quilt Market.  It will be fun to see some old friends again. 


Lost Kitty Is Home!

May 12, 2015

For all of you who were kind enough to pray for LuluBelle’s safe return to Carol, she came home on Mother’s Day.  Carol has posted a comment telling the whole story but I wanted this title to jump out for all of you who read the first post called Lost Kitty.  Some of you may […]

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New Look for the Quilt Shop Building

May 8, 2015

     I told you a  couple weeks ago that Telly broke out 2 windows in the quilt shop because I had locked her in there while I went to church and she decided she didn’t want to be in there.  Well, we fixed that this week.  Steve and Chai came back and replaced the old […]

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Lost Kitty

May 6, 2015

If you love your pets, please say a prayer for LuluBelle who is lost.  Carol posted a comment this afternoon and asked if I thought a lost cat was “prayer worthy”.  I can think of few things more important to me than my pets and last week I thought both Deeno and Ernie might be […]

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A Bonnie Hunter Finish

May 6, 2015

   This has been one of my favorite projects to work on in the past few months.  I shopped the thrift stores for blue and orange mens’ shirts and came up with enough of them to make a king size quilt….but I settled on a twin size instead.  I get bored easily.  Every single piece […]

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I finally heard from Connie!

May 1, 2015

       I finally got a short email from Connie – all is well and the classes have been really fun.  That’s it.  I have nothing more to report from her.  Ugh!  Next week I’ll make her give us a full report.       So here are my 3 boarders – Jackson, Mia and Hope.  They are […]

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Hops Vine

April 30, 2015

      If you’ve ever grown a Hops Vine, you know how fast they grow.  For years this was such a mess because I never cut it down every fall.  Then I read that I should cut it down and a nice use of the hops vine is a fall decoration.  They are very unruly and […]

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