Ordering the Rug Book and DVD

by CountryThreads on October 9, 2015

Send $20.00 cash or check to Mary Etherington, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438

If ordering just the DVD, send $8.00.

As soon as we finish Gypsy Wife, we’ll start cutting strips.   For now, just start collecting the fabrics, used clothing, old linens, etc. that you want to use.  Old ugly quilt fabric works great!

If any quilt shop owners are reading this blog post and want to carry this book in their store, we have come to the conclusion that we will have to reprint it.  Wholesale terms will apply. You can order via my personal email marye@ncn.net


Weekly Update

by CountryThreads on October 9, 2015

It’s harvest time in Iowa – 24/7.  Here is that same view from my porch that I’ve shown several times this summer – now with very dry corn stalks ready to be combined.  I’ll be able to see the highway once again after the corn is gone.

Here’s a picture of my east porch with Some of the plants – looks like a jungle!

It’s been a quiet week – Becky brought this to my attention – 2 days without chicken scratch-everything OK?  Ha ha!  I have spent lots of time working on Gypsy Wife.  This is not for the faint of heart, as Connie describes it.  I’m making progress but not very fast.  Here’s a classic 9 patch that I quilted on the machine  last week.

What’s not to like about a simple quilt?  I’m also watching Season 4 of Homeland and I don’t want it to end!  Season 5 is now on TV but I’ll wait until the DVD comes out.

I took this picture of Emma last week – she is such a sweetheart.

It’s going o be 80 degrees on Sunday – possibly my last screen porch afternoon with a good book.  I am reading Benediction by Kent Haruf which is the final book in the series of 3.  I love his writing style and simple plot about difficult human situations.  Great books!

It’s not too late to get the rug book and DVD for $20.  We will start the Rug Along in January.  Start collecting your fabrics which we will be cutting into 2″ strips.  Please don’t try to make your first rug with denim or wool which are both harder to work with.

Happy Fall Weekend!


Gypsy Wife, Week 17, October 5

by CountryThreads on October 5, 2015

Here is Section 1

Please read page 25 carefully.  All strips are cut 1-1/2″ wide unless it’s shown as a dark strip.  That means it is cut only 1″.  I must say I think she could have done a much better job labeling the blocks in each section.  She doesn’t even indicate what size block so I really had to study the color picture of the quilt.

On the right side of Section 1 there is a partial seam by the 4″ pinwheel  block.  After sewing the 8-1/2″ strip section to the left section, lay the 4″  pinwheel block right sides together against the 4″ edge and sew.  Then fold the other direction and finish sewing the vertical seam.  Pressing is extremely important.

I was happy with my fabrics in Section 1.  Here is Section 2 which I’m not as thrilled with.

I did not consider where blocks would fit within the quilt so when choosing fabrics that ended up in Section 2, two blocks in the upper left are almost the same colors and the block in the lower right is too dark.  BUT — it is what it is.

The strip on the right will join with Section 1 in another partial seam.  

Do you see that the strips continue  from top to bottom so don’t lose track of them until we’re done.  Lay them aside to use in another section.

I love putting these blocks together so by next week I am going to assemble Sections 3,4 and 5.  The end is in sight!


Surprise Gift From Argentina

by CountryThreads on October 5, 2015

My friend, Pat in Argentina, made this sweet little monogrammed quilt for me recently.  The workmanship is excellent and it’s easy to see she loves broderie perse.  “M” has never looked so good!  Thank you so much, Pat!

Mark your calendars for January 22-29, 2017 for a Civil War Quilting Cruise with Connie, Paula Barnes and Denise Lipscomb.  Connie really enjoyed her cruise last spring and is eager to go again.  Maybe You and a couple of friends would like to go in 2017!

This is a funny photo – remember last January when I gave my goats a couple Christmas trees?  They chewed on them, butted them and scratched their heads on the branches and they’re still playing with them.  Here’s what they look like now – ha!

And I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Deano curled up in a new dog bed.

Don’t forget Gypsy Wife tonight!


Finished Quilts From the Retreat

October 3, 2015

Just in from Connie —- finished quilts from Spring Green.                   Haven’t they been a productive group this weekend?  Wow!  I am impressed!  

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Connie’s Weekend In Spring Green, WI

October 3, 2015

Connie is in Spring Green this weekend at Country Sampler where she met some of our friends/campers to spend the weekend sewing in their Second Story retreat center.  I would have loved seeing these old friends again but you know I don’t like being away from home.      From left to right:  Lisa, Valerie, […]

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More Fall Decorating

October 1, 2015

   I love these two still life pictures I got last month from Claudia, the table belonged to my Aunt Charlotte and the pumpkins are from our garden.  I remember this table from Charlotte’s porch when I was a kid and she always gave it a new coat of orange paint every year.  Now I […]

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September 30, 2015

Here is the missing photo from yesterday of the bread rack full of plants.    The plants have moved into the porch with a couple still in the entryway.  This is the other big fern I brought in but didn’t trim.         And a friend from church was going to let her begonias freeze […]

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Time To Bring The Plants Inside

September 29, 2015

Fall-like temperatures are forecast for tonite and even though it won’t be a killing frost, most succulents and houseplants don’t enjoy getting chilled.  So that’s my job today.  The first plant I looked over was this huge overgrown fern and I decided to experiment with it.  I have never cut a fern completely back but […]

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Gypsy Wife, Week 16, September 28

September 28, 2015

Here we are making the last of the filler blocks.  I think this is really exciting – I love the idea of having all the blocks made.    Once again my blocks look very disjointed.  I hope it all works in the end.  Each of these blocks are different, some use previous blocks in the […]

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