New Patterns for March and April

What can I say? Almost 300 comments as of 1:00 p.m. Sunday. I don’t have a number generator – I just assumed I’d count them and ask Reed to write down two numbers. Which is what I’ll do – please trust me to count correctly because I am surprised, no shocked, to see this many comments and I read every single one.

So let’s make something new for Easter, shall we?

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Try Again!

The sun is out, it’s a beautiful but cold day and I’m going to try this again in a couple short posts – maybe that was the problem – I had too much content in one post.

I want to tell you that my cousin, Lynne Westafer, will be featured tonight on 48 hours as she was inside Trader Joe’s in CA last summer when the shooting took place.

In the next post you’ll see what Connie has been busy with.

Until later today – let’s see if this works first.


Not once but twice – I just can’t face typing it all again tonight. Heater quit in barn – everything froze up, one dead hen. It’s just all getting to be too much to deal with. Sorry, Gals. I’ll try tomorrow.

A Little Retail Therapy

I left this morning about 9:30 on perfect roads and 28 degrees with some melting happening on the highway. I stopped at the Village Store first and so began my retail therapy.

More about this shopping later. On to Target in Mason City where I bought pet food and hit the book aisle.

My cart was overflowing with pet items including some new balls for Hazel. We have lost so many balls this winter! When I got through the self checkout, my Target credit card was not accepted! What?? Why?? The manager helped me but it just wouldn’t work so I wrote a check and then went on to the customer service desk where I wrote another check to pay my monthly bill. The manager suggested I call the Target number on the back of my card when I got home.

Then it was on to Fleet Farm to get wild bird seed, baby chick feed, layer feed, oyster shell, cactus potting soil, chore gloves and more. When I got to the car and opened the back door of my van, this was what greeted me.

Hazel found the new balls and helped herself. Look at that face? How could I be mad at her? Here’s the Target bag that she shredded. She was determined to get to those balls. Ha!

So we start for home and realize the wind had come up. This is what the highway looked like – blowing snow sticking to those places where the highway had been wet and now was snow packed. I know not to accelerate fast or step on the brake because the road is now very slippery and traffic has slowed to 40 mph.

Two big trucks and a pickup came up behind the line of cars – I got off on an intersection and let them go by and then I got back on the highway. Here is another distraction – a yellow ball in my lap.

I continued to toss the ball to the back of the van and Hazel continue to drop it back in my lap until I said “Enough!”

The road and visibility continued to deteriorate and I was relieved to get home. I drove down by the barn and dropped off the chicken feed and then started hauling the stuff into the house. This is retail therapy but not the most fun type.

After I hauled everything to the house I called Target to ask why my card was not accepted. Someone had celebrated Valentines Day with two purchases of Edible Arrangements and a subscription to Door Dash. Target flagged my account and had tried to call me. I had gotten that call during the time I was shopping in Target and since it said Unknown Caller I didn’t answer the call! I thanked the customer service rep who said they had cancelled my card, I was not responsible for the charges of around $350 and he jokingly wished me a Happy Valentines Day. Hahaha!

So here’s my fun purchase at the thrift store. When I visited Gloria’s wonderful home last December, I got a kick out of the mink stoles on the back of her dining room chairs. Look what I found for Gloria – I texted her and yes, she wanted it!

The lining was probably worn out and it was removed.

Gloria will tidy it up and it will join the other “ladies” in the dining room.

The visibility has decreased since I got home and I’m glad to be off the road. Time to do chores, get supper and sew something tonight!

Oh, I almost forgot – it’s the goat coat report! Emma is losing her winter coat by the handful – maybe spring really is on the way?

And two beautiful arrangements at the funeral yesterday.

Wednesday Night

No pictures, no news – the funeral was so very sad. I didn’t dare raise my eyes from the piano because everyone in my sight was sobbing and I was afraid I would cry, too. I just wanted you to know I will post tomorrow about something more fun. I looked at my calendar only to realize I’ve been to 5 funerals in the past 16 days. Only 3 of the 5 were elderly. Tomorrow I need to get some “retail therapy”.