Overflowing gutter – again!

Gutter unplugged – again!

Almost another inch of rain.

Puddles everywhere.

The feed room is always fun – almost empty though and today was the day I had planned to call for feed because the yard was pretty nice and dry. The big feed truck will tear up my yard badly and so I’ve been delaying my order. Ugh!

JB spends lots of time in the barn.

And here’s a stack of tubs I cleaned yesterday – more inside the shop.

I’m off to buy a new dehumidifier – the old one quit and I have a wet basement! Smells so bad!

My Big Day Continued

It was a wonderful day! I worked very hard and got so much done. The weather was perfect – warm, but not too warm, no wind and lots to do. I’ve had many antiques in my yard and around the barn for many years. After the barn was sided I hesitated to pound nails into the new steel siding in order to hang them all back up again. So all of those tubs, etc needed to be cleaned to be sold. These are larger items – not shippable but Connie and I are considering a local consignment store for junk we’ve collected through the years for Country Threads. Forgot to take a picture – will include it in another post. Right now it’s raining too hard to go out.

Next on my list was mowing. It’s always the mowing and if we get a day without rain, we’d all better take advantage of it and hit the mower running! Connie always says why do I mow so much area. At 70 years old I can’t pull weeds but I can ride a mower and it’s the best and easiest way to keep several acres looking nice. I mowed around the gardens and the road TO the gardens. Looking at the garden plots I wondered when we will ever get to plant. First it has to be tilled and it’s too wet. Yesterday was getting close and now it’s been raining all night!

Then I mowed north of the house here the grass hardly grows – it’s so disheartening.

Pictures later when it quits raining.

Then help arrived – Becky and Jenny came to help me wash windows and move plants outside. My windows are the very easiest windows to wash and put screens on but when I do it alone I make many trips back and forth inside and out. Three of us worked together and they washed all 20 windows and helped me put the screens on.

Hazel helped – mostly she wanted somebody to launch the ball which we all took turns doing.

Then we moved at least 100 plants outside. Good grief! This has got to be pared down by next fall when it’s time to move them back in for winter. Hmmmm…..more things to sell.

Here are the plants, some of them, this morning getting a sweet drink of rainwater.

Today I will “play” with the plants, moving them around and cleaning them up – when it quits raining.

We changed clothes and went to one of our favorite restaurants on the lake, The Muskie. Why didn’t I take a picture of the most delicious lightly battered shrimp in the world????

They wouldn’t let me buy their dinner because helping me was a kind thing to do and was not to be “paid for”. I always say small (or big) acts of kindness can change the world. Thank you, Becky and Jenny, for helping me with two of my biggest spring jobs.

And a farm update:

The geese are in competition for one nest – must be everybody’s favorite! And the picnic table is also a favorite sunning spot.

After chasing the ball many times, Hazel heads to the tub of water to get cooled off!

So that’s why I was too tired to post last night. After two beers and with a full stomach, I collapsed in bed.

Later…..with more pictures.

Connie’s Quilt

I played and played with Connie’s sweet little quilt today. I tried it out on my table with various Antiques from my cupboards.

Three white figurines of little girls, two with umbrellas.

I added an old white milk pitcher.

A shallow painted wooden bowl in coral and turquoise blue – same colors in quilt! Lovely!

What could be more traditional than blue canning jars?

How about a Fiesta ware turquoise water pitcher and a blue canning jar?

And I knew you’d appreciate some close ups.

It was just a treat for my eyes to place these antiques on Connie’s quilt. We can send you this pattern for $3.00. There will be no photograph but you can download and print your choice of the ones I just showed you. We cannot be in the pattern business with pictures and bags anymore but I think this is a pattern many of you would like to have in your to-do file. I know it’s in mine!

Please request the pattern Cobblestone when you mail your check or cash for $3.00 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438.

Rain is moving in for Sunday so I won’t be able to spend any time here in the porch, my favorite room in the house – if only for 3 months a year!

Spring Planting

Finally – yesterday and today the farmers got in the field to work ground and start planting. Rain is forecast for Saturday night so they are working hard to get as much done as they can before it rains again.

Here’s the view from my porch – which I’ll be showing you throughout the season as the corn grows. It’s really pretty exciting to watch the farmers and the fields come to life!

I mowed every place I could and remowed the ditch. I mowed it yesterday and the grass was so tall it laid in clumps! I no more than put the mower away and went in the house than I heard thunder and it started raining!!! Oh, the poor farmers! They finally got one really good day and now it’s wet again – not inches of rain but enough to keep them out of the field tonight and probably tomorrow. Ugh!

I hate autocorrect – when I read the title of the last post I couldn’t understand why it said “more”. I meant to say “Moe”. Ugh again!

I have accomplished many things this week- several really big jobs – I won’t bore you with the details – but I just have screens to get on and I’ll feel like I really can get back to my sewing. Tomorrow I’m going to get a picture of Connie’s newest quilt which just might be my next project. Maybe yours, too. Until tomorrow……..

Our Visitor, More

Hazel’s BFF, Moe, is here for a few days and I’ve got three happy dogs.

Moe is a golden doodle who has stayed here many times – Hazel loves her!

Yesterday was porch cleaning – all screens, walls, floor and furniture were scrubbed with the power washer and after it dried I started moving the furniture back in. I no sooner covered the couch with this clean cover than I had two muddy footed dogs laying on it.

Our power gate continues to be abused by visitors who think they should try to push it open! Pushing on a power gate only takes the “spring” out of it so it won’t close tightly and the bigger the gap in the opening, the more likely Hazel will find it and sneak out. I do not understand why anyone would try to get through the big gate when there’s a walk through gate clearly marked. Ugh!

Are you getting up early on Saturday to watch the royal wedding? I am!

More yard cleanup and mowing for today – there is no end!


Just in case you readers think I’m filling the need of a grandparent to Reed, here’s a picture of his two wonderful but camera shy grandmas who both live within 10 miles of Reed. He also has a grandpa and 3 great grandmothers and Reed describes them all as being beautiful and amazing. I’ve always said I’m the lucky one – Reed has grandparents aplenty but I’m the one who loves chickens.

Yesterday Becky and her friend Jeanne entertained the toddlers at Concord during Nursing Home Week.

Karla, Reed’s mom, brought June and Vera, his little sisters, to listen to the music. Vera liked doing the actions.

I promised pictures of the chicks but they’re very hard to photograph because they dart here and there so fast.

Today Reed and I are going to open up their space and give them the whole pen. They are going to love it!

Hazel and Ernie Joe Mauer.

Pam and Ethel – almost twins!

And today it’s finally sunny and warm – I’ve been working on moving the plants from the basement and the shop outside. I stand by my rule not to move plants outside till Mothers Day. I had already moved some outside last week when it was so warm and they suffered in 40 degree weather last weekend. Never again.

Many of these are going to the Farmers Market. I have not moved my big plants yet – soon.

Now what have I forgotten? I am looking into putting advertising on the blog. I spend lots of time doing this and hope we can both benefit from advertising.

Connie has a new quilt finished – picture coming soon. We will make this pattern available for a very reasonable price in the near future.

I am binding the blue squares table mat – I actually got it quilted. Now it’s on to a new project!


I hate it when a picture doesn’t post and I miss it! Here are the flowers Reed brought me.

Our book club met last Wednesday – Connie listened to the Great Alone by Kristin Hannah and loved it. I passed my copy on. And … I’m watching the Handmaid’s Tale in the shop. Whoa – now there’s a captivating story line!

I took a picture of yesterday’s eggs because they looked so pretty.

And Hazel has claimed my red chair as her own.

Does anyone get the magazine Quiltmania? Our friend, Scott Hansen, was featured and we were so excited for him!

Sorry – can’t get it to turn!

An Update

The biggest news around the farm is the flock of orioles in my yard. I had only one small feeder that held grape jelly

but I had to get creative and add two more feeding spots. Of course it was raining when I took these pictures – it’s been raining for days.

Remember the egg apron that my friend Linda crocheted for me as a Christmas gift? Reed gathered the eggs – he loved the apron!

Rick has started home physical and occupational therapy and he has made real progress this week – he can now get himself in and out of bed which is a huge help to me. This picture is a familiar sight throughout the day.

I cannot concentrate on starting a new quilt project – I’m not sure why because I really want to be able to sit down and sew just to rest. Today I spent the afternoon straightening up in the quilt shop and trying to gather fabric for a specific project. For those of you who visited the shop before we closed, here’s Jackie – still keeping me company. Maybe you remember our shop cat, Jackie. She is still a loud meower! Ha!

Yesterday I helped Reed and Myra finish their twined rugs – here is Reed weaving the ends back through the twining to secure them while Vera looks on.

Reed presented me with these gorgeous flowers and a sweet card for Mothers Day. As someone who wanted only to be a mother but was saddled with primary infertility, Mothers Day is painful even at 70 years old.

No field work has been started in North Iowa and all the farmers are nervous and anxious to get started. We’ve had over 6″ of rain in the past couple weeks and more is predicted for the coming week. If it’s not raining tomorrow, I’ll be mowing!

Connie’s Houses

Connie loves house blocks of any kind and she had her Bernina humming while she was in Florida last March. I simply do not know or understand how she combines these fabrics. The blocks are wonderful and I could never do it. I wish I had a little stash just like this to make house blocks with – of course, what am I thinking? I don’t have time to sew right now.

Don’t you just love it? I do! Here’s a close up of a section.

And here’s a photo of two blocks that I teased you with yesterday.

Isn’t this the wildest collection of fabrics and they all work together so well. I am jealous of the ability and confidence to put them all together.

The pattern is by Miss Rosie – called Village. Love her colors, too.

I’ll add this to my wish list – how about you?


Time for a chick update – they are getting their feathers and getting so big! They are ready to start roosting at night because they like to sit on a cement block in their pen. Watching these little girls grow has been amazing. Reed came to do chores tonight.

Just look at this assortment!

Reed’s hens, Debbie and Delores, went home with him tonite. His coop is ready and the baby chicks just aren’t old enough to survive without a heat lamp. When they are and can move to Reed’s house, Debbie and Delores will have to come back here. They are somewhat aggressive and will peck at the babies.

Oh, it’s been a busy day – as usual. Lawn mowing will start full time this week and then it will soon be time to till the garden.