Yikes! It’s Number 8!

by CountryThreads on November 15, 2017

Last night at 10 when we went outside to pee before going to bed, Hazel, the possum hunter, found another one! This is the 8th one this season and he was scrounging under the bird feeder for a snack. Telly and Hazel pulled him out into the yard where he played “possum” and I was able to shovel him into the live trap and slam the door.

I had to close the dog door so Hazel would go to bed – she wanted to continue barking at and harassing the poor trapped possum, of course.

This morning we went to the wildlife refuge – about 10 miles from here and turned him loose.

He was a really big possum – maybe the daddy? I can only hope Hazel doesn’t find any more but I’ve got the catching and trapping part down in case she does.

As Becky always says – never a dull moment here on the farm but I can’t continue to talk about trapping and releasing possums!

Does anyone read Bee Haven’s blog? This morning’s post was sad – it could have been me writing the post. She saw a livestock trailer along her road and it was filled with pigs going to slaughter. Since she has two pet pigs she knows how smart and sociable they are and as she looked at the trailer full of pigs, one stared back at her. Normally she averts her eyes when seeing one of these trailers but today she looked. I, too, am a meat eater but I prefer to purchase our pork from a neighbor who raises them humanely. I realize this can be a controversial subject but if I had to raise my own meat, I’d easily be a vegetarian. I just can’t eat someone I know and have raised. Check out Bee Haven – you’ll enjoy her blog!

And I read the sad news that Nancy Zieman died yesterday. We started in business shortly after she did. Cancer is so heartbreaking, isn’t it?


Minneapolis Trip and More

by CountryThreads on November 14, 2017

On Sunday Becky and I went to Minneapolis to visit IKEA and then on to Bachman’s Garden Center. I just knew how much Reed would love Bachman’s so we invited him along. I get so carried away in the moment that I forget to take pictures when we’re shopping but here’s one with Reed and Becky trying out some chairs in IKEA.

I bought a couple rugs, some fabric, some small gifts and enjoyed looking at everything. Becky bought a little rolling cart to put her painting supplies in. I have one with all my plant paraphernalia in and it rolls to the area I’m working at. Great little cart!

Then we went to the Garden Center – what’s NOT to like about wandering through a greenhouse admiring plants?

I bought spruce tops and a couple Charlie Brown trees. They had so much Christmas greenery! I know I’m going to regret buying more.

Reed is a patient shopper and very careful about sticking close otherwise I would never agree to take him along. After Bachman’s we ate at Red Lobster on our way home. Got home by 7:30 Sunday night – we weren’t gone even 12 hours making it the perfect day trip.

So since it’s now time to decorate for Christmas, the pumpkins had to go. They had thawed out again and most were soft and collapsing. I put some in the grove for the rabbits and squirrels.

I also left a few by the bird feeders – maybe the squirrels would eat the pumpkins instead of the sunflower seeds?

The rest went to the barnyard for the chickens, geese and goats.

So that’s the end of pumpkin season for another year. Winter is coming and it’s time to get feed in the feedroom to last us until spring. This is how corn and oats are delivered. The chute goes in the window of the feedroom and the auger delivers it and then we put the window back in to keep it all dry and edible.

Here’s what two ton of feed looks like in the feedroom. That’s a lot of corn and oats, isn’t it?

The dogs love jumping in the corn as they search for mice in every corner.

I finished another quilt for the book and today I will bind it and write the directions. Remember last year when we made Split Squares from our book Sew Charming? Here’s a Christmas runner I made as a gift for some good friends. It has straight line quilting, of course!

That’s all the news up to date – it’s a rainy, drizzly day! I wont be raking leaves!


More Life on the Farm

by CountryThreads on November 10, 2017

This acreage is 10 acres – more than two old people can keep up with – almost. But I don’t want it any other way. I have to keep reminding Rick that I’m not raising livestock but that these animals are my life. He gets it but at times he grumbles. When it comes to going after feed, hooking up heat lamps, cleaning out the goat pen and hauling away the manure, he handles it all. I do all the daily care – there is not a day that I can sit in the house and not go to the barn. If I’m sick, those animals still expect to see me several times a day. The transition from fall to winter is a big one.

The manure needs to be hauled away from the barn door after Rick cleaned out the goat pen. Luckily we have a tractor.

The goat pen has sweet smelling new bedding. (I hope this photo doesn’t post three times – more problems with a WordPress.)

The chickens have all claimed their spot to roost at night. Here are three of the Fab Five above my head.

Here’s the third rooster roosting with Delores on top of the door.

Here are some of the hens.

And then we have the kittens that I want to stay in the barn so it needs to be comfortable enough to encourage that – ha!

Oh, I forgot to give you an update on Alfalfa’s horn – I found it on the floor so I took it to the house. Who else has a goat horn on the kitchen counter???

Here’s an interesting view of the inside.

The live traps are ready for action again if Hazel finds any more possums.

Here’s the possum hunter with me at choretime.


These old green coveralls belonged to my dad who probably wore them in the 50’s and I’m still wearing them. As you can see I had to patch the knee with a flag.

While doing the chores, Hazel plays fetch which means that chores take twice as long. Of course I think she’s worth it so I comply while using a Chuck-It, compliments of Connie who had several of these toys for Lucy, her yellow lab from years ago.

Connie and I are working hard on the quilts for the book – I quilted one on the machine last night and I’m so relieved that it’s finished. Now for binding.

Brrrrr, it’s 14 degrees this morning with a strong east wind – I think the chickens have to stay in the barn today.

WordPress has had several updates and each one presents a new issue when I post. I hope I can get this post to publish. There may have been a partial post about halfway through so I apologize if there is.

I want you to know how much I enjoy and appreciate your comments – I read every single one of them and respond if appropriate.

And that’s our life on the farm for this week.


Possum Season – second time around

by CountryThreads on November 7, 2017

Only one person let me know they received this morning’s post about getting two more possums. It was a long detailed post – I don’t think I can remember all of it to re-post it.

Last night I checked the barn at 10 pm to find one possum in the cat room and one right outside which Hazel and Telly found. I confined the one in the cat room behind a door, set the live trap at the open end and scooted the possum into the trap and slammed the door!

Telly and Hazel fought with the possum outside until Telly grabbed it and drug it out from under a small step. We managed to shove that possum in another trap – the only problem was that Hazel would not let go so she was in the trap, too! I pulled her out the bait door at the opposite end and the possum played “possum”.

Here is the scene this morning on our way to the wildlife refuge.

The red on the cage is not blood but red spray paint – I spray paint their tails so I can tell if they return. After that big possum hunt last night, here is Hazel this morning, all sweet and docile. You’d never know it was the same dog!

I’m going to quit right there – while I’m ahead. I hope this posts!


Did this post?

November 7, 2017

I’m having lots of problems with WordPress – don’t know if my post actually published this morning. I’ll keep trying.

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November 6, 2017

Where does the time go?  Work in the barn continues as well as some outside work – the pampas grass needs to be cut down but I’m waiting for Rick to take down the fence and he’s still farming. Reed and Myra came over last Wednesday and finished their folders.  Here’s a look at both […]

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Congratulations to Houston

November 2, 2017

I loved this World Series – especially game 5 which lasted until 12:30 am!  I can’t imagine how Houston will be celebrating this morning but it sounds fun!  Congratulations to everyone in Houston – and their Astros!

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Life on the Farm

October 30, 2017

Remember that wonderful elephant ear plant?  Well, it snowed and got cold. It lasted a day like this and then it got very cold.  Isn’t this sad?  I need to cut this down and dig up the bulb.  And life on the farm always includes varmints.  Last Friday night I went to the barn […]

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And It’s Gone!

October 26, 2017

I went to bed with the cornfield across the road only partially combined and when I got up the next morning – poof!  The corn was gone!  Just that fast!  I love the cornfields right after the corn has been combined – it’s all a soft yellow and very pretty to look at. Here’s the […]

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The Last Lunch

October 25, 2017

No school today so Reed and Myra each made an art folder with Connie’s help. We used mod podge on a Craft Tex folder – I’ll show the final project when we’re done.  We had lunch on the porch – the last lunch of the season since snow is predicted on Friday.  Here’s Reed with […]

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