April 18, 2018 Post #2

by CountryThreads on April 18, 2018

Remember I told you that Connie and I had a favorite new book? Well, Lissa Alexander has outdone herself with this one! It’s called “Oh, Scrap!” , published by Martingale. We love soooooo many quilts in this book including the cover quilt.

This is the first quilt that caught my eye.

I loved the colors but I knew I should make this quilt in more traditional colors for the spot I wanted to hang it.

Look how different it looks! I am not exactly thrilled with it – I think it’s BORING compared to Lisa’s but I wanted to show this to you as an example of a different color way. Mine is also smaller for the spot intended. I had 4 blocks left over which I put together for my table.

Reed has offered to do the handwork on the binding – yay!

Here are a couple more quilts from the book that I intend to make.

And there are more! Buy this book! If you’re only allowed to purchase one new book, make it this one! I know I need new fabrics for these quilts – but how do I get anywhere to shop? Lissa gives very complete instructions about picking and combining fabrics so if that scares you (and I know it does lots of people) she will guide you along to the perfect “scrap” quilt that isn’t made from scraps.

I also really enjoyed Barbara Brackman’s introduction about scrap quilts over the years.

Lissa and Martingale have a real winner here – Connie and I have big plans for making the quilts in this book. Here’s another one.

Please ignore the glare from the ceiling lights.

Well, it’s still snowing and it’s pretty warm out which the dogs love. They were just barking at something that might be under the garden shed so Hazel looked like this when she came in just a minute ago.

Yikes oh Pete!


Wednesday, April 18,2018 Post #1

by CountryThreads on April 18, 2018

This is the scene out my front door this morning.

It began thundering about 4 am and the snow started about 8 am. 6-8″ is predicted by tonight but I think we already have 6″! I have shoveled the front walk 3 times and fed the birds at least 4 times. There are so many birds in the yard – I even saw a cardinal which I NEVER see. There are a gazillion juncos as well as blackbirds and even some yellow winged blackbirds and everybody is hungry!

There is a group of 5 or 6 downy woodpeckers and a pair of red bellied woodpeckers. I am feeding them on my sidewalk because the snow is so deep out to the feeders which I’ve filled once already. The poor birds!

Here is another incident from this morning – tipped off the windowsill by Millie, I think. Millie is one of my very favorite cats but this is nearly unforgivable.

This was my most very very favorite vanilla pot because it had the scallops around the rim.

On the other hand, I’ve always said I was going to use my antiques every day so I could enjoy them instead of putting them away where they were “safe” and out of view probably. So I’ll save these pieces of the rim and put them in the rock garden – if it ever gets to be spring and summer.

Oh my goodness but there’s a lot of snow to move!



by CountryThreads on April 15, 2018

No church, no anything but snow. I’ve had several incidents I could tell you about but you’d be convinced God is punishing me for something . So if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

I thought maybe you’d like to see Rick’s ankle x-ray with all the screws and plates.

Looks like something out of a horror movie!

I baked cookies this morning and now I’m going back to my good book “The Nest” – thank you, Tanya!

And then it’s back to this mess.

April 15, 2018 – one for the books!


Another Farm Story

by CountryThreads on April 14, 2018

The wind was sooooo strong from the northeast yesterday and I needed to get hay down from the haymow. The big doors open to the north and I was afraid I would have trouble getting them closed.

I hadn’t used the inside trap door for several years but it worked fine and I climbed upstairs to the haymow.

This is our dwindling stack of hay bales to feed the goats through the winter—-covered to keep them clean. (I hope they can eat green grass soon – before I run out of hay!)

I put my hand on the corner of the tarp to pull it back and felt fur! Who knew what could be under there????? I carefully pulled it back and — wait for it!—- out came Colton! Ha! We never knew where he hung out when he wasn’t in the house – I could never see him up in the haymow and now I know why – he was sleeping under the

I threw down a couple bales and Colton followed me to peek downstairs.

He decided to stay there and I closed the trap door – much easier than hauling the bales outside.

Last night the wind was scary against my east windows and we got several inches of rain. This is my yard this morning – remember all those sticks I picked up just two days ago? Grrrrr….

On a much happier note – MEET IVY!! This is Sam’s golden doodle puppy – could she be any cuter?


It’s Friday Already!

April 13, 2018

It’s been a busy stressful three days. I’ll tell you about Rick’s appointment in another post with pictures to explain. Yesterday was Daryl’s funeral, attended by 375 people in a church that holds 300. What a tribute to this nice man! Margaret and I were very nervous playing for such a large crowd and we […]

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Rug Report and More

April 9, 2018

The sun is shining and this snow is melting fast. I shoveled the walk but that’s all I’m going to do this time. I can wait it out. Look at these forlorn chairs – they’re just waiting like all of us are. It won’t be long now – there are 50’s in our forecast! Since […]

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More Snow

April 8, 2018

Just opened the door and took this picture – can it really be April 8? Some of you apparently got an error message instead of the post about rugs on April 6. I have no idea why – I wish I did. I’ll try to repost or at least give you the important details tomorrow. […]

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April 4, 2018

Meet Percy, the neighbor’s tomcat. (Hi, Heather – I know you’ll see this post!). Heather said he showed up at their place awhile back and made himself at home. He is a beautifully marked tuxedo cat and a sweetheart really BUT — he is not fixed. He gets along with the cats in the barn […]

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The Cruel Trick Continues

April 4, 2018

This picture was taken last night on my return from the barn – it hadn’t started really blowing yet. Of course this morning the snow had drifted in front of the gate again so it was back to the tractor and loader. If this keeps up, I’ll get lots better at moving snow by next […]

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April 3?

April 3, 2018

I had to check my calendar to make sure of the date because this is looking out my front door. THIS time I have the tractor in position and ready but I’m low on fuel. Ugh. It’s always something. And the race is on! Yesterday Reed and I started his rug and he was so […]

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