Our Day At Minnesota Quilt Show

Here we are taking a break at the quilt show – me, Reed, Sherry and Llama Kathy.

Sherry had a step counter which read 6500 steps by the time we left. The remodeled Civic Center is just beautiful but the quilt show organizers seriously misjudged the food availability issue. Two snack bars – and long, long lines to get anything to eat. I suppose they thought people would leave the show to find a restaurant close by but nobody wants to do that. I was expecting a large food court area like other quilt shows which is why I thought we could meet in the back area. BUT we had a great “board meeting” and a nice chat to get to know each other, putting faces to the comments.

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Minnesota Quilt Show!

Tomorrow is the day – anyone who can make it to Rochester tomorrow for the quilt show should join us in the food court at 1:00 for a “board meeting”. Bring your ideas for blog posts, activities and tell me what you like and what the problems might be. I’m anxious to meet all of you who can make it. Kathy with the llamas was kind enough to let me park at her house and her husband Jerry will drop us at the front door. There is lots of construction in downtown Rochester which I won’t have to deal with. Thank you, Kathy and Jerry! I promise to take lots of pictures for you.

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