Obedience Class

by CountryThreads on May 22, 2017

Here is Hazel with the Petco trainer, Amanda.  We are the only student in class so we got her undivided attention.  

Hazel knew “sit” but we worked on it as well as “come”, “down”, “stand” and “wait”.  We do not do “down” well at all and I’m not sure I can convince her.  Oh my but she is sassy!  And wants to be in complete control of everything!  Amanda had so many hints for me dealing with her stubbornness and bossiness!  I have much to accomplish but I am determined to do it because she could be uncontrollable if left to her own devices.  Ha!  Those of you who have had terriers know what I mean.

Here she is laying in the sun on a piece of plywood.  We have carpenters here siding Rick’s shop building.

Connie’s Wildflower quilt is finished so we’ll be taking those pictures as soon as the weather cooperates.  I could barely make a lap size and she made hers queen size!

Stay tuned.


Monday and Sunny – Finally!

by CountryThreads on May 22, 2017

After 5 days of rain and storms, the sun is finally out this morning but more rain is forecast for later today.  We escaped the tornadoes but this is what I found over the road to the garden this morning.

Three trees down over the road and mud up to my ankles – yikes!  The garden has had plenty of rain but not much sun or warm weather to grow.  It’s all up and looking good but now the weeds will start, too.

Here’s the lettuce I planted for the chickens.  When I put the wire tops on they can just eat the lettuce but not dig it out.

Everything is wet but very green.

As you can see, Emma visited the shop this morning.

I fed the kitties – they came right out to eat for me and everybody is using the litter box.  Hallelujah!

The two black and white kittens are the most timid.

Here was the porch late winter when I started to clean it.

And here it is today.  Much better and lots cleaner!

Rox and Hazel “rassle” on the couch.

Here is the front of the house late winter/early spring.

Here it is this morning with some of the house plants in place.  If they survive this past weekend of wind, rain and cold temps, I will be surprised.  Rick is likely to get his wish and my plant population will be much lower in number.  Saturday the windchill was 33 degrees!  But I couldn’t move them all back inside without killing my back so it is what it is.

Here is the field across from my porch – the corn is easily “rowed” and looking good!

Hazel and I are going to Obedience Class this afternoon – I’m going to wear my heaviest jeans and an apron!  Ha!

She looks like an angel here, doesn’t she?


Requested Pattern Names

by CountryThreads on May 17, 2017

The flower quilt shown behind Becky and Hazel is called Tessie by Under the Garden Moon.

My tired old brain had to rely on Connie for this info.  We made this quilt together several years ago and now it hangs behind the quilting machine because neither of us has a place to hang it in our house.

The purse quilt is a “crazy” pattern by Buggy Barn.

If you want these patterns you will probably have to search online.  They are both older patterns that we carried in the shop years ago.


The Purse Quilt

by CountryThreads on May 17, 2017

Diane M. was the lucky buyer of this purse quilt and she sent this picture.

She added a sleeve and displays the quilt with her mom’s old purses.  Such a cute idea!

This morning all the kittens were asleep inside the carrier and Mom was sleeping outside on her own.

It’s a rainy day in North Iowa – a good binding day.

Hazel explores everywhere.

Becky stopped yesterday to get a Hazel “fix”.


It’s all good news tonight!

May 16, 2017

Becky stopped today to see the kittens and we were able to hold 3 of them.  They are so tiny and so cute!  I think Connie is going to take these little Gray Gray girls. Mama was out of the box and I lifted the 3 remaining kitties out of the box where they’ve been […]

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Progress – Finally!

May 15, 2017

I went to the barn about 9 pm with a can of food for Mama Kitty and I was surprised to see her out of the box and 3 kitties with her.  She ran back to the box which gave me the chance to pick up the black kitten who didn’t hiss at me or […]

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May 13, 2017

It was a busy day on the farm.  I wanted to move the plants outside but before I could put them in the plant area south of the house, the windows should be washed otherwise I can’t get a ladder close to the windows.  Before the windows are washed the gutters above all the windows […]

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Connie’s Gardens

May 11, 2017

It’s early in the gardening season but things are looking good in Connie’s gardens.  Remember they bought the lot next door and she has added hundreds of new shrubs, perennials and bulbs.  Here are some pictures that don’t do it justice but enjoy the garden tour. Connie is a Master Gardener and it shows!  Hazel […]

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Puppy Playtime at Petco

May 7, 2017

I took Hazel to Puppy Playtime this afternoon at Petco but we were the only ones who came out on this nice day.  The trainer said we’d just have a one on one time so she started throwing a toy that Hazel retrieved ….. until she got wound up.  And then she got excited and […]

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Surprise in the Barn

May 6, 2017

Remember the naked neck hen who insisted on sitting on the light bulb? Well, she laid a couple eggs in that nest, too, and I didn’t want to disturb her every time I gathered eggs so I left them there.  Lo and behold a chick hatched!  When I was doing chores I heard that soft […]

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