I didn’t forget you!

by CountryThreads on March 28, 2015


I’ll bet you guys thought I forgot you yesterday, didn’t you?  Well, I didn’t but since I did not have any dogs here boarding, I took the day off and went thrift shopping.  After about a week or 10 days of just being home and taking care of everybody, I need a little day trip.  My dogs usually go along so I don’t go very far – about 4-5 hours worth and then it’s back home.  When I got home, a couple girlfriends came and after a couple beers with them Rick got home, and then there was basketball to watch.  Whew!

Today’s quilt is called Dixie and it’s smaller, 40″ x 40″, one of those great sizes to make because it isn’t necessary to piece the backing.  Three simple units are used in this quilt – 4 patches, hourglass units, and triangle squares.  When you make other projects and have simple units such as these leftover, you do save them, don’t you?  Just think – this quilt might be waiting to be assembled just using units from previous projects.  Many different fabrics make for an interesting quilt.

After I took this picture I backed up and took the whole picture – dog beds and all so you know how it really is at our house.  The door to the upstairs is standing wide open and dog toys are just outside of the frame.  We live in a very casual house because of the animals.  It is so very easy to live in! 


Have a great weekend, everybody!!


Day 13 – March 26 – Civil War Remembered

by CountryThreads on March 26, 2015


Who remembers attending country school?  I do – I went to Kindergarten 1-1/2 miles from home and rode behind my older brother on a horse.  Ha!  My teacher’s name was Mrs. Austin and there was one other boy in my class – we ended up graduating from high school together.

The schoolhouse block is another very traditional block that has been loved by quilters for years and years.  Our quilt measures 41″ x 50″ and I remember Connie and I taught this class in the early 80’s using Eleanor Burns illustrated book.  Pick out some nice dark colors and start cutting schoolhouse blocks.

The quilt is shown in my office that is right off that pass-through room from yesterday.  If you look carefully through the window, you can see the piano.  I like to leave the screened window open so I can hear the parakeets that live in there.


And this is why I continue to haunt the thrift stores and flea markets!  If I’m going to enjoy the things I collect, they have to be in sight making them suseptible to all kinds of animal “accidents”.    I loved everybody’s comments about dusting – and you’re right – the dust doesn’t show in the pictures.  Ha!

And there was the question about hanging the quilts on the wooden ladder rungs.  If I owned a valuable antique quilt, I’d be worried but my quilts are run-of-the-mill, machine quilted quilts that I make for fun.  There is no harm in hanging them on the ladder.

Connie will return from Florida next week so I’ll have to go back to working.  It’s been fun to just sew random stuff without a deadline or a schedule.  I hope there’s more time for that type of sewing in my future.


March 25 – Day 12 of Civil War Remembered

by CountryThreads on March 25, 2015


Quest For Freedom, 51″ x 57″, required some creativity in photography because I wanted to show you my kitchen cupboards, built in the 30’s with a very low countertop due to the short stature of the lady living here at the time.

The quilt is a beloved 9 patch in a diagonal medallion layout.  Note the reverse “negative” blocks – which are difficult to see without viewing the quilt as a whole – you’ll have to look on page 52.  The border has 4 patch blocks on the diagonal as the final round of the quilt making this quilt a nice twist on the common 9 patch block.

The wooden ladder was used for years in our booth at shows and now it holds quilts on the rungs and is rested on the railing in the loft.  Yes, this is a big house and I love it!



I raised my camera to that beam above that displays all the white ironstone pitchers so you could make the connection to Day 9.  This is that pass-through room to the piano room that used to be the dining room.  As I took the picture the French doors to the piano room were right behind me.

And if you look carefully in the first photo you will see this small display of glass salt and pepper shakers and butter pats above the counter top.  Look for the red flower to find the location.  Why do I like these little things so much?  Someone asked me about dusting all this stuff – it is never all dusted at the same time but over the course of a year, I suppose, everything gets dusted at least once. 


And this is Bella who was here last weekend and who went home yesterday.  This morning Biscuit and Sassy arrived and Bentley is coming on Friday.  As Becky commented, “Never a dull moment!”

P.S.  Jane Dumler – my organ has a very interesting past story and the owners documented the trip to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1977 when it was leased for $1.00 for a month.  It is an Epworth Organ by the Williams Organ Co.


Day 11 of Civil War Remembered

by CountryThreads on March 24, 2015


This quilt is called “Brother Fought Brother” and if you look carefully you will notice that the star block is set with an alternating snowball block.  Quilt measures 47″ x 55.

I took the picture in the piano room and then decided to take it again so I could show you this tall white cupboard.  It sat in the garage for at least 10 years and was, in most mens’ opinion, ready for the burn pile.  Originally it was a built-in pantry-type cupboard  painted turquoise so admittedly it needed some work but Dawn painted it for me and now it holds all my piano music.  I love it!


Day 10 of Civil War Remembered

March 23, 2015

   Here is President’s Pride, 36″ x 36″, with Millie included as part of the display.  This is my favorite size of wall quilt or table topper – not so big that I can’t quilt it myself and not so big that it takes me months to piece it!  I also love medallion quilts, old […]

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Gather the Troops – Day 9

March 21, 2015

   The featured quilt today is “Gather the Troops”, the only one in the book with just a bit of  applique in the handle.    Basket blocks are favorites with many and our version measures 40″ x 50″. This pass-through room used to be the dining room – now it’s the room between the kitchen […]

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Day 8 of Civil War Remembered

March 20, 2015

 If you are just reading Chicken Scratch for the first time, this is Day 8 of quilts shown in my home from our new book Civil War Remembered.  You can order this book online or find it at your local quilt shop.  It will be arriving in the next couple of weeks.  Nineteen quilts […]

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Road To Victory

March 19, 2015

 Do you like to piece at the machine?  If so, you’ll enjoy working on this quilt.  Measuring 47″ x 59″ each of the 42  blocks is made up of 12 flying geese and 4 triangle squares.  I know you all recognize the setting for this quilt but I turned my camera slightly to the […]

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In Loving Memory

March 18, 2015

 Yesterday I attended a visitation for Vicki Krieger who was a customer/friend of Country Threads.  When her mom and dad visited North Iowa from their home in California, they always came to the quilt shop, maybe even multiple times during the visit.  They were such delightful friends and over time I became “acquainted” with […]

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Today’s Quilt – One Flag

March 18, 2015

 Today’s featured quilt from our new book Civil War Remembered is called One Flag and measures 36″ 36″.  The sweet little star blocks finish 3″ x 3″ and don’t miss the one flag in the upper left hand corner.  Heidi thinks the geraniums are fragrant – I just think they’re beautiful.   Our new […]

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