Exciting News From Country Threads

by CountryThreads on October 19, 2017

We are once again doing a Civil War book for Martingale, our publisher.  This will be our third book featuring quilts made with reproduction fabrics and our deadline is next spring which gives us all winter to make 18-20 quilts.  Here are the first two books.

This will be hard on the blog because even though I’m sewing all the time, I won’t be able to show you anything.  Yikes!  I hope I’ll have some time to sew a few more Christmas gifts.  Remember when I showed you that line of triangle squares?  Hundreds of them?  Well, they are a quilt for the new book.  And I’m not done with it yet!

Reed and I picked the last of the cucumbers for the chickens and the last pumpkins and birdhouse gourds that were hanging on the fence.  This is absolutely the last of them and we are in wonder at how many we grew.  He has some at his place and I’ve given some away besides what’s here and in my house.

As soon as it freezes, I’ll start giving the pumpkins to the goats and chickens.

Whoops!  Hazel’s picture got in there by accident and I can’t figure out how to delete it – ahhhh, I am one of the technically challenged old ladies!

If you don’t hear from me, just know that I’m preparing the barn, the house and the yard for winter and that I’m sewing for the new book.

Remember those old French doors I had a Rick hinge together?  Here they are with some of the plants arranged in front – I hope to stage my Christmas tree here, too, but I’ll have to move the plants – my poor back!


Friday the 13th and Other News

by CountryThreads on October 13, 2017

Harvest is in full swing in North Iowa but this is the view to the northwest – showers are moving in which will put a stop to harvesting.

Got some fun quilt pictures from readers.  These are from Diane McGregor, Squeak’s mom.

And this from Gloria — a clever attic window using a panel.

Yesterday at the thrift store I ran into several friends.  Don Barkema, Cheryl’s husband, was keeping Fall alive with pumpkins and mums for his house.  After Cheryl’s death I wondered if her most beloved season would be observed and I’m happy to say YES!  

And I met a new friend – Journey Hansen – Dann and Diane’s new golden doodle puppy.  They lost Marty last summer and now Journey has arrived at their home to mend their hearts.  

And the highlight of my week was walking Reed’s chickens, Debbie and Delores.  Vera is in love with the chickens and simply could not stand still while we put the harnesses on.  You’ll love this!

And June joined us outside, too – she can stand by herself and will soon be walking at only 10-1/2 months.  She’s got Vera, Myra, Reed and Nolan to keep up with and she will!

After the walk we moved Debbie and Delores to my place for the winter since I have heat in the barn and they’ll be able to make lots of new friends.  They will be the only Rhode Island hens that I have so we’ll be able to pick them out and move them back to Reed’s house next spring.  He can take care of them here this winter.

And one last mention – this is what I’m watching while I sew.  It’s very good – it won lots of awards and I’m wondering if anyone else has watched it.  It’s a huge mystery as to what’s happening and I’m only in episode 3.


The Sewing Basket

by CountryThreads on October 9, 2017

Inside this sewing basket is the most unique display of hand stitching I have ever seen.  Obviously a young girl was learning the different techniques and methods of hand sewing – some of which are hard to believe and these pictures will not do this handwork justice.

Here are cuffs, buttonholes and assorted seams.

Here is darning – so perfect it hardly shows.

Inset lace, Indy tucks and an overhand seam in a piece of fabric paired up with an uncut piece of lace.  I don’t know how she did this!

Nobody likes to patch, do they?

Here’s another patch – almost hidden.

Sample stitches

I think these would be considered plackets.  Does anyone know for sure?

Four different decorative  stitches up close.

And this little piece is the same on both sides – no seams showing!

I put the pin in one side and then flipped it so you could see it’s two different sides.

This sewing basket is a little treasure trove for sewing enthusiasts.  I wish I could share it in person because I know you’d be just shaking your heads like I am.  What a fun find!

I spent the afternoon mowing yesterday but then Reed and I had time to move his plants to my basement for the winter.  We also made a side trip to Central Gardens in Clear Lake.  I took his picture by this plant because I always thought that tall one was a water plant.  Guess not so next year I’m going to plant some in pots, too,

And you’ll all be jealous of Diane Dodd who finished piecing Connie’s orange and black quilt and now it’s on to quilting it.  You did a nice job, Diane!  Thanks for showing us the results from that blog post.

Another note – Ruth Brown’s oil painting of the Little Brown Church was priced at 50 cents at the thrift store which made me quite sad really.  It’s worth so much more especially to me.

Remember that succulent that I started just by laying the petals on top of the dirt?

Here are the two pots today – all growing nicely.

And here are a few more pictures from the quilt show.

Whew!  This got to be a long post!    Hope I haven’t bored you!  Talk to you soon!



by CountryThreads on October 7, 2017

Connie and I stopped at the antique mall on our way home last night.  Look at this great wood cutout picture of a Jack Russell Terrier!  I can’t believe I found this piece of folk art which has pencil scribbling on both sides.  I’m hoping I can remove the pencil marks carefully.

I also bought this puppy picture.

And this sewing basket.

I have several sewing baskets like this with much nicer attachments on the lid but I bought it for its contents.  I’ll keep you wondering until the next blog post.

I happened to stop at the thrift store today and found this original oil painting of the Little Brown Church located in Northeast Iowa.  The beauty of this painting is in the artist, Ruth Brown, who lived on the first farm west of us.  She died quite a number of years ago and even though I attended her farm sale, I was not lucky enough to have been able to get one of her paintings.  My heart jumped into my throat when I saw her signature on this painting today.

Ruth was a talented quilter as well as an artist and I wish I had spent more time with her all those years ago.  She had the most beautiful wool braided rug in her dining room that she made with her mother and grandmother when she was a young girl.  We were in the same neighborhood club and one year when their dog kept running away and would show up here, we agreed that I should keep the dog.  That was Red, one of our golden retrievers.

Both Iowa State and Iowa won today – a great day for the state.  Everybody’s happy – ha!

One more note about the quilt show yesterday.  Someone asked about the jacket I was wearing.  Here it is.

If you look at the picture of Connie and me at the top of this page, you will see that Connie is wearing the same jacket in a different color.   We shopped together in Minneapolis last fall and both of us bought the same jacket.  The day that picture was taken a year ago was the first and only time Connie ever wore that jacket.  She decided she hated it and off it went to Goodwill!  Yesterday people kept mentioning the jacket and how much they liked it and every time we heard a compliment, we would laugh and laugh. One wearing and she hated it and I got nothing but compliments on the same jacket.  One gal even wanted to feel the fabric.  Haha!  Oh, what a good laugh we all had.

Someone asked about the golden retrievers, the street scene and the fish quilts – these are prize winning art quilts and are one-of-a-kind.  There is no way anyone could or would produce a pattern for quilts such as these.  I guarantee that nobody except the original artist could even make it.  Wish I had taken some close ups – each quilt has thousands and thousands of small fabric snippets.  Each one was simply unbelievable!

I’ll reveal the contents of the sewing basket tomorrow or Monday.


AQS Show in Des Moines

October 7, 2017

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Horse Panel Quilt

October 4, 2017

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Tuesday Update

October 3, 2017

Connie had fun with Claire and Ben last weekend at a local apple orchard.  Ben’s favorite was the tractor but both kids loved the shelled corn play area – is this just an Iowa “thing” or do other states have shelled corn for kids to play in? Here are some of the plants that moved […]

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Friday Misc.

September 29, 2017

Last weekend Reed and I went to Pet Kingdom in Algona, IA.  The only pets they sell are fish, frogs, turtles etc. otherwise I couldn’t possible enter the store.  It’s a big 2 story store with a grooming department and a huge variety of pet supplies.  They have a koi pond near the front door […]

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September 27, 2017

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Fall Table Quilt and Arlo

September 26, 2017

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