Arlo Update

Arlo’s pelvic surgery is over and he’s resting. The vet expects the plates for his opposite leg, 3 breaks, to arrive by Thursday. One step down, more surgery to come and an extended stay at the vet clinic in Marshalltown. Arlo isn’t out of the woods yet. Both Ginny and I thank you for your concern and your prayers. I’ll keep you posted.

Update on My Day of R and R

When Ginny got home, her dogs Cyrus and Arlo sneaked out of the gate. Cyrus returned but sadly Arlo was hit on the road by a pickup. He broke the big bone in his back leg, both little bones and his pelvis! He is at the vet’s office waiting for surgery on Monday. Please, if you’re a dog lover, will you say a little prayer for Arlo and Ginny? This breaks my heart!