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America For Me

Jan came through for you guys! She has America For Me ready for you to buy and not only that – she has a kit! There are some wonderful new wovens out there besides some really nice navies. You might plan on using your red, white, and blue fabric collection. I know I could make several quilts with mine. I think this link will take you to Jan’s site to purchase the pattern and/or kits.

And someone asked to see a picture of my quilt again. I could only stand to throw it on the fence and take one picture since the heat index was over 100 at the time!

Isn’t it just wonderful? My dark fabrics are fading but then so am I – ha! In this heat I’m really fading. When you open the door it’s like stepping into a furnace! Chores in this heat are miserable – just as bad as when it’s 25 below zero. Hard, very hard!

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More Musings

Tina called my blabber “musings” and it sounds so much more dignified-haha! Today we’re going to talk about hydrangeas, fences and rugs.

Several readers asked about the hydrangeas standing so tall – that’s because they have a fence in front of them which I installed way last spring when they were just beginning to grow.

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Becky and I saw this movie last night – it’s described online as a musical fantasy about Elton John. This morning I’m still watching the trailers and humming along! I would love to see this movie again so I can catch more of the details. The heavy British accent was difficult to understand at times but oh, how we loved the musical productions and the singing by Taron Egerton who plays Elton! I should have put the graphics here – we enjoyed the movie, produced by Elton John, so so much – I’m still singing Crocodile Rock this morning on the porch – ha!

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