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Do I Have What It Takes?

I’m not sure I do. Within the last 24 hours I’ve learned that I really have no WordPress support from my host/server and that malicious codes the hackers used will continue to attack this blog. One day I might be able to post and another day I might not be able to reply and I’m never going to have any warning.

There is a web developer who could possibly “fix” it but it could cost many thousands of dollars. And after it’s all fixed the site needs to be maintained and updated for a monthly fee that could be $400 and up. He says on his site that “WHEN your WordPress site is hacked , not IF your WordPress site is hacked” which just shocks me.

So…..I am going to limp along as best I can for now until I can figure out what to do next. I would like to return to the Rug-along, the Dirty Dozen, Adventures With Reed, Quilts, plants, animals, books and general farm news. And I know you’d like to return as well. If I can’t post or reply, I will have Connie put an announcement in the comments.

It’s 6:15 am and I never got to sleep last night at all. I finally came downstairs at 3 am and cleaned the kitchen. Now I think I’ll head to my sewing room and try to clear a path.