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Good Grief!

I thought I’d tackle that photo on our home page tonight and as you can see I’ve managed to delete our logo and our photo is filling the screen nearly life size! Hahaha! I’m working on it but I might have to enlist help. See, I told you I led a simple life – but definitely not uncomplicated in this case. Please just ignore it until I can get this fixed! My apologies.

Info About Connie’s Star Quilt

Several asked where this pattern could be found.

Here is the book.

It is called Double Date.

Reed will be here any minute to do chores with me so this is it. We met our goal and then some – thank you for supporting our blog. Winter storm warning for our area tomorrow – our ladies’ brunch is scheduled for tomorrow morning – hope we all make it to town and home again.


I’ve got an appointment at the eye clinic but MAYBE I can write a post when I get home – thanks for the input that you got the test photos. I hate to jinx myself and say (it’s fixed)!!!!! Hold your breath. My IPad is a mini and quite old – I actually don’t even have a keyboard – I type it all with my thumbs! I’ve gotten pretty good at it! Hahaha!

One of my new “starts” from Jane and it’s already blooming! My basement greenhouse has the best looking plants – I should move more down there.