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A Quick Post

I’m getting ready for church but I know you’re wondering about Alfalfa. I called the vet Saturday morning and he euthanized the poor old guy. Now to wait for the guy with a backhoe to dig a hole so we can bury him. Reed and I went to the quilt show late but we enjoyed it so much. I’ll show you pictures later. Connie left for the cruise which will leave Galveston today. More from her later, too. Off to church – it’s confirmation Sunday which means a huge crowd of family attending. Texas Tech won last night in a thriller game!

A Quick Note

The Barn Swallows kit was sold to my neighbor who picked it up by 5 pm. If I come across more, I’ll post them. Thanks for your interest. Nothing new here today so I’m going to watch more of Mrs, Maisel. Basketball games tonight!