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So nice to hear from you guys!

Denise was able to add Millie’s picture so some of you got it and some didn’t. Last night in the middle of my long post WordPress went through an update – I think it was right while I was trying to post. The result I believe is a whole new order of posting that Denise and I will have to figure out because it’s beyond me! I think I can write but adding pictures is totally changed so just bear with me while I experiment and work with Denise! I shall return!

Oh my gosh! That picture posted! I clicked on a different icon! Hold your breath – maybe we can still do this. The picture is from an outdoor wedding we attended last Friday.

Long Time, No Post!

I’ll bet you guys thought I was just loafing, didn’t you? I’ve had so much trouble with WordPress that powers this blog and I’m going to make a short post now to see if it will load. If it does, I’ll be back tonight to catch up with lol of you.

Here’s Millie asleep in my red purse!

Picture won’t post!!!!!!