Rainy Thursday and Basketball!

At least it’s not snowing, huh? When I got up this morning several hens were in the yard – they hopped through the cat door! So fun to see them in the yard again! The Big. 12 Tournament is going on today so I have a day of BB. Reed is coming this afternoon to piece his quilt back. You all were so complimentary to Reed and we all appreciate it – Reed, his siblings, his mom and dad, his grandmas and all of us who love Reed. Thank you!

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Remember that hacked credit card on Valentine’s Day? And the trouble many of you have been having with posting comments? I’m on it – a real mess but I think I’ve found the problem – now to fix it. Hang in there – I’ll be back ASAP!

A Morning Chat

I felt like a different person this morning getting up to a much cleaner house after I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning floors, burning trash, changing all the kitty litter, straightening up the garage so I could walk thru, putting stuff away and just generally tidying up. It was a wonderful feeling which I’ve got to remember!

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I have ignored my plants to the point of losing many – both scheffeleras, the geraniums, several other houseplants and my succulents are sitting here with limp leaves! Nobody can accuse me of overwatering! So I have spent a good hour this morning trying to revive them. I’ve always said people tend to overwater – ha! Obviously not me! I’d better pay more attention.

Sitting here at the table in the sunny southeast corner I reminisce about my mom turning on the radio to KSMN at 9:30 every morning. That’s when Kitchen Klatter came on and I was first introduced to listening to family members, other than my own, chat and visit about daily life. I’ve said this so many times before but it’s true – what goes around, comes around. That was the 50’s and 60’s. They also printed a small magazine which brings me to the 90’s through 20012 or so when I wrote the Goat Gazette and Mom laughed and teased me that my newspaper was very similar to the Kitchen Klatter Magazine. On to 2014 to the present – writing this blog is just a continuation of radio, newspaper and has become the 21st Century family chat. Wow, I can’t believe this phenomenon of people wanting to read daily posts about everyday life. The only time I can really understand it is when I hear about YOUR life and what’s happening – like Kathy’s milk cows, Jo’s new grandson, Connie’s new puppy (not Betty, a different Connie who has Addie), weather across the country, what’s happening in Canada and Australia – I could go on and on.

Thanks for all the advice concerning my cracked fingers – I swear I’ve tried them all but the minute I don’t think I need it, they crack again. I have to be more diligent!

Thanks for all the book suggestions – we’re going to have quite a list this month.

I took these pictures once again because I’m going to print these to remind myself next summer how much I really love warm weather and green grass.

This is where my houseplants live all summer. So hard to imagine that today.

And I just took this picture from my window – 3 squirrels chomping away!

And I keep sunflower seeds in this red can – luckily the lid is still visible so I can open the can. The laundry tub is full to the brim with snow. And did you hear we are expecting another weekend blizzard? The post on FB was written by a meteorologist whose birthday is Sunday, March 10th, so he labeled this storm The Birthday Blizzard! – which is pretty funny because it’s Rick’s birthday, too.

I’ve been saving my orange peels so I could make this air freshener. Saw it on Pinterest – fill a quart jar with orange peels and cover with vinegar. Leave it sit for 2 weeks, then strain out the peels and put it in a spray bottle. I’ll let you know if it really works.

I could spend hours on Pinterest – I love it! It’s like looking at every great quilt, decorating, gardening and cooking magazine all in one. Feel free to look at my Pinterest boards if you like such things. Not only do I like to Pin new ideas, I also like to look over the boards I’ve already saved. Oh, like I need another idea!!!!

This orchid in front of me continues to bloom even though the leaves look pretty sad. I don’t understand orchids at all!

Very sunny here today but also very cold and windy! The afternoon is ahead – what will I choose to work on? What will YOU work on?