United Colors

I told you I had a surprise for you Monday morning, didn’t I?


Remember this great quilt by Scott Hansen that was shown in Quiltmania? We all thought it was photographed sideways on the bed.

Connie especially loved this quilt and wanted to make it in a smaller version – here it is!

Scott agreed to include this version in his original pattern called United Colors.


When you go to his store to order the original pattern, use the code COUNTRYTHREADS2019 which will be good until February 14 to get 20% off any Blue Nickel patterns. Your order of United Colors pattern will include the small version measurements to make out quilt

We will not be selling this pattern from our blog – you MUST order it from Scott.

Now Connie wants to make the original size version. Here is a picture of both size A blocks.

Scott got interested in the small version, too. Here is his Mini United Colors.

Just anything goes, doesn’t it? I’m going to make this for my porch next summer.

Remember – you must order from Scott at Blue Nickel Studios with the code COUNTRYTHREADS2019 by Valentines Day, February 14, 2019.

WE ARE NOT SELLING THIS PATTERN! Please do not ask me where to get it or send money to me for this pattern. If you do I will simply ignore your comment and if you send money for this pattern, I will keep your money and send you nothing in return.

Can you hear the frustration in my voice. Country Threads is NOT selling this pattern.

Here is Scott’s link again.


We’ve never presented a new pattern in this way so I’m trying to be very clear. Please re-read this post if you have any questions.

Tomorrow is Bullseye Step 2. We’re going slow on our 48 blocks but that way everybody can keep up. Bonnie revealed the mystery quilt last Friday and I’ve been sewing for a woman possessed to get it together because I have several other projects waiting – just like you guys!

And here it is January 8 – past book club posting. Have you read any great books in December? Please tell me and I will post them next week for everyone.

Wow! So much info in this post. I’ll save Beyond The Battlefield till later in the week. Checks should be made out to Country Threads for $29.50 and send to 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. Our address is coming n our home page under our photo.

Carry on – until tomorrow!

Beyond The Battlefield Part 3

Another gorgeous day in North Iowa – normally it’s below zero now. Even if it does get very cold now, I can never trust the Farmers Almanac again since they predicted a colder than normal winter for us.

Let’s look at the remaining quilts.


Hiding In Plain Sight, 30″ x 30″

Twilight Visions, 66″ x 76″

Speaking Out, 51″ x 68″

Best Of All, 58″ x58″

Stitching A Life, 31″ x 39″

North Star, 50″ x 55″

Beyond The Battlefield can be purchased from Country Threads for $29.50 including tax and shipping. Send your check to our address on the home page. Checks will not be cashed until your book is sent. Release date is February 1.

And that’s it, Folks, until Book Two arrives late 2019.

P.S. An exciting Arlo update – he’s home with Ginny and so happy to see everybody in his little family! He has to be quiet for at least another month but the more walks he takes, the stronger his broken pelvis and leg will be. He lost weight while at the clinic which will help – less weight would help most of us.

Ginny is thankful for Dr. Drager and staff at the Marshalltown Vet Clinic for all their care and love for Arlo. Keep Ginny and Arlo in your prayers and thanks so much!

Beyond The Battlefield #2

This is the scene today on the farm where it is 48 degrees! I’m sitting outside!

Now for the next quilts in the book.


Heartbeats, 21-1/2″ x 21-1/2″

Vanishing Circles, 45″ x 45″

Freedom, Oh, Freedom, 32″ x 32″

And the cover quilt – Same Tune, New Verse

Each quilt in this book features a woman in the Civil War era who lived and worked “beyond the battlefield”. Our good friend, Tanya Tullos in Houston, did all the research on these women and it is fascinating! We can’t wait for you to read these stories about these extraordinary women.

The book price including tax and postage is $29.50, check or cash. You may send your check to our address on our home page and we will hold it until your book ships, after February 1.

Earlier today I posted Jo’s stores and info in case you’re looking for it.

Tomorrow I will show you the last 6 quilts from the book. And on Monday we’re going to tell you how to get the pattern for the Flag Quilt by our friend Scott – it’s called United Colors and is going to be available in 2 sizes. I’ll show you those quilts on Monday or maybe even Sunday if I have time.

I tried not to post much in December because I knew you’d all be busy so now everything is happening at once – I apologize. I would even have waited to post the book pictures but Martingale forced my hand when they featured it in an email to many of you. Whew! I’m exhausted – how about you?