Summer Days

We’ve had our AC on for days now – very unusual for us. The porch remains my favorite spot even though it’s pretty hot – low 90’s. Gardening is really not fun but Rick continues to weed his vegetables. I quit. Remember last year and those 59 hills of pumpkins, the peppers, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes that I grew? Not this year – my peas are about done and then I’m going to mow that area down. Ella and Dawson have their pumpkins at the far end. My bum knee doesn’t like to weed the garden.

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July 15,2019

Do you have your book beside you? How about a DVD player?

I just finished watching the first chapter on the DVD that addresses cutting the strips.

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Honestly after watching the first chapter, I can’t think of anything else to add. Please watch that first chapter and cut some strips.

If you’re making the rug, you’ll need 50-55 strips cut 2″ wide for the warp.

The body of the rug takes about 12 yards of fabric but that’s sort of hard to figure if you’re using old clothing or linens.

I do not like tearing the strips but you can if you want to. All those raveled edges will drive you crazy eventually and all those threads get tangled up as you twine.

Between now and next Monday, I would like you to have 55 two inch strips cut and joined together for the warp. Chapter two on the dvd is “joining the strips”. Please watch chapters 1 and 2, stop your dvd and do your assignment.

If anyone making a rug has specific questions, let’s use my email address If you ask a question in a comment, please remember to return to the comments to read my answers. So many times I have already answered and I get the same question again. It kinda drives me crazy, I’m sorry to say.

Next week we’ll warp the frame – if you’ve watched the dvd and read the book and want to go ahead, please do. But my general instructions will be on Mondays.

I’m still not finished with this rug – I had a busy weekend!

Millie helped.