A Stormy Afternoon in SE Iowa

Just a quick post to let you know the tornadoes that occurred in Iowa yesterday took place in Bondurant, Marshalltown and Pella, about 3hours southeast of Garner. Forest City had another 4″ of rain flooding the golf course once again but we had only about 1-1/2″. More later.

Fabric Shopping?

Yes, it’s true! Connie and I went to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s this morning to find a decorator fabric for a new project that we’re going to show you.

The fabric is so reasonably priced – we need 1-3/4 yd, of the feature fabric.

So many pretty fabrics! And we also ran into Dawn who used to work at Country Threads -it was fun to catch up with what she’s doing.

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Leaf Report

I love this discussion about the squirrels! We are all having the same issue – Becky just texted me that they have those clumps of leaves on the driveway almost every day. Here’s today’s offerings.

And here’s where I took them. These were some happy goats!

Did you know that goats prefer to browse instead of graze? Browsing means eating upwards like trees and bushes versus grazing downward on grass, etc. Just a little tidbit for you.

Reed’s dad, Kevin, came over tonight and planted my Japanese Lilac tree that Reed gave me for my birthday. I know I could never have dug that hole so having him do it was also a huge gift! Thanks to the whole Rauk family!

Have you ever heard of a joint mouse? I have one. A week ago I got up on Monday morning and literally could not walk because my left knee was so painful and I did not recall doing anything to injure it. I let it go for days because I assumed it would go away. I finally gave in and saw my chiropractor who immediately diagnosed a joint mouse. A joint mouse is a piece of cartilage or bone that breaks off and gets in the joint causing pain. He adjusted it and I’ve seen loads of improvement until yesterday when I mowed again and irritated that mouse big time! So back to the chiropractor again today. Heat, cold, a brace and staying off it will help. Grrrr….I don’t have time to sit with my leg up! Many of you likely understand knee pain – both Becky and Connie have recently had painful knee issues. Could it be a sign of old age? Say it isn’t so!

Leaf Mystery

I see this in my yard on a regular basis -little clumps of leaves in one area.

So who does this? A squirrel? Do they sit in the tree and chew off little clumps of leaves? This was a maple tree but it happens in all the trees. Maybe one of you can tell me. I mowed some of the yard today but did not get to the garden to weed.

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A Visit To Connie’s House

Connie shared her love of fabric and Modpodge with three young friends yesterday. They were making the same kind of folder that she helped Reed and Myra make last winter – with Krafts, fabric, paper and Modpodge.

From left are Samara, Connie, Molly and Katie.

As typical little girls, they squealed with horror when I described the owl pellets. Haha!

Then they wanted to see Connie’s sewing room and I took the opportunity to take pictures of her beautiful yard and gardens.


Today was Garner’s local celebration called Duesey Day. Hundreds of people walked by Connie’s yard and gardens and I know they admired it all.

Becky and I went to the parade and then ate a pork loin sandwich and pie in the park – very fun to see so many of our friends in one place on a gorgeous summer day!

Friday Update

This was one of my jobs today – cleaning the goat pen and rebedding with bales of wood chips that have been in my garage for much too long.

We were at Mayo yesterday and Rick’s surgeon gave him the go-ahead to start helping around the farm. I think we have survived!

And I promised to show pictures of some gifts I received.

Helen from Alabama sent this cat sewing caddy made by her husband. The thimble goes on the tail, the spool in the middle and needle on the magnet. Very clever!

I have always, always wanted one of these kneelers and my good friends, Les and Diane thought I could use one this spring. I can turn it over for a place to sit and the sides help in standing up. We older gardeners need help.

Becky painted this “portrait “of Hazel -probably more of a caricature.

Our cousin, Jill, gave me this penny candy that we remember as kids – only it’s no longer a penny.

And remember those two cakes Reed and I baked?

This is Reed’s family before going to the parade on the Fourth.

June is thrilled to be eating cake on the holiday.

So so sweet!

And here’s my latest thrift store find.

A classic old German picture, 12″x16″,for $4.00. I believe it says God Bless Our Home. Can anyone confirm that?

Connie and I want to THANK YOU for sending your address label with your order. It has really made a difference in the time spent filling orders. There are many envelopes on their way – watch your mailbox.

More mowing and weeding today -my tan never gets a chance to fade. Ha!