The Last Lunch

October 25, 2017

No school today so Reed and Myra each made an art folder with Connie’s help. We used mod podge on a Craft Tex folder – I’ll show the final project when we’re done.  We had lunch on the porch – the last lunch of the season since snow is predicted on Friday.  Here’s Reed with […]

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October 23, 2017

The days fly by and here it is Monday again.  I attended a tea on Saturday morning at Connie’s church which was presented beautifully – Connie’s touch, I’m sure.  We were encouraged to wear hats and gloves so I got out Mom’s hatbox and picked out a hat that matched my dress.  No gloves however […]

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Exciting News From Country Threads

October 19, 2017

We are once again doing a Civil War book for Martingale, our publisher.  This will be our third book featuring quilts made with reproduction fabrics and our deadline is next spring which gives us all winter to make 18-20 quilts.  Here are the first two books. This will be hard on the blog because even […]

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Friday the 13th and Other News

October 13, 2017

Harvest is in full swing in North Iowa but this is the view to the northwest – showers are moving in which will put a stop to harvesting. Got some fun quilt pictures from readers.  These are from Diane McGregor, Squeak’s mom. And this from Gloria — a clever attic window using a panel. Yesterday […]

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The Sewing Basket

October 9, 2017

Inside this sewing basket is the most unique display of hand stitching I have ever seen.  Obviously a young girl was learning the different techniques and methods of hand sewing – some of which are hard to believe and these pictures will not do this handwork justice. Here are cuffs, buttonholes and assorted seams. Here […]

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October 7, 2017

Connie and I stopped at the antique mall on our way home last night.  Look at this great wood cutout picture of a Jack Russell Terrier!  I can’t believe I found this piece of folk art which has pencil scribbling on both sides.  I’m hoping I can remove the pencil marks carefully. I also bought […]

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AQS Show in Des Moines

October 7, 2017

Connie and I attended the AQS and Des Moines quilt guild show yesterday – this is the last year it will be held in DesMoines, IA but the Des Moines guild is going to move the show and vendor mall to thefairgrounds.  It’s a really good show and the quilts are just outstanding.  We talked […]

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Horse Panel Quilt

October 4, 2017

I loved this panel and I agree with all of you – how does one quilt a picture – type panel?  I gave straight line quilting on this panel a try – not too close together so that the stitching distorted the image.  I like the results!  Another Christmas gift in the books – I […]

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Tuesday Update

October 3, 2017

Connie had fun with Claire and Ben last weekend at a local apple orchard.  Ben’s favorite was the tractor but both kids loved the shelled corn play area – is this just an Iowa “thing” or do other states have shelled corn for kids to play in? Here are some of the plants that moved […]

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Friday Misc.

September 29, 2017

Last weekend Reed and I went to Pet Kingdom in Algona, IA.  The only pets they sell are fish, frogs, turtles etc. otherwise I couldn’t possible enter the store.  It’s a big 2 story store with a grooming department and a huge variety of pet supplies.  They have a koi pond near the front door […]

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