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by CountryThreads on December 13, 2012

It’s done and hanging on my wall after being a work in progress for 10 years – yours could be on your wall next year at this time.  Sign up for Wear Warm Clothes Block of the Month online and we’ll start in January.

Remember Benjie, Millie’s dog that came here to live when Millie entered the nursing home?  He is my constant companion and also likes to snuggle in the chair cover.  I’m quite sure he still misses Millie but he gets along great with our other dogs.

This old bark cloth was salvaged from the drapes at our cottage at Okoboji and after washing, ironing, and deconstructing, I have a large chunk of vintage bark cloth for new curtains – one of my next projects.

Faye loves Connie – it will be one year on December 18, our cantata date last year that Faye came to live with us.  She is a darling little girl but nothing, absolutely nothing like Janey!  That doesn’t mean I don’t love her but there was something about Janey that I can’t forget or get over.

The chickens like to sun themselves in the south window perched on Susannah’s old chair.   Do you know of any other goat that has her own easy chair?

Look how big my guineas are getting!  They will be so ready to go outside and explore next spring.

Remember this classic quilt?  It’s Ragtime by Quilt Country and since we just received so many new beautiful brushed cottons, we asked Pam if she would remake this old favorite and it is wonderful!  Made from fat quarters, we will be kitting up this classic quilt very soon.

Becky’s daughter, Jenny, is home for a couple weeks from Louisville, KY so it’s time to get together for a pizza and catch up on all her news.

What’s new at your house?

Mary E.

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