Wear Warm Clothes Fabric Packs


The hold up is just about over for all of you waiting for your Wear Warm Clothes fabric pack! With so many of our staff sick with the flu, we got delayed on the cutting and packaging. See these stacks of cut fabrics? Joan and Mandy are packaging up the kits today and everything will be sent tomorrow! I love my quilt on the wall and by next winter yours will be finished, too. If you haven’t signed up for this block of the month lasting only 6 months, you still have time. Sign up online for the pattern and fabric, $223.95 or pattern only for $24.95.

2 thoughts on “Wear Warm Clothes Fabric Packs

  1. Dale Conley

    I purchased the fabric for “Wear Warm Clothes” and already have the book. I have noticed with the fabric list, it has items not in the book, such as: pieced star, zipper pull, soup bowl, appliqued circle and three pockets. Also, do we just make the blocks or are we going to have information on which ones to do first? Just a little confused. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  2. joanip

    I, too, purchased fabric and am wondering what next? Do we receive monthy instructions on what comes first? I guess I am confused about “block of the month”


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