Dirty Dozen Finishes, 4-4-2020

Thanks to everyone who sent their Dirty Dozen pictures! Here they are:

The following photos are from Linda Greethurst , Urbandale, IA

Linda – would you please answer in the comments if someone asks about your projects? I am not familiar with any of them so can’t help. Readers – please address your questions to Linda G.

No matter where I lay a quilt down, somebody, in this case Millie, will find it and lay down on it!
Tammy finds me no matter what chair I sit down in – this is the cat I cannot pick up and get to the vet – yet she will lay on my lap for hours at a time if I let her.

After a few nice days it’s hard to believe we have snow on the ground and the temp is 22 this morning with a wind chill of 11.

I still have not figured out how to resize these photos – I’m sure they’re posting too big and you’re likely having problems loading and storing them especially if your internet is slow. I’m going to work on it today so if you get a goofy post, it’s just me practicing – a great opportunity to close some more ads.

Have a great Saturday – Palm Sunday tomorrow. If you’d like to tune in to our church service, go to Facebook, Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church, Garner, IA.

Be Still…….

SURPRISE! 4-2-2020

We’ve got a great new project for you – paper pieced coffee cups which are so much easier than the houses. Here’s a little quilt and 3 pincushions that Connie made. Aren’t they just the cutest?

(I simply don’t believe what has happened to my blog format!!! They changed it!!! Bear with me – I’m not sure how this program works! I simply hate that they do this to me!)

Here’s a bit of history regarding the coffee cups. This little quilt was my very first attempt at paper piecing – at least 30 years ago. Just to make this story even funnier, we discovered I left the paper inside!!!!

Connie has improved on this little quilt – so much better!

We are offering two pages of coffee cup blocks and some very simple instructions for $5.00 and a SASE.

Also —- remember our project Hidden In Plain Sight from Beyond the Battlefield? I finally finished it and it’s on my table. How many of you started it? How many of you finished it? How many of you don’t have the book and would like to make it?

We are going to offer our last supply of Beyond the Battlefield, Retail $25.99 for $15.00 plus postage of $7.85. That darned old postage! So if you don’t have this book, you can get a copy mailed to your home for $22.85 and please include an address label for us to use. We cannot accept PayPal or credit card. Your payment must be cash or check only.

The 3 new Itty Bitty quilts are still available for $3.00 each.

Two pages of paper pieced houses are available for $5.00

We gotta keep you guys busy! This is our time to spend sewing and staying at home with our families. Soon we can plant our gardens and mow lawns – none of us know how long this is going to last so Connie and I feel the need to entertain you – haha!!!

Don’t ever forget our two words to live by – BE STILL.