A Bitterly Cold Morning, 2-20-2020

When it gets to 15 below and gets colder, it hardly matters. Just plain COLD! My friend Gloria took this picture yesterday morning – isn’t it beautiful?

I had a reader want to see the book and author of the 4 patch blocks I’m working on.

The book is Sisterhood of Scraps by Lissa Alexander and published by Martingale.

Here are the two different blocks used in the quilt.

There is another Sisterhood book coming and Connie and I will have a quilt included. Connie made the quilt before she left for Florida and after Sue quilted it, I did the hand binding. I’m trying to take a beautiful picture in the snow but it’s so hard to walk in the snow and so bitterly cold that I have yet to succeed. Wish I could show you the quilt but probably not.

Look at my oat grass that just popped up in about 2 days!

I’m working on some very small UFO’s – here’s some pincushions that I made from shirt cuffs as well as a buttoned pocket. These will go to our sale.

These simple pincushions are filled with a sand and sawdust combination.

Yesterday Owen spent a couple hours with me while his mom, Samantha, had a class. As when I visited my Grandma Andy, cookies were served at every meal – even breakfast!

I gave my Clifford stuffed toy to Owen to play with but Hazel thought for sure it was hers so I had to put it up. She stared at it longingly and just hoped against hope that she’d would be allowed to play with it!

Yesterday was mom’s younger sister Blanche’s 94th birthday. She is at Westview Care Center in Britt so I went to see her and took her a little succulent in a white cup. I made the quilt on the bed a couple years ago. I was so pleased that she recognized me when I got to her bedside.

I went directly to therapy when I left the care center. This was my most painful day of therapy yet and I’m just not sure I’ll go back to my appointment on Friday. I will be seeing my surgeon on Friday morning and I hope he will listen to me but many of you know he probably won’t. Doctors take a complaint of continuing pain as just part of recovery after surgery. I am very discouraged. You did not ever hear me say this last fall, did you?

Brrrr, it’s so cold. I think I’ll go sit in my chair with another cup of coffee.

No Real News, 2-18-2020

I even had to look up today’s date, that’s how out of touch I am with the world. Yesterday we had probably at least an inch of rain – yes, rain! And then it got colder and this was the scene out my window.

See that big puddle behind the pickup? Rain created that and now it’s ice. Yikes! Ice under everything. Travel last night was so treacherous – cars were just creeping along on the highway. It was heavy wet snow but if the wind comes up, even that snow can be blown around creating blizzard-like conditions. Sigh. Weather in North Iowa.

This is today.

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High Winds and a Bitter Cold

The last two days after the blizzard have been miserable – strong south winds mean awful conditions at our place because our grove is on the north and west leaving us very vulnerable on the south and east. The dog door has to be closed or the flap would be blowing straight out. Thus the dogs have been as unhappy as me.

Look at today tho’……

It’s actually above freezing and melting – hallelujah!

I’m watching college basketball and making 4 patch blocks. Only 40 more to go. Ha!

Here’s the book list.


Tried to make these handwritten pages easier to read. Or did it make it too big?

Here’s Pamela’s gorgeous neutral Gypsy Wife and Sophie matches!

This ad supported blog appreciates all the photos you send and all your comments and support. Not much for today – but there’s always tomorrow!

Gosh I almost forgot about the birdseed bag – maybe today!