More Books To Talk About 1-17-2020

With treacherous weather outside I am happily sitting at my table in front of all the windows looking at quilt books – again. What’s not to love about reviewing books?

Why haven’t I ever made a blue and white quilt? I honestly don’t know and I have some really wonderful blue fabrics! This might move to near the top of my list – I prefer those quilts in the book that used multiple blue fabrics. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION! I am not attracted to two fabric quilts – one blue fabric and one light fabric – very boring. It might as well be made in black and white – no depth or interest. Now that we’ve established my preferences, ha!, I remembered a blue and white book from years ago – home dec, not quilts but this is such a pretty book published by the editors of Victoria Magazine. I spent time enjoying it again this afternoon.

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What Have I Been Doing?

My friend, Felicia, called me this afternoon and asked me what I’ve been doing – since sitting in a chair is not normal for me. It’s pretty boring at times but necessary as is therapy. If I want to garden and mow lawn this spring, I’ll put up with it. Right?

The feed truck came today so we are supplied with feed till spring. The dogs watched from the house.

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