Ladies Christmas Brunch

Every year on the first Saturday in December our church women’s fellowship puts on a ladies brunch with food, music, quilts to give away and a program. The men of the church do the serving and clean up – isn’t that a spectacular idea? Last year the weather was so bad and it was snowing heavily when we were leaving – the men cleaned snow off the cars, started them to get warm and then drove them to the front door for us to step into and drive away. Really a nice gesture, don’t you think?

I took two guests – Ihla in the red jacket who goes to our church and Marlene in the black and white who is the activity director at Concord Care Center. (This is not a very good picture but it is what it is!)

Table decorations – clever!

And this favor which is two Hershey nuggets taped together on the bottom and scripture in a tiny print with a red string for a bookmark – VERY clever.

The program was so very interesting and was delivered by Julienne Friday, a professor at Waldorf College in Forest City, 12 miles north of Garner – also where Becky lives. She makes Renaissance string instruments.

This is called a psaltry.

It is played with a small bow with horsehair strings. She was giving a children’s sermon one time during a televised service and telling the kids about the instrument – explaining that the letter strings were on one side and the sharps and flats on the opposite side. She posed the question to the kids: “what’s the most important string?” A little boy piped up immediately “the G string!” And of course it was all caught on TV – hahaha!

It was an excellent program and I’m sorry Becky wasn’t there because she would have appreciated the instruments.

I stopped at Marline’s house on the way home to see her dog Finn. Quite a few years ago I worked with a transport team who drove dogs from kill shelters in the south to Minneapolis where rescues and fosters had agreed to take the dogs and find homes for them. One of the dogs I transported in my car was Finn – my friends, Al and Ginny, were also on this transport and took my picture with Finn. I fell in love with him! But dogs cannot be removed from transport and I had 5 dogs at that time. So Finn left my van and traveled to a rescue in Mpls. where he was adopted out twice and returned because he was WILD! He’d come from a mill, had never had any freedom and his adoptive families just didn’t want to work with him. It was easier to return him. I happened to find out and I was frantic to find him a home – a permanent home. I walked into the bank where Marline was working at the time and as I told her the story she said, “We’ll go get him!”

Do you have those times when you just hang your head in awe and think – this was a God moment? THIS was one of those times. Marline’s husband Robert arranged to go get him, paid a steep price to the rescue who had already failed twice, and drove home with Finn. As they came into Garner, Bob told Finn he’d never have to leave again- he was home forever!

I have goosebumps and watery eyes just thinking about this story. It’s my pleasure to introduce you all to Finn –

Isn’t he just the cutest dog? I took so many pictures and this is all I have to show you because he was a blur – ha!

And that my best story for today. We’re watching the Wisconsin/Ohio State game!


Lots of News!

1. Connie will be having arthroscopic surgery on her right knee on January 6 – she’ll feel like a new woman when her knee doesn’t hurt any more BUT she’s been getting acupuncture treatments and they have really helped with the pain. Isn’t that remarkable?

2. I had my 6 week appointment today and all is well and I had hoped to schedule the surgery for my other knee BUT my doctor took up skiing 3 years ago at age 52 and now he takes all of his vacation in the winter so he can go skiing. He will check his skiing schedule and call me.

3. I have hired a trouble shooter for my blog problems! Hallelujah! Here’s the deal in a nutshell – I guess everybody has problems like I’m having BUT I am taking it personally. Ha! I guess I should quit worrying so much.

4. If for some reason, and nobody will know why, you see that you’re not receiving blog posts by email, try to sign up again. If it doesn’t work immediately, keep up online with the blog posts and try again in a week or so.

5. If you have questions about the ads, your subscription, your pictures, the free patterns, feel free to email me at

6. I did the afternoon chores today and couldn’t resist a picture of the tribe under the heat bulb.

7. Someone asked how far the quilt shop is from the house – how far I have to walk outside when the weather is bad. Here’s a picture from the garage with the door open and you can see the shop just beyond.

8. I went through all my wonderful cards, transferred the addresses to my book and then sorted them out to find all the animal cards.

I loved receiving all these cards! And now I’m going to pass them on to Aidan, Lucy and Owen to cut and paste the cute pictures of the dogs and cats. Good idea, right?

9. My new jacket – have you ever thought about living in a cold weather area and how many jackets/coats/shawls/ponchos/coverups you need? I have more coats than should be allowed but we wear coats many months of the year. Here is my newest down jacket that I have gotten so many compliments on – my right hand is playing with Betty in this picture taken at Connie’s house.

I think I’ve covered it all except for one thing – Connie and I will be doing a book signing and trunk show at The Quilters Window in New Hampton, IA, next Thursday, December 12 from 5-7:30. It’s Ladies Night Out and we’re joining the fun – will YOU come and see us? We’d love to meet you!

More Fun!

Here are Dot and Lily at Connie’s house – sitting shoulder to shoulder on top of a Split Squares table mat. Isn’t this just the sweetest picture of sisters? And look behind them to see Frosty ready to hang up. Remember Diane’s Dirty Dozen picture?

Just look at all those Itty Bitty Frosty quilts?

You, too, can make Frosty – this pattern is available for $3.00 and a SASE.

AND – here is a free pattern for Split Squares. You could make one in red and white for Christmas!

More Dirty Dozen finishes: