High Winds and a Bitter Cold

The last two days after the blizzard have been miserable – strong south winds mean awful conditions at our place because our grove is on the north and west leaving us very vulnerable on the south and east. The dog door has to be closed or the flap would be blowing straight out. Thus the dogs have been as unhappy as me.

Look at today tho’……

It’s actually above freezing and melting – hallelujah!

I’m watching college basketball and making 4 patch blocks. Only 40 more to go. Ha!

Here’s the book list.


Tried to make these handwritten pages easier to read. Or did it make it too big?

Here’s Pamela’s gorgeous neutral Gypsy Wife and Sophie matches!

This ad supported blog appreciates all the photos you send and all your comments and support. Not much for today – but there’s always tomorrow!

Gosh I almost forgot about the birdseed bag – maybe today!

Happy Valentines Day, 2-14-20

It’s a cold Valentines a Day in North Iowa with a strong south wind which means we get blasted. Rick went to the barn this morning to find that one of our LP heaters went off in the night. The little backup heater is trying hard but can’t keep up with that wind. So I’ve called the Coop.

The dogs didn’t want to hang around outside so they’re watching with me.

I was asked if I strip pieced all those little four patch blocks – nope, not even one of the 387 because I had an entire plastic tub full of 1-1/2″ squares and 2-1/2″ squares so I used them. I probably didn’t cut even 40 additional squares. Here’s the two block unit I’ll be working on next.

Sorry it’s sideways! Gotta run – therapy, you know. More later.

Miscellaneous Thursday

Some answers today and some blabber.

The name of this Jen Kingwell pattern is The Avenue.

Here is the frog pattern.

Another Dirty Dozen finish.

My clean and tidy bookshelves.

I pulled this many books that were duplicates or ones I’m no longer interested in.

This is my next death cleaning area.

Looks a bit like a hoarder’s desk – scary!

These books came out for me to look at before I see which pile they go to.

Jen S. in Colorado – if you’re reading this, look at what I came across!

Oh, those waffle cones!

And this is what I’m working on – 250 little four patches and 72 nine patches for Friendship Starter in the Sisterhood book. Since I can’t sit at the machine for too long, it is taking me forever!!!

Look at this great bird seed bag – I’m going to make myself a new small bag because it’s such a great design.

And this 2011 engagement calendar by Alma Allen is too beautiful to part with because I, too, like to collect the simple tools of the trade from years ago.

Here’s a sample of what’s inside. I love to search for these same things at the antique store.

Exactly 24 hours ago it started to snow – and then the wind came up – which resulted in whiteout conditions! Very dangerous to be on the road when you can’t see where the road ends and the ditch begins. About midnight the wind died down and the temp began to fall – all the way to 20 below zero this morning with a wind chill of -38. School was cancelled and I think about those farm dogs who live outside as well as the farm cats and chickens, too, who don’t have any heat. I walked out to the shop and back today – and it was brutal.

Are there any more book titles coming my way? If not, I’ll post the new list tomorrow.

Stay warm!