Anniversary Quilt For Jean

Jean reminded me to post Connie’s anniversary quilt – the staff made it for their 30th anniversary – I think.  That would have been about 17 years ago – really?  Now you’re going to ask me what book this can be found in – that will take quite a lot of time to find – why don’t you just ask Jan?  That’s Jan Patek – the designer of the quilt.  Jan – if you’re reading this, save us all some time and post the book name in the comments, please.  Here is the wonderful quilt, faded but still beautiful!

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Oh Happy Day!

UPS delivered a small book box today – could it be an advance copy?

Oh my gosh, it was so exciting!  There it was in front of me!

AND a personal note from Jennifer Keltner, Publisher & Chief Visionary Officer, Martingale.

The book retails for $25.99 plus postage which will require me to take a single book in a mailer to the post office to see what that will cost.  Please don’t send your check until I can do that on Monday and then I’ll let you know.

And now while I have your attention I’m going to try to post those missing pictures from yesterday that didn’t post for some of you.

I hope these show up – here’s a couple more.

And more projects!


And I leave you with a thought – who could imagine my current pet peeve – setting my cane down in chicken manure and then bringing it into the house?  Haha!  You just have to see the funny side of things!

Bullseye Quilt Pattern

Many of you have forgotten what the Bullseye Quilt looks like.  Here is Connie’s quilt.  If you think you might want to refer to this info down the road, please save it now.

Here is a closeup of it after it was quilted and before and after washing.


This single sheet pattern can be ordered for $3.00 and a SASE sent to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

Last Saturday we visited Rick’s brother and his wife – their 2 daughters were home from Colorado for the weekend.  Their families didn’t come along this time – it was fun to just sit and chat with them.  They’re both busy of course with jobs, families and pastimes. Here are Jen and Amy.