Another Snowy Day

I could hear the rain/sleet/ice hitting the windows early this morning so it was no surprise that school was cancelled. Hard to see in this picture but it has all turned to snow now.

My days are long in some ways but short in others. I started taking my pain pills more regularly as was written on the bottle but after about 24 hours it all caught up with me and I was dizzy and nauseated. All I could do is sleep in my chair and if I got up I felt sick. So today I’ll try something else – what have I got to lose, right?

First of all I’ve got some fun pictures to show you of Moose, Heather and Tony ‘s latest rescue from Straight-Outta-Rescue in the Vancouver area.

And here is Moose, 110 pounds, with his little buddy, Bacchus, 45 pounds. There’s also a middle GS named Pixie who didn’t want her picture taken.

And yesterday Fed Ex brought me this box of something perishable which Rick forgot in the van. Not to worry – our garage is like a refrigerator!

This came from Tony, Heather, Bacchus and Moose – huge strawberries dipped in chocolate! I had three without blinking an eye – haha! Delicious!

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The Dig Out 1-19-2020

What a terrible storm! We didn’t get all that much snow, maybe 4-6″, but the 50 mph winds did us in! And last night the wind chill was about 30 below. Tundra weather.

I had a migraine yesterday and the light was so bright I couldn’t look out the windows. This is a glimpse of what I saw.

Roads are 100% ice packed – you might be able to navigate them at 30 mph.

My niece, Jenny who lives in Louisville, KY, tried to fly home yesterday only to be stranded in Chicago until last night. She made it into the Des Moines airport where her brother, Danny, picked her up since he lives in a Des Moines suburb. Becky and Tom attempted to drive to Danny’s house this morning but had to turn back. Roads were very bad! Oh, how sad – Jenny only had 5 days to be home and this storm has really shortened her long awaited visit.

Now, on the other hand, who would try to fly to Iowa in January? And you mothers out there – can you imagine the worry you would feel for your child? It’s just too bad because Becky was really looking forward to having Jenny at home.

Me? I’m sitting at the table watching the birds and there was a large one there earlier that I didn’t recognize – large, dark on top with gold under the wings. It was eating suet. Anybody know the bird I saw? Going to my bird book next.

Jan VanDeWalle – you are also a book winner but your email bounced back. Please contact me at

I’m also watching Rick move snow with the tractor. He is in 7th Heaven – haha!

I’m getting ready to watch the football games – you?

Here are more Dirty Dozen finishes.

I think Kay Crandall might get the prize for the most difficult UFO’s I’ve ever seen. This is another Judy Niemeyer design.

This is Heather Kittelson’s Country Threads Sampler. Mine is hanging in my laundry room. Here it is. I hate that dark block in the top row.

And this is Moose, Heather’s most recent rescue. He hit the jackpot becoming one of Tony and Heather’s dogs. Five homes ago he had been found with a chain – grown into his neck!!!!! I can’t stand it!

And I’m going to show this quilt and back again because I don’t want any of you to miss it. Mary O. gets the prize for perfect pressing in my book.

Mary – send me your mailing address – I’m going to make you a book winner!

I’ll close with a few content cats.

Millie asleep on top of the picnic basket.

Deano cuddled up in the afghan.

Deano and BC grooming each other in the chair.

Telly patiently waiting for Dad.

Game time!

More Books To Talk About 1-17-2020

With treacherous weather outside I am happily sitting at my table in front of all the windows looking at quilt books – again. What’s not to love about reviewing books?

Why haven’t I ever made a blue and white quilt? I honestly don’t know and I have some really wonderful blue fabrics! This might move to near the top of my list – I prefer those quilts in the book that used multiple blue fabrics. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION! I am not attracted to two fabric quilts – one blue fabric and one light fabric – very boring. It might as well be made in black and white – no depth or interest. Now that we’ve established my preferences, ha!, I remembered a blue and white book from years ago – home dec, not quilts but this is such a pretty book published by the editors of Victoria Magazine. I spent time enjoying it again this afternoon.

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