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Two Kitties Left – Anybody?

The two gray kitties went home with Teresa N. this afternoon.

These two sweetie pies are still looking for a home – together, please. Let me know in the comments if you can pick them up tomorrow. They will need hand feeding for awhile. And I’d love to know they lived in the house and not outside. North Iowa is just not conducive for healthy cats.

Please let me know in the comments if I can line you up with kitties!

Can anybody take these two – they must go together – they’re too little to go by themselves. They will need hand feedi

Kathy’s Kitties – Help Wanted!

My neighbor, Kathy, found their 4 kitties who need help because she also found their momma dead. These kitties are about 4 weeks old and just starting to eat on their own. They need some TLC! Is anybody looking for a kitten? If I didn’t already have 12, I’d take these two gray/Siamese marked kittens in a heartbeat!!!

So many times people ask me about kitties and I never know of any – now there’s 4 kitties who desperately need a home. Kathy and her husband spend 4 months in the winter in the south so there’s no one at their farm to take care of the cats and that’s why they need to find these guys a home.

Anybody local who could help? Or do you have a momma cat nursing kittens? Many times the momma will allow orphans to join. Can you let me know in the comments? I’ll be mowing lawn today but will check the comments often.