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Big Brother Is Watching

I don’t think I can even explain the current situation with Google AdSense because I don’t understand it either. We discovered that we are being fined approximately 20% each month because I have talked about closing the ads on the blog. So in my desire to follow the rules and explain what I know, this blog post will result in a big fine.

When readers click and reclick on ads to “help” support this blog, we are being fined. And I know those of you who have done it in the past are only trying to help us. This blog takes many hours to prepare, take photos and answer questions — which is what I love about our group! But at the same time, Google knows exactly what 3rd party is doing it, they know your computer and they are watching me as well.

For those of you who read this blog and continue to ask me how to close an ad, are you serious? You’re online and you keep asking me which results in a fine every time. Surely you’ve closed ads before and know that to either read the ad or close the ad, you must move your cursor to that spot and click on it. Now just this explanation is going to get me in trouble.

So what should you do, you ask? I don’t know – look at ads if you like, close the ones you don’t like, but do not repeatedly refresh and click on the ads. After this explanation I’ll probably receive notice that they are canceling this blog. I don’t think I can win either way. I wish there were a way to put ads on the blog that I want to support – like quilting ads, animal products, gardening, hobby farm life, and houseplants.

I’ve also been fined for closing the ads myself which I have NEVER done unless I’ve been demonstrating to someone using my own IPad which might have been 6-10 clicks total in the past 18 months. When they specifically point to 3rd party activity, I have no idea what to advise you to do. If Google doesn’t cancel the whole blog, I might remove ads altogether.

No, I absolutely will not make this a subscription generated blog because the book work alone will be simply too much work. I will look into other solutions but if you never hear from me on this blog again, you’ll understand what happened. You deserve an explanation – I will be available at

Wish me luck!

December’s Dirty Dozen

Are you ready? Our number for December is 12 — twelve.

Are YOU keeping up with our Dirty Dozen game? For those who don’t know how this works – get all your unfinished projects together and number them 1-12. On the first day of each month I’ll draw a number and you will work on that project during the month to finish it. You will feel sooooo good as you finish up these projects that have been languishing in your sewing room.

PS – I got Bonnie’s first mystery clue finished last night as I watched unending football games – I love college football however so I was glued to the tv all day.

It’s snowing lightly here this morning with stiff winds that thankfully moved to the northwest which means the pet door can be open. Freedom!

November 30, Miscellaneous Saturday

This is our yard and driveway today -treacherous outside now and it’s still drizzling. Miserable weather! And not safe to try walking outside after knee surgery.

I’ve had time to look over one of my giveaway books – and I have to admit this book is probably not on my radar – BUT I am not a beginner quilter who is building a fabric collection by purchasing fat quarters. I don’t even have but a few fat quarters and I have nowhere to shop for more.

This is a great book for a beginning quilter – really nice quilts made from fat quarters and here is my favorite – called Penelope.

And yes, Millie is helping. Here’s a better picture of my favorite – love the colors!

Projects are broken down into quilts made with 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 fat quarters – what a brilliant idea for making it easier for the beginner or the intermediate/advanced quilter who wants a quick and fun project! Leave your name in the comments section if you’d like to win this book.

And now to answer all those questions about Laura’s wonderful #4. Here’s the quilt so many of you admired and asked for more info about.

And here’s all the info.

This is not the answer you all were hoping for – Laura purchased this kit several years ago with the free pattern included. I can only encourage you to call Henry Glass or contact them online to see if the pattern is still available.

I started a couple small projects for possible Christmas gifts and if I think they’re worthy of a blog post, I’ll show you. Connie had her MRI on her knee yesterday and after she sees her dr. I’ll let you know what she found out.

I did get to the barn last Monday before our weather worsened. I wanted to see the tribe and here are a couple photos – not good photos because they all run as a group!

And there’s Emma’s chair – empty – without Emma. When animals die of old age after a comfortable life, I can accept their death but Emma died in a freak accident that might have been avoided and that makes me sick.

Mama Kitty is still in the barn, thank goodness!

And there’s only this one blonde “bad hair day” girls left.

I sit at the table hours every day – here’s a few sweeties keeping me company today.

I’m going to carefully get out to the shop to fill orders – I told Connie not to come because of the ice.

And I’m going to tell you again that Uncle Santa, O Holy Night, Noel and Gameboard are all still available as is our book A Country’s Call.

Heading to the shop!