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Something Wonderful To Show You!

Remember I mentioned we moved our Junkin Gal booth last week?  Well, a friend/old customer has the space next to us and I saw a wonderful pitcher on her shelf.  I could not forget about it and by the end of the week I stopped and bought it.

You won’t see how amazing it is until I remove the hydrangeas and you see it full view.

Oh, my gosh, I’m in love with it!  When I came home and told Rick about it, he said “why didn’t you buy it?”  It is dated 1890 on an Etsy site.  It is extremely heavy crockery without a crack or chip anywhere.  Who could imagine a swan on top of a pitcher?

Tammy got into the action, didn’t she?  Now where can I enjoy this wonderful pitcher where it will be safe from the cats?

A couple more 3’s came in:

Regarding the large beautiful Jade plant – upon close inspection, it looks like the squirrels chewed off the branches and not just once – twice!  So that makes 2 more pots of Jade trees to care for.  What’s left of the original plant now resides in the screened porch.

And yes, the Bullseye pattern is still available WITH PHOTO for $8.00 to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438.

Monday, September 9


Are you working on your rug if you’re part of our RugAlong?  Would you send me a comment if you’re taking part in this so I know how many of you are out there?

Also there’s our book club that has fallen by the wayside since the hack in July.  Let’s start up again – send me the titles of good books you’ve read recently.  I don’t need a synopsis – just a title and author.  Next week I’ll post the list and we’ll be caught up.

and then there’s HIPS Quiltalong.  I did not make lots of progress until yesterday.  I’m still working on that secret project but I did get some cutting done.

And then I stopped to make some star blocks – aren’t they just so cute?

Now to finish the Jade plant story.  I was glad I had taken that picture of my beautiful plant because the next day this is what I found on the ground.  Branches broken off!

This happened twice so now I have two more pots to care for – jade plants, of course because I just couldn’t throw them away.  Ugh!

There will be several separate posts this morning – stay tuned!