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Oh, My Aching Back! 3-31-2020

I knew this would be how it would go the minute we got some nice weather – I overworked and knew it but after another nice day today it’s going to rain for 3 days. So I just kept working. Took quite a few painkillers so I could get out again today. But first I’ll show you the biggest job we finished yesterday – the hydrangeas in front of the shop!

Here’s the “before” picture – last fall I had my first knee replacement surgery and this did not get cut back so it was a bigger job than ever before.

Not perfect but good enough!

If only I had some lily bulbs to plant in this spot!

I put the picture of Chicklet and his gal pal on Instagram. Look for etheringtonmary- I can’t figure out how to send you a link – duh – sorry!

Some finishes – we’ve all got time to catch up, don’t we?

And my #6 in progress – an improv quilt needing more pieces – still working.

Look at all these projects – one per box – next year’s Dirty Dozen!

I’m going to write up this little blue plaid quilt as a pattern for those of you wanting to order it – just too many drawings and measurements to post on blog.

Hazel was outside with us the whole day yesterday which she is not used to – just like us, she overdid her activity and she needed a bath. After a bath we always play “towel” – I thinks that’s the only reason she allows me to bathe her – knowing what’s coming next!

She was so tired last night she was nearly sick – couldn’t eat, shivering and wanting a lap to sit on. I understand.

Tomorrow I will draw the April number for the Dirty Dozen game! We will start again in July for any of you who want to join us. I think it’s been very successful – for me, too.

Is anybody besides me anxious to visit the nurseries for bedding plants? I’m lining up my pots now!

Someone asked about this gate leg table –

It belonged to my Aunt Charlotte who painted it another coat of orange every spring! I had it stripped and put a white grain stain on it but now I think I’d like to have it painted. I hate to paint tho’ so there it sits.

Time to head outside – tomorrow we’ll rest.

But every day remember – BE STILL.

A Glorious Morning, 3-30-2020

It is an absolutely A-1 glorious morning on the farm! No wind!!! Sunshine, no wind, 60 degrees – I only stopped working outside to grab a bite to eat so thought I’d send some “before” pictures plus a few “life on the farm” photos of this perfect morning.

Chicklet and his gal pal.

Look at that sky!

Hazel had to check out the brush pile.

Ellen brought over a piece of evergreen tree that broke.

Pulled all the little trees out of this feeder – I’m going to plant radishes and lettuce.

Hauling away the debris.

The hydrangeas are next.

I transplanted this huge pencil tree from the tiny pot to the big one- these plants can take a lot of neglect!

So that’s this morning on the farm!

Spring and All the Work That Comes With It, 3-27-2020

I love spring! It’s my favorite season and I’m trying hard not to overdo the yard work this year. This was my clean up area today.

The grass is green under the leaves.

This is my area tomorrow.

Meet Desi, the lab, and Dottie –

It’s about time to send me your “good books” – a book you loved and would recommend. I got a list from Linda in So CA and one other list which I simply cannot find now. Would that person please resend to me? I will accept book titles until April 5. After that just keep them until I ask again – I simply can’t keep track of book titles sent in advance – too many emails coming in. If you send your list to me after April 5, I will have to delete it. I know – too many rules! But I’m just one person!

Here’s the pattern cover of the quilt I just finished. I chose not to put the sashing between rows.

Spring quilts hung in the house.

Death Cleaning – one drawer at a time.



Stay safe, wash your hands and be still……..