Checking In, 3-26-2020

It turned out to be a pretty afternoon – nice enough to rake some muddy leaves!!

The chickens were out in full force enjoying the day! I love my beautiful chickens!

Hazel had to play some Chuckit.

And then Telly beat her to the ball!

And remember LaNan saying she had a 9 month old Bernadoodle named Stanley? Here he is – meet Stanley!

Black dogs are so hard to “see” in a photo!

Finished projects:

And this is what I did yesterday- I pieced the back, quilted it and bound it.

Here’s the back:

I did not quilt it very heavy because I wanted it to be soft and useable as a bed quilt.

I’ll add it to this stack of finished quilts in the shop. Today I hung spring/summer quilts in the house – such a big job!

My days just fly by – I told Rick that I can’t walk through the house without watering plants, cleaning litter boxes for 11 cats, filling food bowls, or shaking out chair covers! It’s all exhausting!

I’ve had a report that comments aren’t posting – has anybody else run into this problem? I’m not sure how I’ll figure it out without Denise but tell me if you’re experiencing this problem.

That’s all for tonite – remember


Tuesday On the Farm, 3-24-2020

So far this morning I’ve made soup, pasta salad and brownies from a mix that I’ve had in my pantry since 2014! I am determined to get all my stored food used up! What was I saving it for? I’m also reposting something I read on FB –

After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn’t the reason.

Hahahaha! This is so me and so true! How did somebody read my mind and put it on Facebook – I’m laughing again now as I write this!!!

The chickens are outside in the wind today – I’ve been trying to get some good pictures of the Tribe but I have not succeeded. I’ll post some anyway – but this morning I cleaned out the popcorn machine and fed it to the chickens and the goats who all love popcorn.

This guy is my favorite young rooster – he moved so it’s blurry.

And this guy is the biggest rooster of them all! I wish he lived somewhere else.

Hazel claims a lot of my time to play – today it was her favorite monkey.

I didn’t play fast enough…..

so it finally turned into a high pitched barking spasm!!!

Good grief! She is spoiled for sure!

I’ve been posting Hazel pictures on Instagram every day – feel free to follow me, Mary Etherington, if you want to see photos from the farm.

And here’s a good deed you can do if you feel so inclined. A lady in CA is turning 100 years old on March 27 and of course her party has been cancelled. My cousin, Jill, sent this info in a comment but I wasn’t sure you read it. The lady is not a quilter but she LOVES Bingo. Would you send her a card? Tell her you read about her in a blog written in Iowa. Here’s the name and address:

Jean Faris

24868 Carbon Lane

Valencia, CA 91354

Thanks so much!

I love keeping in touch with all of you – I hope you’re well and making the best of this stressful time. Our church family is going to pray together tonite at 8 pm if you’d like to join us.

Be still.