What Have I Been Doing?

My friend, Felicia, called me this afternoon and asked me what I’ve been doing – since sitting in a chair is not normal for me. It’s pretty boring at times but necessary as is therapy. If I want to garden and mow lawn this spring, I’ll put up with it. Right?

The feed truck came today so we are supplied with feed till spring. The dogs watched from the house.

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Update 1-12-20

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s happening – it’s all good! Connie is back to driving, grocery shopping and pretty much normal life. She will be coming to the shop tomorrow to fill the orders that came in Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I am happily in my chair – today watching football. Also icing, elevating and walking using a walker. Physical therapy starts Tuesday – and it will hurt! I’ve got the pain better under control today. Yesterday was not a good day.

Preparing for surgery on Thursday became a major event. On Tuesday morning Rick announced his heart was out of rhythm (he’s had this before) and he was driving himself to the ER. I couldn’t even get out of the chair before he was gone!

They tried to get it back into rhythm with drugs through an IV but when that didn’t work they admitted him Tuesday and he was scheduled to have his heart shocked back into rhythm Wednesday after lunch. Can you just imagine my stress level at this point? He didn’t know if he’d be dismissed Wednesday or not so BECKY TO THE RESCUE!!!

Thank God for a sister who steps up – she came down and we did the chores and she got instruction on all the animals. She also would have to take me to the hospital by 7 am Thursday.

After all that Rick called that he could be dismissed but not drive home. So remember he drove himself and also Becky had hardly gotten home so I called my good friend Dorothy to drive me to Mason City, 30 minutes away. I found the truck and got Rick home.

Now here’s where the decisions became clear. Late last summer Dr. Rick decided to quit one of his heart pills because they were too expensive. No, he did not ask his doctor. Comparing the price of those pills to the cost of two days in the hospital and the stress it caused ME doesn’t even compare.

The morning of my surgery he insisted he felt fine and he has ever since but can you believe that? I have slept most of the day and a half I’ve been home – stress and worry can really make one tired.

And as it turned out Becky came and got me from the hospital because she had been playing music in the next town over and was done at the same time I was released. Like I said before, thank God for a sister who’s willing to step up!

My supper Thursday night – it was delicious!

Kade Jones, a physical therapist from Garner – Becky had him in third grade.

This is what my lap looks like as soon as I get in my chair.

And here’s a picture I received from a friend – remember when I did this for my chickens – they loved it and I’m going to do it again! There’s the difference between me doing the chores and Rick doing the chores. He doesn’t find them nearly so lovable and entertaining as I do. He’s great doing the chores but to him they’re just livestock to take care of – to me they are animals I love.

I want them all to be happy, not just fed and watered.

Recuperation continues!