Saturday and Jellyroll 16 Patches

Physical Therapy is going OK – hard but I walk fine now – straight and with my heel planted first and rolling to my toes. I was walking on my tiptoe only before and because I walked so bad for so long, my back and hips have needed readjustment at my chiropractor ‘s and sometimes my hip hurts more than my knee and I wonder if I’ve had a hip replacement instead of knee – ha! I get really tired really fast and I have learned to sit in my chair before I do too much – or I should say, I need to learn to sit in my chair before I do too much! There’s so much I want to do! I’m working on my #7 as well as #4 but I’m so slow.

I need to catch you up about Connie – who has also developed a bad knee and is scheduled for an MRI soon. Her doctor thinks maybe it’s a meniscus tear and he could do a scope and fix that, hopefully soon, but I know all about scheduling and it won’t be soon enough for her. When I had the MRI I had a worn out joint full of arthritis as well as a meniscus tear and a scope would not have fixed anything so I hope for her sake, she can get some relief soon.

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t feel well, it’s all YOU can think about. I felt that since last February and walking ANYWHERE was avoided. I didn’t even want to walk to the kitchen for another cup of coffee, get the mail, run the vacuum, do chores, mow the ditch – even walk across the room. I am so looking forward to doing things again!

Here is Connie’s #4 – a Miss Rosie Pattern.

Here is the pattern cover in case you want to find it.

And here are a couple more Dirty Dozen finishes.

Don’t forget to put your name on your project and feel free to email them to me at anytime.

I know many of you are still having issues with the blog posts. I see that an automatic update went through last night which I’m always leery of. I wonder what got changed.

AND because I can’t get into my admin page with email addresses, I listed the names of the winners and found that I have two ladies with the same name – Susan MOORE. The first Susan who sent me an email will get a book from this giveaway and I have a Big Book by Martingale that I will mail to the second person. Who knew this would happen????

I’ve been working on my jellyroll 16 patch. I left all the blues in the jellyroll out of this combo. The first step is to pair up the strips and sew lengthwise, then cut in half and sew together again which will mean 4 strips across. Here are the steps:

Cut into slices 2-1/2″ wide – you need to get 8 slices from each strip unit so be careful not to trim off too much.

Alternate slices.

You will make two identical blocks.

Since I isolated these two colors, I may use the pink, yellow and green blocks as the center of a medallion. I have 20 blocks laid out 4×5 at this point – could make it square at 4×4. I’ll have to think about that. This is such an easy jellyroll project – just keep it in mind for 16 patch blocks. I haven’t been out to the shop to sew much and I guess Reed has decided to sew at his grandma’s house. I will miss him so much.

It’s a football Saturday so back to my chair to put my leg up – the swelling just comes on so quickly when I’m sitting in a chair. I’m also heading to the piano room for some enjoyable playing of nothing in particular. So windy outside, the dogs can hardly run to the barn against the wind! Most all of the crops are in around us but say a little prayer for all those farmers in North Dakota and elsewhere that have had too much snow and cold weather to get into the fields. I feel sorry for them, don’t you?

My nest.

Checking In

This time you haven’t heard from me because I overdid and my body told me so. Today is PT again but then I’m sitting in my chair the rest of the day! I promise.

I still can’t get in to the admin page to get to your email addresses. I’m going to print the winners names here. If you see your name send me your mailing address to





I will post these names again in a separate post entitled WINNERS! Gotta get these books sent out because I got another box just this week. I fell behind when I had surgery and Martingale just keeps ‘me coming. I am going to look these next books over and review them and then have another drawing.

Do you have any idea how exciting it is so see that box from Martingale in my mailbox every month? Such beautiful books!