Happy Thanksgiving!

We all have much to be thankful for – I am especially thankful for the delicious meal Rick and I had at our church among friends this noon. And before we went to dinner I made short work of 13 dozen eggs for the dogs.

All were baked in muffin tins at 400 degrees in the oven.

I promised a pincushion show for this afternoon. All of these were gifted to me by Cindy Betzler who just didn’t want them to get thrown away and her friend, Barbara, told her about my collection. When I opened this box, I was blown away!

Tomatoes and emeries



The little doll feels like bisque porcelain and the celluloid fruit basket hold a tiny tape measure.

Tube with tiny sewing kit

Wooden screw on clamp

Beaded pieces, one dated 1900

Miscellaneous needle books, thimbles, old embroidery

Cindy’s closing was this “Hope something enclosed is fun!” I loved it all and someday I’m going to sort out my pincushion display to accommodate all of these treasures.

More Dirty Dozen finishes:

And now for the final episode of Jack Ryan, Season 2. Off I go to my chair!

A Giveaway Book – Eventually

Martingales blog http://shopmartingale.com/images/marketing/email_templates/logos.gif today features a wonderful new book called FEED SACKS. It’s a smaller softcover book with soooooo many pictures included that I’m tempted to keep it but I have decided that I will give it away after I’ve enjoyed reading it. That’s fair, isn’t it? And in the interest of space on my bookshelves, I think it’s the right thing to do – haha!

I am not a fervent lover of feedsacks – in fact, I had a HUGE box of them that I sold during one of our big events years ago. There are so many other fabrics that I love instead of making myself sew with feedsacks and/or 30’s fabrics.

More Dirty Dozen finishes :

Without looking at past posts, I forgot where I left off – if I have posted these twice, I’m sorry. If I missed posting YOUR finish, please let me know. My mind has been occupied elsewhere as you probably know but I’m feeling better.

I am looking forward to Black Friday and Bonnie’s new mystery called Frolic. I have stopped myself from starting anything that will compete for my time because I know how many units she calls for each week – lots and lots of piecing! I want my island clear of all stuff by Friday morning when I can start cutting and sewing.

Did you see Martingale’s short video of the quilts in A Country’s Call? I put it on my Facebook page and Connie put it on our Country Threads page – for some reason I can’t get it on here for you. It was fun to see the corners of every quilt!

Tomorrow I’m going to show you those pincushions I received in the mail – I wanted this post to be special so Thanksgiving Day fills that bill. I am thankful I was the lucky recipient.

North Iowa and Southern Minnesota are pretty much closed down or slowed down today because of the rain, ice, sleet and snow combined with HIGH winds last night. Rick is in his glory moving snow with the tractor and loader. Me, you ask? I’m stuck inside but I have a good novel, a Netflix series and a Prime Video series to keep me busy as well as a couple small Christmas gifts to make. If they turn out OK, I’ll post the directions.

Are you preparing food today, cleaning house for company or sewing because you’re going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow?

More Sad News

Last Friday when Rick went to the barn to do chores he found Emma dead in a freak accident involving a table and the braces under the table. I am sick about it – Emma was the one goat who was privileged enough to live in the center part of the barn with the chickens. She would stand on the outside steps leading to the haymow every single day that the weather permitted.

I took Emma in when my friend Betsy was having trouble keeping Emma home. After each birth she wandered away from their farm and the last time, she was 7 miles away! She came here to me because of my fences – she could not escape. Betsy and her husband have been raising Boer goats for years now and have decided to get out of that business after the last batch of kids have been born. The very last baby was a little girl that Betsy named Emma. My Emma was her first goat and about the same time she died, the last kid born was a little girl that Betsy named Emma. Very bittersweet.

I just don’t feel like writing a very happy post today so I’ll just close with some pictures of my Emma.

While searching for Emma pictures, I came across this picture of Moda. No sign of her.

Emma could find the most unusual places to park herself – I loved this one.

One last note – Google AdSense is actually taking part of our earnings away each month because Big Brother is watching. They can tell just whose computer is clicking on ads repeatedly and fining us. No, I can’t believe it either. I am so discouraged!