Almost Time To Go home 1-10-2020

Surgery is over and it all went fine. This time instead of throwing up all night, I itched. Something that they gave maybe made me so itchy, the night was very long

Rick dropped me off and went back home to do chores. I assured him he didn’t have to come back until I was dismissed this afternoon. So that’s where I’m at right now–I’ve seen the doctor, physical therapy, ate breakfast and will have a group discussion next.

Now I’m going to rest until group therapy – I’m not looking forward to PT or sitting in chair. All is well otherwise.

No News Is Good News 1-8-2020

I’ve been busy and stressed which I’ll tell about later. Surgery tomorrow.

Wanted to let you know that Connie is doing great – has gotten rid of her crutches and removed her big bandage so she can shower. Wish I could look forward to a quick turnaround but I know better – so I’ll just say “thanks for all the good wishes”. I’ll post again very soon.

Connie 1-6-2020

I got a text from Roy that said Connie’s surgery went well. I had a text from her late in the day that just said she was so tired. So I’ll talk to her tomorrow.

Honestly, I couldn’t have appreciated your comments more! To know that this has happened to many of you is actually quite comforting – why is that round brush even still on the market? Yikes!

I’m filling your orders as fast as I can and on Thursday Connie will take over. I always forget to say that Frosty is also still available for $3.00. Now remember this! If you’re ordering just one little pattern, it can go in a business size envelope – nothing more is needed. Today I received an envelope that cost $3.70 to mail because the reader included a bubble mailer in the business size envelope! The order was for one $5.00 pattern! One sheet of paper does not require a bubble mailer ! Think, People!

I’ll let you know more about Connie tomorrow.