NEW Itty Bitty Patterns, 3-23-2020

Your wish is my command so here they are! April showers bring May Flowers, right?

And Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July are all coming up, too!

Each little quilt measures approximately 10″ x 12″.

Each costs $3.00. We want to keep this very reasonable because we can put all three in one business envelope with one stamp.

Please include one SASE – only one is necessary. One envelope and one stamp when ordering these three Itty Bittys. Address is shown below our picture. Make checks out to Country Threads.

You can make several of these and gift to your friends and family – they’re easy, you can use whatever you have on hand and you won’t have to spend days working on each one!

We have several other books to offer on sale because we’re death cleaning in the quilt shop. I will make a master list and post it ASAP.

I love hearing from you and checking our account to see if you’re closing the ads. If it were up to me, I’d advertise for quilt stores, publishers and suppliers as well as garden centers and dog rescue sites. That’s what’s really important to me – not clothes made in China or anything else coming from China.

If you leave a comment, please include your location so we can keep up with the news around the country. WE are not going anywhere – there’s plenty to do around here! We don’t need groceries – our freezers are full of meat. And my shelves are full of fabric – now really, what more do we actually need?

Be still.

Super Sunday, 3-22-2020

Our service today couldn’t have been nicer! Live streaming as well as Facebook and radio. It was Pastor Lund, his wife and 3 kids, the son of two of our members who is in the area, a couple of which the husband is on the consistory and me. We followed an order of service and these are the songs we sang – I played and everyone online could sing along:

Gloria Patri

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

It Is Well With My Soul

In Christ Alone


The sermon was The Lord of Hosts is With Us from Psalm 46:11

Scripture readings were Matthew 6:25-34 and Psalm 46:1-11

The message was BE STILL!

After the service I went to the grocery store where everything was in stock except toilet paper and I didn’t need it anyway.

This week I’m going to practice being still, not worrying or panicking. You do this with me and we’ll discuss ways that we’re “being still”.

On the subject of new Itty Bitty patterns for spring and summer. We have three new ones prepared to show you but honestly I don’t know if you want to see them or if you’re simply too involved with the news. Read above – Be Still. Be still and ….. SEW! Tell me in the comments if you’d like me to post them – they’re all $3.00 patterns and will fit in a business envelope with one stamp that I’d ask you to provide.

Now on that subject of pattern orders – please read the ordering directions – our name and address is located right below our picture. All checks should be made out to Country Threads. I do not have the time or the patience to deal with special instructions on returning a pattern or exchanging a pattern. I don’t have many issues with any orders except a few from readers who must not be able to READ!!! Sorry for my short fuse on this subject. For some reason 99.9% of the paper pieced house orders got it right.

Also if the mail would stop running, I wouldn’t be able to get your patterns sent out to you. What do you think?

Finished projects:

A Go Fish game made by Grandma on her embroidery machine and Grandpa’s help with the poles and grommets.

And here’s what Diane found when she was Death Cleaning – the very first issue of the Quilt Sampler with us in the front. She said she’s keeping it. I said I was keeping my copy, too, and would include it on the pew at my funeral for someone to take home. Ha!

Everywhere I look I find more unfinished projects – here’s another one! Ugh.

And another dishpan full of triangles to make 2″ finished triangle squares. Ugh again.

And I trimmed up this burros tail succulent and yes, believe it or not, I’m threw all of these trimmings away. YUP! Death Cleaning has made a real impact on me – I know last night I said what’s the point but it sort of gets fun – just throw the things away. This is a personal triumph for me to throw those plant trimmings away! Hahahaha!

What’s on for tomorrow, you ask? Nothing – absolutely nothing. How about at your house? And by the way, thanks for closing the ads – we can pay the copier lease again this month! Keep your chin up and remember – be still.

Finally, A Finish! 3-21-2020

I washed the baby boy quilt made completely from men’s dress shirts, front, back and binding and because the shirts had been washed over and over the quilt is just downright squishy! I love it! Found the perfect striped shirt of blue, white and orange for bias binding.

Here it is from start to finish.

I won’t be gifting it for awhile so if the weather gets nice I’ll take another picture outside.

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